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PEI Premier Robert Ghiz on Meeting the Challenge of a Changing Economy

The bulk of a speech given by Prince Edward Island Premier, Robert Ghiz, at the Empire Club in Toronto on May 2, 2012, in which he talks about the economy, healthcare, equalization, growth and plans to focus on developing four technology-oriented sectors in the province.

NOTE: The first two minutes of the speech had audio difficulties and was cut from the speech. Here is a transcript of the missing audio.

“Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province. We are about 143 miles in length, we call ourselves a million acre farm, we’ve got a population of about 145,000 people, but at the same time we are an equal partner in confederation. And I consider it a tremendous privilege to be premier of Prince Edward Island, to be a first minister in our country, and I think that where else in the world, or even our country… how fortunate are we to be standing here this afternoon as a first minister in our country representing 145,000 people, I think it’s a testament to our great nation.

“But today I just want to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about PEI, where we’re going, where we’ve been, and some of the challenges I see in our country.

“PEI is small, but at the same time we are a large exporting province with a lot of great products. You think of Prince Edward Island you think of Gulf, the potatoes, our mussels, our lobsters, Anne of Green Gables, the Confederation Centre, all these things are wonderful. But at the same time I need to do more and we need to do more to let the rest of the world know about us, and that is something I’ve been trying to do over the last four to five years.”

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