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Bring It On!

By CO Staff @canadaone |

Title: Bring It On! An Entrepreneur's Approach to Implementing New Products or Services Effectively
Author: Gilbert Khoury
Publisher: Ink Press
ISBN: 0-9736106-0-3

Well written and packed with excellent advice, Bring It On! is a book for both the fledgling and seasoned entrepreneur.

I liked this book right from the start for its fresh, direct way the author communicated critical business advice. The trick of running a business is to learn to find the optimal course of action. The challenge is to apply strategy and insight so that you can set yourself up for success. These are sound principles, principles in fact that we founded the CanadaOne website on.

Once you move beyond the opening chapters the book gets more technical as it walks the reader through the steps they must take to bring a new product to market. Evaluation, market research, project planning and the maintenance of quality standards are issues that Khoury tackles. For example, it is easy to develop "hockey stick" revenue projections, but few entrepreneurs take the time to do a risk assessment of their plan. This book provide simple, straightforward methods that will help you take care of these important details.

All things being said, if you have never brought a product to market this is a must-read book. If, on the otherhand, you have a great deal of experience in managing formalized processes used to bring a product to market you will likely find this book too simplistic.

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