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Book Review: Enterprise Social Technology

By Daniel Kosir |

Title:Enterprise Social Technology
Author:Scott Klososky
Publisher:Greenleaf Book Group Press

Standing apart from the wave of how-to social media guides for businesses, Enterprise Social Technology is unique both in its approach and content.

Extending beyond simple Facebook and Twitter advice, Klososky's book is more a discussion of how everything that can be considered "social technology" can be harnessed by businesses to build a more vibrant online presence.

The book encompasses a wide berth of social technologies that cover social networking, social media, and social relevance, which according to Klososky all need to be addressed if an impact is to be made.

Most unique about this book is that it came into being by using social technology, the very subject it discusses. The majority of the content was compiled by means of crowdsourcing on the website crowdSPRING, with the exception of the introduction and last two chapters.

Depending on the reader, Enterprise Social Technology could either be helpful or of almost no use. Those who already have a well-managed social technology presence may want to skip this one, as they may find it has little to add to their strategy.

The book is much better geared toward people who have more than a beginners understanding of social technology but are not sure how to incorporate it effectively into their business strategy.
What Enterprise Social Technology offers is a twelve-step process aimed at helping businesses quickly gain value from social technology. It recommends implementing the steps within a ninety day period, which can be adjusted based on the size of an organization.

Each of the twelve steps has its own chapter, covering areas such as:

  • Goal-setting
  • Assembling a team
  • Security and Regulation
  • Implementing Crowdsourcing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • The ROI process, and more

Each chapter briefly discusses the process and importance of the step, and drives the point home with a rich variety of examples and case studies.

There is also a very short chapter devoted to strategies for implementing the 12-step process, though it consists of general suggestions rather than any in-depth methodologies.

For anyone who is looking to implement a social technology strategy or freshen up an existing one, you may want to give Enterprise Social Technology a read.

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