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Book Review: How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 60 Days

By CO Staff @canadaone |

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Many consultants dream of writing a great non-fiction book, but never put the idea into practice because the task seems too overwhelming. If you fall into this category there is hope, which comes in the form of Paul Lima's new book, How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 60 Days.

This is not a book that is going to teach you how to build well constructed, gramatically correct writing. In fact, the section on writing takes up less than 10 pages of this 75 page e-book. What it does, and does very well, is explain in clear terms how you can turn your knowledge into a well constructed first draft.

In this area, this e-book offers tremendous value. Lima takes readers through a step by step process that, if followed, will result in a manuscript after 60 business days. Interestingly, most of that time is spent planning. The actual writing, according to the author's estimates, will take 1 day for a 25,000 word book and 2 days for a 50,000 word book. But don't be fooled into thinking that you can jump ahead and finish your book in just a few days. The book also explains the importance of preparation, research and organization, noting efficient authors spend more time planning before they write.

This book is concise, informative and it covers ground not often addressed in books on writing. Paul Lima has done an excellent job of explaining, from his perspective as a professional writer and author, exactly what someone need to do to develop a solid first draft of a non-fiction book. If you are contemplating writing a book of your own, we would highly recommend that you buy a copy of How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 60 Days.

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