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Accounting in the Cloud: Vendor Shoot-Out Updated
In an earlier article, we wrote about the benefits of cloud-based accounting software. Now, we will compare the three big accounting software providers.
Accounting in the Cloud
Business owners take note: Moving your books and accounting to the cloud is an idea you should no longer relegate for future consideration.
What You Need to Know About New Accounting Software
Sage and Intuit are putting more power in the hands of small businesses with their new offerings for 2011.
Coaching Your Controller: Part II
In Part II of Coaching your Controller James Phillipson explains how you can find the time to implement the six steps of improvements that were laid-out in Part I.
Coaching Your Controller
Attention company owners: these six steps will help you better manage the person in charge of the accounting functions for your business.
Help! What Taxes Must I Pay?
Just started your business and baffled about how to tackle your taxes? Use this quick Q&A guide to get a basic handle on what taxes you have to pay, how to pay them and when.
Inventory Turnover: Is your Annual Bonus Sitting on the Shelf?
Here is a tool of the pros that can help you boost your profits - check your inventory turnover.
Business Sense A Budget is a Road Map to Success
Paul Adams provides you with some compelling reasons to keep a regular budget.
Accounting 101: Balance Sheet Basics
If owners equity calculations send your head spinning, read on for a clear understanding of balance sheet basics for small business owners.
Understanding the Banker's Formula: Part II
Understanding how to secure financing from the bank is not an obvious or simple task. In this article we look at common balance sheet mistakes that can stop you from getting the credit you need to grow your business.
Understanding the Bankers' Formula
How can you improve the odds of securing credit from a bank? In this article we look at factors that affect your ability to secure debt financing.