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Walking the Tightrope

By CO Staff @canadaone |

Title: Walking the Tightrope: Solutions for Achieving Life Balance Without a Net
Author: Erica Orloff and Kathy Levinson
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-142024-0

Do you feel like you are having difficulty balancing life's many demands? Walking the Tightrope was written to help people develop a balanced roadmap for each aspect of their lives.

While the book could be useful for anyone who needs to reestablish balance in their lives, its the style seems particularly suited to women readers. Each chapter addresses a different component of our daily lives - finance, health and well being, careers, marriage, etceteras - and provides a series of questions and goal-setting exercises designed to help the reader improve that aspect of their lives.

One of the positive things about this book is that it is action focused and helps the reader set realistic goals. For example, the goal-setting section on healthy eating calls the goal of getting in fantastic shape 'fuzzy thinking'. The authors' advice readers to set the much more specific goal such as making "... time to exercise five days a week by walking on my lunch hour and brown-bagging a healthy salad".

One drawback of this book is that it tackles too many topics individually. At the start of the book readers are encouraged to draw a house with each room representing an aspect of their lives. By the end of the book the reader may have a whole series of action items that will help them improve different aspects of their life, but the authors don't offer a way for readers to pull together a tangible, overall plan that will help them establish overall balance.

If you feel like you are no longer in control of your life, then Walking the Tightrope is a book that you may want to pick up. The book is a very light read and offers simple goal-setting exercises that may help you restore balance in your life.

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