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Small business owners in Canada love their work: Part 2

By Daniel Kosir |

Small business owners in Montreal are the happiest in the country, pulling ahead of their counterparts in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

According to the 2011 TD Canada Trust Small Business Survey, around 7 in 10 small business owners in Montreal describe themselves as "very happy," enjoying the freedom and control that comes with ownership.

"Many people dream of being their own boss and owning their own business one day, so it's no surprise that so many small business owners are happy where they are right now," says TD Regional Sales Manager Gaston Trepanier.

"In 2011 we saw an increase in the happiness levels of small business owners compared with the previous year. When owners are optimistic, they tend to be more likely to invest in their business by boosting spending and hiring, which is great for their local communities."

Results by city

Percentage of small business owners who say they are "very happy":

  • Montreal: 70 per cent
  • Toronto: 68 per cent
  • Vancouver: 66 per cent
  • Calgary: 60 per cent

What are the keys to happiness?

Montreal Toronto Vancouver Calgary
Being your own boss 97% 87% 96% 94%
Control of own destiny 90% 93% 94% 94%
Sense of personal achievement 97% 94% 93% 96%
Opportunity for more money 81% 80% 90% 85%
Helping customers and clients 96% 95% 97% 96%


Aspects of business affected by strong dollar:

Montreal Toronto Vancouver Calgary
Profits from exports 23% 46% 46% 25%
Financial forecasting 27% N/A 46% 14%
International Demand/Sales N/A 33% N/A 14%


Managing work/personal life balance

Montreal Toronto Vancouver Calgary
Hours per week 47.6 46.2 49.1 52.1
Trouble separating business/personal life 42% 59% 61% 67%
Can't take mind off of business 84% 92% 92% 89%

This article is the second half of a two part series. For Part One, see Small business owners in Canada love their work, despite long hours

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