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eHiring in Canada Continued

There is plenty of general job websites, some of these are free, but most do charge fees. Those that charge might offer memberships for companies interested in posting more than one job on the site. Taking out single ads is also an option. For a list of sites and rates Click Here

When evaluating a general job website, ask yourself: what the site offers for its fees, who it reaches, how many visits it receives and what its track-record is for successful hires. Be sure to be thorough in your evaluation when picking a place to advertise -- not all job sites are alike, they will offer different services. For example, not all sites offer a resume database or applicant pre-screening options. Be sure to ask about specifics and look out for hidden costs!

CanadaOne has created a comparative chart of various Internet recruiting companies. Click here to go directly to the chart.


If you want to fill part-time, summer or entry-level positions, school job boards are an ideal avenue.

Multi-school job boards like WorkopolisCampus, provide a one-stop place employers can reach students anywhere from one to over 200 schools. WorkopolisCampus does charge for its services. However, prices are significantly lower than the leading general job websites, including Workopolis.


If your company has a website, why not advertise your job opportunities there?

Companies indicate they typically receive an average of 133 resumes online per month. That's not bad. Having jobs posted on your own site, allows you to have potential employees email your company directly, without having to advertise on an external website. Very few employers these days receive resumes through regular mail, or even fax.

Here are some tips for adding a job section to your company's website:

  • Incorporate your job section into your website's primary navigation level. Add a link to the job section of your website in the main menu of your website.
  • If your front page has a place for announcements, consider adding a brief notice and link in this area when you post a new advertisement.
  • On your main job page, explicitly state your company policies, such as how long you will keep resumes on file, and your method of handling incoming applications. On this page you can list specific jobs, with links sub-pages that includes the specifics of the position and what is required from applicants.
  • Include a date with each job posting and any relevant timeframes for applicants.

Once you have added the job section to your website, you may want to submit the main page directly to the search engines. For a quick submission to the most important major and Canadian search engines online, be sure to use our free Search Engine Submitter tool.


Well, you're now aware that there's no shortage of online resources dedicated to posting job ads online. The question is - which one do you use? Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before selecting an online method of advertising. Answering these questions should assist you in making the decision of where to put your ad.

Questions employers should ask before placing an ad:

  • Who will see your ad? There is no point in advertising online unless you expect to reach an audience of qualified applicants.
  • How many people will see your ad? Ask website officials what kind of response you can expect to get from advertising where you have.
  • Can you get away with using this site as the only source to recruit staff? There are many possible electronic outlets on which to advertise the position of employment at your company.
  • How long will the ad run with the particular Internet site? A day, a week, a month? Find out how long your ad is entitled to run.
  • What different types of ads can you get? Check to see if the company offers any multi-posting packages.
  • What about print versions? If placing an ad in with an online publication, see if it has a print version.
  • Is this cost effective? Shopping around and comparing prices at different sites will help you.

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