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So You're Committed to Exporting? Here Are the Resources You'll Need
If you are looking to develop your business internationally, these resources and advice will help.
Yes We Can, Canada!
In the first installment of a 15-part series, Dave Archer outlines the obvious and less obvious benefits of doing business internationally.
Yes We Can, Canada!
Have you considered growing your business through international sales? This is the first in a 15 part series that will take you through the process of doing business internationally.
All You Need to Know about Importing from the USA to Canada
With the Canadian dollar on a 30 year high, and existing price gaps left over from the days of a weak dollar, importing equipment from the US is becoming an attractive proposition for Canadian small businesses.
Business Trip Planning in Six Simple Steps
If you're thinking about exporting chances are good that you could find yourself taking a few trips to your destination market. Learn how to make the most of these trips with the tips in this article.
Intercontinental Shipping Tips
You're an exporter looking to send your first shipment. How can you ensure that you've packed everything right, and done all of the necessary paperwork, to get your shipment to its destination? By reading this article.
CEO's Desk: Cross Border Business
This month we look at a small CEO who has found big success south of the border.
Exporting Contracts: The Backbone of Your Business
This month we turn our attention to international sales contracts in our ongoing exporting series.
Transporting the Goods: Shipping from Canada to the World
A freight forwarder can help the small business exporter. These people are transportation experts. It is their job to know about any restrictions on shipments, what are the best methods for this shipment, and how long it will take to get them there.
Practical Ways to Get Paid as a Canadian Exporter
Collecting money from a foreign buyer is one of the biggest concerns for every exporter, big or small. Different rules apply when doing business abroad, and getting paid is no exception. Options exist, but some methods work better for the exporter while others benefit the buyer.
Exporting from Canada: Insuring Your Goods
After major time and effort, you are finally ready to seal that first big export deal. All that's left is to kick back and watch the money roll in. Not so fast. Have you thought about what happens if your customers go out of business or if they simply refuse to pay? Insuring your exports can provide peace of mind in an uncertain climate.
Beyond Canada's Borders: How to Take a Piece of the Foreign Market
Have you ever considered exporting your products and services, but don't know where to start? Extensive research and planning must precede any attempt at cross-border selling. Yet when a business ready to expand, don't be afraid to look outside Canada for that prime market. Here's what you need to know, from planning to that important first shipment.