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Reg Pirie

Reg has authored several books, including: From Starting to Marketing… YOUR OWN CONSULTING BUSINESS. He is currently writing, guest lecturing and providing consultative marketing support to businesses. See the following Web site for more details about all his books and lectures.

Ink Ink Publishing & Presentations
#231 - 30 Sierra Morena Landing SW
Calgary, Alberta T3H 5H2 Canada
Reg's Cell: 403-607-4652
Res. Phone: 403-275-4537
Reg's Email:

Articles by Reg Pirie

The Truth About Networking - Part 2

May 31st, 2001

So, you've met a great business contact. What's next? Reg Pirie will tell you how to cultivate that relationship in the second part of his series on effective networking.

Who Needs a Mentor!

July 31st, 2000

A sounding board, a trusted resource. Someone who can listen - and challenge you to new levels. Mentors offer untold value to new entrepreneurs; in this article Reg Pirie explains why you need them, and how to find them.

Doomed to Fail Before You Start

April 30th, 2000

Want to start your own business? Reg Pirie offers excellent advice that can help you avoid business failure!

Service Stinks ... Usually!

June 30th, 0000

This story of excellent customer service touches on the best elements - and typical shortfalls - of customer service.

Self-Publishing a Business Book...For Fun & Long-Term Profit (Part 2 of 2)

November 30th, -0001

So you want to publish a book? This two part article looks at issues behind the self-publishing scene.