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Zunaid Khan

Zunaid Khan is a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience in Technology, Digital Marketing & Media sectors.

He is a goal-oriented, entrepreneurial individual with exceptional leadership skills who has the ability to coordinate multifaceted projects and ensure that both strategic and financial goals are achieved. Specialist in business development, strategy and product management.

Zunaid's Specialties:

Online advertising, search and ad serving technology sales and business development. Digital Marketing. Ad serving technology. Interactive media ad operations. OAS, DFP, WebTrends, Site Catalyst, Solbright, Media Metrix, Evaliant, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Adsense.

Articles by Zunaid Khan

Tools Key to Generating Awareness of Your Company

July 1st, 2013

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. With these quick tips from Zunaid Khan, you can make sure people know about your company and that you mean business.

Start-Ups: Beware the Roller Coaster of Emotions

June 1st, 2013

The emotional highs and lows of running a start-up can challenge any team. These four tips will help you find ways to manage the roller coaster of emotions often experienced in high-tech start-ups.