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Book Review: Fables of Fortune

By CO Staff @canadaone |

Title: Fables of Fortune: What Rich People Have that You Don't Want
Author: Richard Watts
Publisher: Emerald Book Co
ISBN: 978-1937110123

Last week the largest jackpot in lottery history, a whopping $656 million, was won by three very lucky ticket holders.

The allure of wealth is a powerful one. We are bombarded with images of “the better life” every day. Yet what is it really like to step into the world of the powerful and wealthy?

As a lawyer who has worked with some of the world’s wealthiest families, Richard Watts has seen first-hand how wealth can transform lives, for both good and bad.

In Fables of Fortune he takes the reader into this world and shows us what it is really like to be super-wealthy.

We meet many people like Dave and Peter, whose experiences with wealth could not be greater.

For Dave, wealth is a way to take life to new heights. Confident and charming, he is able to smoothly able to navigate his way through life.

Peter was not so lucky.

Richard Watts chronicles his downward spiral after inheriting several properties with a substantial value to bankruptcy.

Many of the stories in the book show the negative side of wealth. While they touch don’t always surprise, they are fascinating because they are real.

Fables of Fortune is a voyeuristic look into lives many of us imaging that we would love to live. It is light, fun and may just leave you with a new appreciation your own life.

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