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Book Review: Strategy Moves

By CO Staff @canadaone |

Title: Strategy Moves
Author: Jorge A. Vasconcellos e Sa
Publisher: FT Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0 273 70167 3

p>How can you outmaneuver your competition? The premise of this book is that there are 14 complete attack and defense strategies that can create competitive advantage for your business. To be successful you need to understand when to attack, when to defend and most importantly, which tactics to use in each situation.

The author explains how a selection of important battles were lost and won to illustrate strategies that can be effective - or disastrous.

This book is quite technical and it offers a detailed outline of when and how best to react in business. For example, the reader is shown how they can identify what type of attack or defense will be the most effective depending on their market position and stage of business. Throughout the book the author uses examples of large, well known brands that have either succeeded or failed based on the strategies they used.

This book is systematic and detailed. However, it is sometimes confusing as well as many examples are quickly introduced with the assumption that the reader has a strong understanding of the business and it's market position. Unfortunately many of the company brands mentioned may not be well known to the Canadian reader. It would have been nicer to have fewer fully explained examples rather that the many brief ones that are used. The advice in this book seems best suited for larger companies or start-ups that plan to become a known competitor against well known brands.

There is a lot of interesting business knowledge packed into this book, most importantly how to avoid classic mistakes that have been made by large businesses. The real question, if you are considering buying this book, is whether you have the time study the information in this book, as you'll need that kind of commitment to get the full value from Strategy Moves.

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