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Hiring, Managing and Keeping the Best: The Complete Canadian Guide for Employers

By CO Staff @canadaone |

Hiring, Managing and Keeping the Best: The Complete Canadian Guide for Employers
By: Monica Beauregard & Maureen Fitzgerald
ISBN: 0070864217

Without the backing of their own HR department, small business owners need to have a solid resource they can turn to when they tackle HR issues. While there are several books available on this topic, the recent release of Hiring, Managing and Keeping the Best stands above the rest.

One thing I really liked about this book was the writing style. Clear, succinct and easy to read, the book made it easier to quickly find answers to specific questions. The first section of the book looks at recruiting employees, the second section looks at administration, the third at keeping employees, and the final section looks at terminating employees. Worksheets, sample letters and tips are presented throughout the book.

To give this book a real test, we applied it in a number of actual scenarios. When we did this we found that the information was extremely clear, and furthermore, a detailed appendix offered province-by-province information.

The appendix sets this book apart from other books on this topic. While other books provide general information, Hiring, Managing and Keeping the Best has included Employment Standards and Human Rights by province. Covering topics such as vacation pay, termination pay, minimum wages, and statutory holiday makes it easy for employers to quickly find answers to very specific questions.

Hiring, Managing and Keeping the Best is an excellent resource for employers who want to effectively manage their HR issues.

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