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Book Review: Secrets of Power Marketing

By CO Staff @canadaone |

Secrets of Power Marketing
By Peter Urs Bender & George Torok
Publisher: Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited
ISBN: 0773760458

Marketing. It's one of the biggest challenges that many small businesses need to overcome. The biggest secret of marketing is that it's not brain surgery, but it does take time, effort and hard work. There are specific low-cost strategies that any business can implement successfully; it's simply a matter of finding out what these are and getting to work.

That's where Secrets of Power Marketing, the latest book from Peter Urs Bender and George Torok, comes in.

Secrets of Power Marketing starts at the beginning of the marketing process with perceptions that influence a company's position, such as the company image, mission statements and personal images. It walks the reader through different techniques that can be used to market a small business.

The book primarily focuses on the small business owner, and many of the strategies outlined are things the business owner or manager can do to increase their business' exposure. This book will teach you how to improve your business' position through:

  • controlling the way that others perceive your business;
  • building business relationships;
  • promoting your business through the media;
  • leveraging your marketing efforts to achieve maximum results; and
  • implementing database marketing.
You won't need a business degree to digest Secrets of Power Marketing. The book is very easy to read, and the ideas conveyed are often re-enforced with examples, suggestions and quotes. Throughout the book, the authors include personal anecdotes to explain specific strategies.

Secrets of Power Marketing. This book is easy to follow, contains many examples and quotes and offers excellent advice for entrepreneurs who want to develop sustainable relationships with their clients and learn how to market their businesses by better marketing themselves and their images.

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