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Building a News Release: Overview

The press release builder has moved!

Click here to go to the updated version of our News Release Builder

In this online workshop you will learn when to send a press release. You will learn how to write your release and can even use our free online template (step 4) to quickly prepare a news release for your company. The last step explains how you can distribute the release.

Raves about our free online workshop:

"... your press release template was a Godsend."
- Terri Tomesek

"V-e-r-y interesting! Next time we will have more of our items ready for insertion into this totally painless "program"."
THANK YOU for offering it on the Internet!

- Murray Brown, Cutting Edge Graphics

"I love your news release template. It is extremely helpful. I hope that you will never take it down."
- Jeremi Bigosinski, Hippoville Publishing LLC

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