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Interactive Displays

Combining a unique sticker that converts your window to a viewable screen, xBox 360 technology and gesture recognition capabilities, this new take on retail advertising is sure to get attention.

Interactive Displays Transcript


ARB Labs is showing off one of their products today – it is a display that can switch between transparent and solid as well as attracts your perspective so as you look at it and move around, you are able to see different angles of the scene.

In this case, we are showing the Toronto skyline. It is just a YouTube video but it creates a pseudo-3D – like a 3D for a Cyclops! It is a sticker that we are able to apply on any piece of glass. It is either solid in projection mode or it goes transparent and you can see through it – it is just a regular window now.

The idea is that it is able to track you as you are looking around and zooming in. What really stands us apart from other products is that it is able to track someone who is standing right infront of a glass window. We designed it specifically for pedestrian traffic – people walking by, this catches their attention and they are able to interact.

In our case, we are really good at gesture recognition. We have an Xbox game coming out really soon. It is called Charades for Kinect. It helps build up our gesture portfolio that we sell to other companies as premium gestures.

It is a pretty cool technology. It is getting better and better costly, we keep coming up with new designs on it and you will definitely see a lot of it in the Toronto scene in the next few months. 

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