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PR: Rising to the Challenge of Turbulent Times - IPRA World Congress 2018

May  13 - 16, 2018    Montreal, QC
The IPRA The International Public Relations Association (IPRA) was formally established in London on 1 May 1955, with the objective of raising the standards of public relations practice worldwide and improve the quality of PR practitioners. Today, IPRA is a worldwide organization with thousands of members in both established and emerging countries. Governed by a geographically representative Board and run by a Secretariat, the IPRA represents individual professionals, not agencies or companies and is recognized as an international NGO by the United Nations and has been granted consultative status by the Economic and Social Council and by UNESCO. The Event In addition to its regional events program, since 1958, IPRA has tri-annually held a World Congress. The Congress is a unique showcase for the development of international public relations at that moment. Recent Congresses include Johannesburg in 2015, Dubai in 2012, and Lima in 2010, each event attracting high level government participation. The Congress is being hosted for the first time in the Americas, in Montreal, Canada, by the Societe Quebecoise Des Professionnels En Relations Publiques (SQPRP). It is expected to attract around 200 - 400 participants from all corners of the globe, with a majority from North America. The uniqueness of this historic city draws as a pre-eminent tourism destination, boosting the attractiveness of the Congress for international participants. It will run from May 13-16, 2018 at the Delta Hotel by Marriott Montreal. The Theme: Rising to The Challenge of Turbulent Times The strategic communications industry must evolve and adapt contemporaneously to face turbulent challenges that increasingly arise both internally and externally with the progression of society. How can Public Relations professionals safeguard information and genuinely inspire trust again in an age of declining accuracy? Join us in May 2018 as we examine the future of the field of communication and PR.
Contact:Louis Moubarak,, 514-845-4441
Where: Delta Hotels by Marriott Montreal 475 Avenue du President-Kennedy, H3A 1J7
Time: 12:00 to 14:00
Cost:Extra Early Bird Full Con
Hosted by:SQPRP / IPRA