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The Secret to Market Adaption
The key to success is continual improvement, adaptation to the needs of customers and that magic ability to predict what people want, before they want it.
Small Business Week Special: Global Supply Chains
Think your company is too small to join a big multinational's supply chain? Heads up: seems they need small companies as much as you need them.
Your Irresistible Offer
Jeff Mowatt shares three tips that will help you get past the front door when making a sale.
It's all About the Evidence when Responding to RFP's
Here's how you can differentiate your proposal by providing detailed, concise and relevant evidence that supports your sales pitch.
What Boomer Women Want
If your target-market is Baby-Boomer women, you need to operate quite differently from the current practices of most retailers.
Espionage the Legal Way : How to Create Powerful Proposals
Strategic information can help you get higher scores on your proposal evaluation. Here's how.
7 Golden Rules for a Winning Proposal
You're proposals will be more successful if you take a more strategic approach, customize your proposal to meet your client's specific needs and follow these simple 7 Golden Rules.
Selling Yourself Short?
If you need to set yourself apart from the competition beyond just lowering prices, try changing the way you talk about what you do for a living.
David & Goliath: Tips to Help Small Companies Sell to Large Corporations
[video] Advice from a one-woman marketing company and the VP of a large corporation on how small companies can sell to large organizations.
Get off the  Feast or Famine  Rollercoaster
To achieve a Zen-like sales state in your business follow this simple process.
Motivating your Sales Team
If you want to motivate your sales teams, start by breaking away from the classic quota system.
Website Testimonials: Weapons of Influence
Learn how to make your clients' words come alive and become an effective marketing tool for your business.
Setting Prices Based on Value Attracts Better Customers
If you want to become more profitable while finding it easier to source and retain clients, it may be time to consider a value based pricing model.
Web Writing Tactics that Convert
The ultimate test of your website is its ability to help you achieve your sales goals.
Descriptive Stories Sell on More than One Level
Do you know enough about your services that you can create captivating stories that help your prospective customers see themselves enjoying the benefit of wisely selecting you to help enhance their lives, businesses and careers?
Voice Power
The human voice has the ability to draw someone in or push them away. Read on to learn how you can use the power of your voice to deliver your message effectively.
Listening To Hear
Being a good listener can determine if you can finalize a deal or not. Looking at the different type of listeners, find out how to improve this very important skill.
Building Business at a Boutique Store in a Mall
Competing directly against a larger competitor is often unwise, as deeper pockets will usually win. But don't worry. There are ways to turn this threat into an opportunity.
Making Your Ideas Stick
Cell phones that explode at gas stations and beautiful women who drug you to steal your liver. They may not be true, but urban legends have incredible traction. They also have a lot to teach us about what it takes to make an idea stick in the minds of your customers.
The Customer Rules: Surviving & Thriving in the New Customer-Driven World
Armed with invaluable data gathered from all corners of the Internet, customers buying IQ’s have grown exponentially. For businesses to fully succeed they need to understand this new consumer.
How to Turn Tradeshow Leads into Sales with Effective Follow-up
Tradeshow success lies as much in how you follow-up as it does on your performance at the show.
Why Great Photographs are an Online Must
Want to sell your products online? Consider these do's and don'ts for getting great product photos.
27 Exhibiting Do's and Don'ts
Make the most of your trade show dollars by following these critical do's and don'ts of trade show exhibiting.
Dirty Little Secrets: Five Things Trade Show Attendees Don't Want You To Know
Here are five secrets that can help you boost sales at the next trade show you attend.
Being Unique is a Good Thing ... Isn't It?
As a new entrepreneur you will want to make sure that your business stands apart from the competition. Beware, however, of getting caught into taking an approach that is too different.
How to Use Trade Show Giveaways to Deliver Results
When it comes to selecting the best promotional giveaways for your next tradeshow, first consider your goals.
Speed Kills: The service standard that does more harm than good
Are your company's 'service standards' losing you sales? When managment processes interfere with the quality of your customer interactions, it is time to reconsider your approach.
Building a Successful Sales Career or Business
Pain, gain and sustain are the three aspects of your customer's reality that create business opportunity. Here are some creative ways to increase sales and grow your business.
Secrets to Getting Great Word of Mouth and Repeat Sales
These simple yet powerful techniques will help to ensure that your customers come back and refer you to their peers.
55 Easy Ways To Improve Your Retail Business
Whether you are a new or seasoned business owner this comprehensive list of practical customer-winning ideas, tips and techniques can set your business apart and make it a successful enterprise.
Selling is for the Stubborn
Albert K was ready to give up on his career because of his dread of cold calling. These tips from will help Albert and other entrepreneurs who find themselves in a similar situation, overcome their fear of unsolicited selling.
Grand Intentions to Greater Sales
To increase customer loyalty and your overall sales, consider the importance of how your employees sell your message.
When Talking to Strangers
Are you inadvertently chasing away potential customers? Consider these three reasons potential customers may distrust you or your employees.
Rules of Value-Added Selling and Service
Trying to be all things to all people is a surefire way to go broke. It may be time to fire some of your clients to improve the success of your business.
Asking the Right Questions and Finding Qualified Customers
The better you draw out your prospects and discover their needs and wants, the better chance you have of setting up a relationship that becomes a series of yes's and results in ongoing business. Here are some of the questions that will help you do just that.
The Human Dynamics of Selling
How are sales made and where are they really lost? Here are three powerful insights into the human dynamics of selling that will increase your chance of making a sale.
Business Coach: Listen for the Sounds of Success
Successful leaders listen by observation. This month Dr. Paul Adams looks at how you can improve your business through better listening skills.
8 Field-Proven Tips To Increasing Your Sales Income
Work less and make more--It's not an impossible goal. Read on to find proven methods to hone your selling skills and boost your sales.
Business Coach: Wanted Sales Representative: Great Opportunity!
The competence of your sales employees is a statement of your leadership and business skills. Consider this if you are dissatisfied with the results you are seeing from your sales staff.
Discover Instant Sales Success: Ask Questions
If you want your sales success rate to shoot off the charts, ask questions. Dr. Paul Adams explains the power behind this simple tactic.
Getting Your Customers to Sell You- Creating fans and champions
Taking care of my existing customers is one of the best investments you can make in your business.
The Keys to a Winning RFP
Winning a government contract can be a daunting process. Follow these tips to find out how you can prepare for success.
Coaching Business: Get Your Customers to Say Yes!
Salespeople will often make the mistake of rambling on about the product or service that they forget. Don’t make the same mistake. Find out how you can develop sales tactics to convince your customers that they need your products.
Contract Debriefing
You did all of the work to submit your bid but someone else was awarded that government contract. This doesn't have to mean the end of your experience. This month we conclude our series on government procurement by taking a look at what you can do when you lose.
Action Is Where the Action Is!
Want to improve sales? This month Dr. Paul Adams explains the most critical element: action.
Government Contracts: Accessing the Opportunities
Do you want to do business with the government? To find out how you can source government contracts, including work that may not go to tender, read this article.
To Make a Sale You Must Create Desire
Discover the importance of desire, the sales element that allows you to move to your final selling step and get the order.
Trust: The Intangible that Builds Empires
In today's uncertain economy it can be difficult to establish trust with partners, clients, and employees. Peter Urs Bender offers tips on how you can build successful business relationships with trust.
Winning Government Work
So, you want to win a lucrative government contract but aren't sure how to write your proposal. These tips will help you ensure that your proposal lands at the top.
Proactive strategies to minimize price objections
It can be hard to compete with those big-box stores who can offer the same products and cheaper prices. Our 'idea man' talks about how you can work around these challenges.
What do You Say after You Say Hello?
You've got your customer's attention, now how do you keep it? Paul Adams walks you through those initial greetings to the final sale.
11 Steps to Developing New Business
Looking to take your business to a higher level? Read on to find the steps you need to take.
Does Voicemail Drive you Crazy?
Love it or hate it voicemail is here to stay. Peter Urs Bender tells you how you can deal with it.
11 Hot Tips For Beating The Competition
Read on to find out how you can beat the competitors by using their own techniques.
Share Ad Expenses, Boost Profits
Want to advertise but don’t think you can afford it? Here are some cost-effective alternatives.
Steps to Survival - Step Three: Pump Up Your Sales Efforts
This month Paul Adams shows you how you can increase sales no matter what business you're in.
Boost Sales with Enthused and Committed Salespeople
If you're looking for the perfect salesperson, search for someone with as many of the 10 optimal sales-oriented characteristics as possible.
If You Wish to be Successful, be Prepared!
How do you prepare your sales staff for success? This month Paul Adams shares insights into one of the most important ingredients of successful sales.
Make your Cold Calls Sizzle Part II
Here is a closer look at the mistakes and tripwires that may be sabotaging your cold calling efforts.
Tips to help you make those cold calls easier
Most of us hate cold calling, so this month we've compiled a list of sales and marketing tips that will make it easier to get around the awkward first moment and make your cold calls easier.
Traveling with your Salespeople is a Must!
If you think that you don't have the time, think again. This simple approach will help you discover the problems that could put you out of business.
How To Create a Follow-up System
Want to increase the effectiveness of your follow-up system? The tips and worksheet in this article will help!
Selling Success: A Key to More Sales
Do you need to improve your success at selling? It's probably time to look at how persistence factors into any winning formula.
Getting your Foot in the Door
These seven steps will help you boost your cold calling success.
Want Sales to Jump 19.5 TIMES -- Without Spending More?
How can you get more sales, for fewer dollars? In this article Jody Horner explains the power of testing, and how it can bring in more business for your company.
Why is it so Hard to Buy?
With a $400,000 budget and ready to buy, Jody Horner was surprised by how willing companies were to drive her business away. Read on to find out how something as simple as a little help can make the difference between a sale and a 'see-you-later'.
Successful Selling Strategies for the Entrepreneur - Part 3
Can your sales staff list at least five significant reasons to buy your product or do business with you? Real reasons that go beyond the usual lines of quality, service and the like? The latest installment in Paul Adam's sales series explains how effectiv
Effective Follow-up Will Make Your Sales Soar
Want to increase sales and stay ahead of your competitors? Here's how an effective follow-up system can help you do just that!
Successful Selling Strategies for the Entrepreneur - Part 2
If you picture rejection and slimy salespeople in tartan suits when you think of sales, you are not alone. Here is a simple strategy that can help you handle the fear of rejection that often accompanies sales.
30 Seconds to Significant Sales - How to up-sell without turning off your customer
How can you increase the potential profitability of each sale? The answer lies in how your staff manages 30 seconds of their time.
Successful Selling Strategies for the Entrepreneur - Part 1
If you dislike selling, you are not alone. Find out how you can overcome your fears and learn to sell succesfully. (Installment 1 in a multiple part series on selling.)
Making Connections: How to Create Rapport With Anyone in Under 30 Seconds
Creating better connections could be as simple as using a little smoke and mirrors.