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When Customers Ignore You
Here are five easy things you can do to enhance your service and boost your business, which your customers will actually notice.
The 3 Most Common Customer Service Cracks. Sew what?
This case study looks at how a sewing machine company was able to boost sales by tweaking its marketing plan and customer service approach.
Customers from Hell - Five Do's and Don'ts for calming cranky customers
It seems in our fast-paced frenetic world customers are now more tired, rushed, stressed, and downright fed-up. Here are five Do’s and Don’ts for calming cranky customers.
Customer Service Tips When People Are Stressed
When it comes to dealing with customers who are stressed, some jobs are easier than others. This advice will help you manage difficult situations.
How To Maintain Customer Loyalty
Here are the four top ways you can restructure your business to attract and retain the loyalty of your customers.
The Importance of Client Relationships
It's critical to the growth of your business to both make a good first impression and keep that impression throughout the business relationship. That's why it's worth your time to put some thought into what exactly you want that impression to be.
The Future Of Customer Service: 3 Trends That Will Change The Way You Serve Customers
Jeff Mowat explains the most significant trends in customer service, and how you can position your business to capitalize rather than capsize in response.
What Boomer Women Want
If your target-market is Baby-Boomer women, you need to operate quite differently from the current practices of most retailers.
Selling Yourself Short?
If you need to set yourself apart from the competition beyond just lowering prices, try changing the way you talk about what you do for a living.
Motivating your Sales Team
If you want to motivate your sales teams, start by breaking away from the classic quota system.
Managing Multiple Customers
Customer service standards can be easy to follow until you find yourself juggling the needs of many people at once. These tips will help you handle the stress of tricky customer service scenarios.
Risky Business: How Repeat Customers may Jeopardize your Future
As Jeff Mowatt shows us, the complacent assumption that repeat customers mean loyal customers could be dangerous to the survival of your business.
Building Customer Service Excellence: A CEOs High Payoff Activity
Knowing the difference between satisfaction and loyalty is the first step in developing customer focused excellence in your organization.
Buying Trends – the Shift to Hassle-Free
For today's consumer, the quality of their experience is becoming more important than the quality of the product to the final buying decision.
How to approach customer service 2.0
The Internet has empowered customers to say what they think about their customer service experiences, good or bad. The question is: is your business ready for "feedback 2.0"?
How to Work Less and get More Done
Jeff Mowatt shares insights into email management and how this useful tool can take over your daily agenda.
Managing Multiple Priorities
If you work by the principle that customers are your number one priority, you may actually reduce your effectiveness and damage your business.
Making Attitude Adjustments
In this article Jeff Mowatt offers insights into how you can turn problem employees into corporate leaders.
Tea and the Secrets of Staff Retention
Boosting employee motivation depends on making work interesting. In this article Jeff Mowatt explains how you structure a training program that will result in higher employee retention.
Management Lessons from a Car Wash Guy
When you conduct informal market research the right question to ask is not "how was our service today?". Read on to learn how you can get meaningful feedback from your customers.
How not to Plan your Company's Future 5 common mistakes when identifying customer needs
Are you business strategies in line with your customer needs? They may not be if you rely on the five most common methods to determine whether or not your customer needs are being met. Read on to learn about why you should be cautious before basing your business strategy on this data.
Speed Kills: The service standard that does more harm than good
Are your company's 'service standards' losing you sales? When managment processes interfere with the quality of your customer interactions, it is time to reconsider your approach.
The Myth of Treating People Fairly and Equally
According to Jeff Mowatt, treating customers fairly and equally is a mistake. Before giving your employees rigid rules to follow, consider how allowing for exceptions can prevent negative customer experiences.
The Humanity Variable
When their car was stolen from a hotel parking lot the last thing the owners expected was to be treated abruptly and without sympathy. Important yet elusive, the secret to great customer service might be more simple than you think.
Are People Problems Really the Issue?
As organizations grow, keeping staff focused can be a real challenge. In this article Jeff Mowatt challenges businesses to answer a short survey to determine whether they have the business infrastructure that will enable them to be what he calls a "customer service icon".
How to Improve Survey Response Rates
Consumers today are often being asked to complete surveys. While important and useful for the business owner, these requests can be irritating for customers. Find out how you can not only get more responses and keep your customers happy at the same time.
It Pays To Know What You Don't Know
Admit it. You don't actually know everything. Read on to find out where you can get the answers to some of your own frequently asked questions.
Opinion: You Can't Get There from Here
Tales of the dark side: One writer's experience with big business customer service.
No Quick Fix Beats Common Sense
If you want to know what will keep your customers happy, ask them! Head back to basics with updated surveys, employee training, and other common-sense ways to grow your business.
The Shocking Truth About Your Image: Four Bizarre Reasons Customers May Not Like You
First impressions count, and your image may not have the impact you think it does. Here are some insights into four bizzare reasons that customers may not like you!
Why is it so Hard to Buy?
With a $400,000 budget and ready to buy, Jody Horner was surprised by how willing companies were to drive her business away. Read on to find out how something as simple as a little help can make the difference between a sale and a 'see-you-later'.
For Openers - Five Greetings That Boost Sales to Walk-in Visitors
Discover how great greetings can drive up sales in your retail store.
Yes, I Mind Waiting
Don't let lineups frustrate your customers; here are some suggestions that will help you create a win-win environment when your lines get long.
Creating a Customer Feeding Frenzy
We all want to see our sales jump, but what is the secret to success? This month Jeff Mowatt shares four simple sales techniques that can generate a customers feeding frenzy in your business.
Test your Telephone Effectiveness
Read this article to find out if your phone practices are winning or losing customers.
Keeping Customers When Things Go Wrong: Five Keys to Turning Upset Customers into Fans
Don't let medicore customer service get in the way of your success; these five strategies will help your company deliver great customer service.
Making Connections: How to Create Rapport With Anyone in Under 30 Seconds
Creating better connections could be as simple as using a little smoke and mirrors.
Service Stinks ... Usually!
This story of excellent customer service touches on the best elements - and typical shortfalls - of customer service.