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Companies not marketing to women's needs

By Michelle Collins |

TORONTO - A new survey shows that businesses are ineffective in marketing to women. After interviewing 2,000 women, the Thomas Yaccato-Maritz Report: Women Consumers Speak Out, found that 25 per cent were unable to name a company that markets to their needs.

"This completely jives with the first study we conducted for the book, which revealed that while women consumers control 80% of every dollar spent, the majority said they weren't taken as seriously as men. Of 22 industries surveyed in the first study, all failed our women's customer satisfaction benchmark," says Joanne Thomas Yaccato, president of the Thomas Yaccato Group

Department stores such as Sears (11 per cent), Wal-Mart (7 per cent) and The Bay (6 per cent) were recognized as having the most women-friendly marketing. Each company was given a ranking based on responses to both general and industry-specific responses. The survey named 12 sectors including retail stores, media publications, automotive manufacturers, and insurance, investment and financial institutions.

The report is the first of its kind in what is expected to become an annual ranking in an attempt to give companies a benchmark in terms of women-specific marketing.

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