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Video Walls

Visual walls create a compelling HD experience in a modular, expandable format.

Video Walls Transcript


We are here at the DX3 event in Toronto. Today we’d like to walk you through some of the technologies APG brings to the Canadian landscape. Right here beside me we have the Prysm LPD display which is a laser phosphor display. Cutting edge technology makes use of, for lack of better terminology, the blue ray laser to give you a very stunning, visual effect. It is a modular based display, 15 inches high, 20 inches wide. You are basically looking at a 22 inch deep cabinet. It is emissive so you get a very high contrast ratio, very small seam and takes very little power – it takes less power than a commercial grade hair dryer!

We are seeing different trends in the world of technology these days. Prysm is a perfect technology – low energy consumption so it has a green feel to it. Very wide viewing angles which is great for advertisers or anyone who is trying to get their content out to the masses. It is priced in such a way that becomes affordable for advertising or any time of retail application.

Some of the other products that we bring to the equation in Canada is the Orion video wall displays which is basically a 2.0 mm seam, glass on glass video wall display – very powerful. And then above, we have a flexible LED technology which is absolutely cutting edge. Where in the past you would have to make use of a rigid LED display for signage, we now have a flexible LED so this allows us to curve around pillars or any kind of a post. It gives you a very wide viewing angle and obviously adds immediate impact to anything that we are doing.

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