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NeuroScience & Neuromarketing

If You Could Read My Mind

Every day consumers base their buying decisions on seven predictable yet irrational criteria. If you are not familiar with them, your business is at risk of losing business to competitors that are.


What Biology Can Tell Us About Consumers

Biology is a curious thing. In this interview, Diana Derval explains how it can influence everything from whether you are likely to view red as a calming or exciting colour to which coffee taste is likely to have the highest sales.


Influence with Integrity

In this article Kelly Burnett introduces us to neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and how can it help you connect better to your clients.


Our Brains and Decision-Making: Emotional or Rational?

Just how rational are we, really? In this article Patti Krakoff looks at how our mind reacts when we have important decisions to make, like entering a partnership agreement or hiring a new employee.