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The Marketing Phrase Book

By CO Staff @canadaone |

The Marketing Phrase Book
By Gail Hamilton
Publisher: Hamilton House
ISBN: 0968085342

Look what's new! Discover an incredibly unique marketing tool! It's out there! It's charged up! It's a cut above!

If you find yourself at a loss for words and have to struggle to market your products, perhaps you should check out the Marketing Phrase Book. Targeted to entrepreneurs, small-business owners, salespeople, executives and marketing professionals, the Marketing Phrase Book offers more than 300 pages of marketing phrases designed to "supercharge" your sales strategy.

A quick flip through this book and you'll be firing off marketing cliches in no time. Author Gail Hamilton has all the bases covered, from short, punchy "power words" and "exclamations" to transitional phrases that tie together your promotions.

Say you're having a big sale and are stuck for a catchy name. You could turn to the book's "Name That Sale" section and mix and match from the two columns of words. In no time, you would be sending out flyers for your Holiday Blitz, Birthday Buck Buster or Super Duper Sale-a-Thon.

The Marketing Phrase Book is like a dictionary and thesaurus rolled into one. Key words are listed alphabetically so they're easy to look up, and each section offers synonyms to help you find the word you're really looking for.

Here are some samples of how the book suggests you can use the word "affordable" in your promotions:

  • More affordable than ever
  • For the surprisingly affordable price of ...
  • Very affordable for every pocketbook
  • Firmly in the affordable price class

Sound like a bargain? Then maybe this book will too. At $29.95, it could be an "unbelievable value" for the tongue-tied professional.

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