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Linda Plater

Linda Plater is a freelance writer in Toronto, Ontario.

Articles by Linda Plater

Working It Out With An Expert - How Can You Tell an Imposter from the Real Thing?

July 31st, 2001

Need to find an expert, but nervous about making the wrong choice? Read on to find out how to separate the experts from the imposters.

Should Small Business be Cautious of Incubators? Part I

September 30th, 2000

Is an incubator the answer to all your business' needs, or is it not much more than media hype? Read on to find out more about incubators, and how you can find the right fit for your company.

Should Small Business be Cautious of Incubators? Part II

September 30th, 2000

The second section of this two-part article looks at questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line with an incubator, investor or venture capitalist.

It's None of your Business! - Privacy and What it Means to your Customers

November 30th, -0001

Protecting of personal privacy in an era of mass data collection is a major concern with Canadians, according to a recent study conducted by the Angus Reid Group for the Royal Bank. Here are some key findings from the survey, with insights into how this could benefit your business.