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Event Details

Canadian Workplace Culture Insights and the Year Ahead

November  25, 2021    Online Event
About the Webinar The Canadian Workplace Culture Index will be presenting insights from their research this summer into the opinions of Canadians about Workplace Culture. Insights include how COVID has impacted different groups of Canadians, how the attitudes of men and women differ, and the way different regions of Canada see workplace culture. This will be followed by the sharing and discussion of major trends for human capital management in 2022. This will cover trends in recruitment and retention, total compensation, workplace environment, the return to the office, and more with a particular focus on organizations in Alberta. Finally, the team will briefly introduce us to The Canadian Workplace Culture Index and Certification program and as time allows provide a VIP tour of the results and reports that participating organizations receive.
Contact:Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Alberta (CPHR AB) toll free. 1-800-668-6125 email.
Where: Suite 990, 105 - 12 Ave SE / Calgary, Alberta Canada T2G 1A1
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm MST
Hosted by:Canadian Workplace Culture Insights and the Year A