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Going Mobile

If you are thinking that it's time for your business to go mobile, ask yourself these questions.

Going Mobile Transcript


Plastic Mobile is a mobile marketing agency that helps brands and companies get into the mobile space. We help all sorts of companies ranging from startups all the way to large brands and corporations. Our focus is on really getting the most out of the mobile channel.

I think that mobile is a very interesting space right now because it is so hot and there is so much importance placed on it. It can be difficult for businesses, specifically small businesses, to understand what they should be doing in the mobile space. There are probably some things you should consider. The most important being understanding who your users are and how they are going to be using what you offer them. It can be very expensive to get into the mobile space and if you are going to do it you are really going to have to see if it will provide value to your users.

I think it is really important that specifically for small businesses, if you are looking to gain digital presence in general, perhaps in the online space and you are looking for a contact management system like WordPress, it is probably important for you to take into consideration what their compatibility with mobile is and whether there are plug-ins or anything that can help you move into the mobile space or whether things are built in HTML 5 that can help you really easily transition a mobile website. Those are really good considerations for small businesses before making that kind of decision before entering the mobile space in general. 

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