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3D Photography

Create captivating 3D interactive videos from objects using this unique 3D photography equipment.

3D Photography Transcript

Hi I'm Michael from Ortery Technologies, live from the DX3 trade show in Toronto, Canada. We are here at our booth - we are exhibiting our product photography equipment. Ortery Technologies is a leading manufacturer of still, 360 and 3D Product photography equipment. We do manufacture a wide variety of equipment that is all automated through software.

Today we have on display our photo bench 260 solution. This solution is the world's first 3d solution for creating product shots that are 360 with no post production required. Basically what that means is pure white backgrounds instantly out of the camera with no post production work. Basically it is an automated capture interacting with the rotation platform to compose, capture and interact with the 360 that we create here.

As you can see, all of these animations are user-interactive. Outputs include flash, HTML 5 and Silverlite technology. Basically this file took about 5 minutes to create, and that is instantly ready to go for your e-commerce site. Ortery also specializes in still imaging solutions for the business that doesn't require the 360 solutions as well as cost down versions of the 3d photo bench that you see here - ideal for small businesses shooting any variety of products.

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