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Event Details

'The New Normal?' - Managing The Return To The Workplace

September  28, 2021    Online Event
This virtual discussion forum, hosted by Janus Conferences, focuses on 'evaluating pandemic pivots' when managing the return to the workplace. A panel of Human Resource, Business and Legal professionals provide their perspective on overcoming hurdles in transitioning back to the workplace. Attendees can expect to get insights on legal risks and organization challenges in reopening. Speakers will provide their perspectives on the key steps organizations can take now to mitigate and solve issues and capitalize on business opportunities. Topics include: - Legal Risks - Employees who refuse to return, Employees who announce that they are Anti-Vax; Liability to secure a safe workplace for employees and customers - Organizational Challenges: Current Issues in Managing the Return to the Workplace; Key steps to take now to mitigate problems - Prioritizing Next Steps: Evaluating Pandemic pivots; Reassessing your risks and opportunities; The Importance of Leadership
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Time: 9:00 - 10:30 AM
Hosted by:Janus Conference