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Cool Kiosks

These eye-catching kiosks have a form factor that make a strong impact.

Cool Kiosks Transcript


Hi I’m Perry Feler and I am from kioskStyle Inc. We are a Toronto based manufacturer of these really cool, small form factor touch screen computer kiosk systems. Our design is basically one of those things that gives you the ability to have a kiosk system that is both durable, powerful and public facing as well as portable. At only 65 pounds, it is a really versatile tool. You can take it with you to trade shows, set it up in retail. It packs and transports very easily – 5 minute set up, runs windows and has full computing power. It really gives you all kinds of tactical advantages that you just don’t get with any other kiosk solution anywhere. They come in really amazing finishing that is all entirely custom and to your specifications.

So basically, our device is a 22 inch touch screen system that basically allows customers to self serve, self educate and engage. All sorts of really nifty interactivity that you can achieve with this and again, it is really something that doesn’t take up a lot of space and gives you full range of interactivity. You have a lot of options in terms of being able to interface in the computer in exactly the same way you would with a computer and a mouse but without all the extra cords and extra clutter.

The machine itself is approximately for quantities in our small run – you are looking at approximately $6500 per unit which is perfectly in line with kiosk system but at a fraction of the size and with much more flexibility and much less rigidness and stubbornness that you will find with these other much more less inspired kiosk solutions that are out there. 

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