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Book Review: The HR Book: Human Resources Management for Business

By CO Staff @canadaone |

The HR Book: Human Resources Management for Business
By Lin Grensing-Pophal
Publisher: Self-Counsel Press
ISBN: 1551802414

Many businesses understand the need for good HR management. After all, hiring, keeping and managing employees is a mission-critical activity that affects a business's ability to succeed.

However, a gap often exists between understanding the importance of HR management, and the ability to effectively manage different HR issues. For business owners and managers who find themselves facing this gap, The HR Book is an excellent resource.

The first part of The HR Book tackles the hiring process. Employers learn how to create a job ad, reach potential hires, review applications, prepare for and conduct interviews, check references, select the final candidate and make a job offer.

The book then addresses issues affecting hired staff. Topics include: intellectual property rights, contracts, company policies, issues related to pay and work hours, benefits, employee absenteeism, performance evaluation and dealing with employee problems. Each subject is touched on briefly, with a comprehensive overview of HR issues being the final result.

One of the most useful aspects of this book is that each section is based on legal HR issues. From the hiring process forward, each section includes information on Canadian and U.S. legal guidelines, helping employers manage their employees – legally. For example, in one section, the author outlines prohibited areas of pre-employment questioning. In another, the need to have employees sign an acknowledgement stating they have read the employee handbook is explained.

Another useful aspect of this book is the various templates included, such as the letter confirming employment, personnel record, non-disclosure and non-competition covenant, disciplinary warning letter and dismissal letter. In all, there are 22 templates; however, including a number of variations for each topic in an appendix would have been even more valuable. Nonetheless, further templates are available to employers that decide to purchase the companion to the book, Human Resources Forms and Disks.

The HR Book addressed both Canadian and U.S. employers, where different laws affect employers depending on their location. Due to these variations, each sample contract should have included information on which local and regional laws that were taken into account when each sample contract had been drafted. This would have helped employers understand whether they could use the templates in their location.

Overall, The HR Book is an excellent resource that is designed to help employers hire and manage their employees.

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