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Advanced AdWords

Take AdWord campaigns to a new level of conversion tracking, so that you can pinpoint what keywords resulted in phone calls from prospects.

Advanced AdWords Transcript

What Splinter does is it helps companies get new phone call leads from the web. We actually take search terms and we can track them right through to the phone number.  We know when a phone call happens which keyword actually caused that to happen. We do it at a fixed price per lead for businesses in North America.

One of the companies we have been working with for a while is Mayfair drapery. What Mayfair’s business has been is custom drapery in and around the Toronto area. They have been in business for 60 years. They have advertised and got new customers to phone them primarily based on traditional advertising. What we did with Splinter is we created an environment that allowed customers to search for them on the web and these would be new customers, not people from their local community but people that were not aware they had that solution. We created an AdWords campaign, a very simple landing page and we tracked everything from the keywords entered searching for “custom draperies” in this case to the phone call. We generated hundreds of calls for them. We take it from the search term all the way through the landing page to a conversion to a phone call and then we only charge them for the phone calls that happen.  

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