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CanadaOne co-founder up for national award

By Kristopher Morrison @KrisJayMorrison |

CanadaOne co-founder up for national award

Julie King, co-founder & managing editor of CanadaOne, has been nominated for a national innovation and leadership award.

The CATAAlliance Innovation and Leadership awards recognize “exceptional contributions made to the creation of science and technology-based industrial strength in Canada.”

CataAlliance (Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance) is Canada’s largest high-tech association. Their National Public Relations Excellence in Science and Technology Reporting award recognizes a journalist who has contributed to the building of a science and technology culture in Canada.

King’s nomination is based in part on the collaborative work to raise awareness of important issues with Ottawa through CanadaOne’s ‘Have Your Say’ tool.

‘Have Your Say’ helps Canadians take action on important public issues by providing not only the necessary background, but a free tool for businesses to share their concerns with their elected MPs.

The Have Your Say campaigns came about during the Canada Post strike of 2011, as business owners became increasingly worried about mail disruption. Since that time, it has been used to highlight many important causes for business, including two done in collaboration with CATA: m-Health and Cloud Computing.

King created CanadaOne in 1997 after realizing that there was a need for Canada-specific information for small and medium sized businesses and business owners. Since then, CanadaOne has grown to reach over 500,000 visitors each year with a library of over 2,000 articles.

"I have been championing the idea of Incremental Innovation™ for over three years now and will continue to support activities that help Canadian businesses and our country as a whole better use technology," says King. "It is an honour to be nominated alongside other leading tech journalists."

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