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Should Small Business be Cautious of Incubators? Part II

By Linda Plater |

What to Consider Before You Seek Help from an Incubator or Venture Capitalist

  1. Can you do your start-up yourself following the timeline you set out?

What resources (money, expertise and contacts) do you really need to make your venture succeed?

  • Do you like and trust the people you will be working with at the incubator?

    What is the track record of the organization and the individuals you are dealing with?
    What will life be like after you do a deal with them?
    Are these people you want to share your future with?

  • What does the partnering relationship entail if you work with an incubator?

    What degree of involvement do you want your partner to have in the development of your business?
    Will the incubator's involvement now be a help or hindrance in the future as your business grows and needs more capital?

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