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Websites for Business 101: Make Connecting Easier
Making it easy for visitors to your website is still an essential aspect of online customer service, but the rules have changed.
Going Mobile: Cutting through the Confusion for Small Business Owners
If you are confused about whether your small business needs a mobile-ready website, you are not alone. This primer will help you cut through the confusion to understand when, and how, to go mobile.
Getting Started With eCommerce
Here are five important factors to consider when getting started with eCommerce.
Is Java On Its Way Out?
With an announcement from the US government that organization should consider uninstalling Java, the time has come to evaluate how your business will use Java on an ongoing basis.
Emerging Trends in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
What do webmasters and business owners need to know about how search engine optimization is changing? CanadaOne interviewed Terry Van Horne, a leading search engine optimization, to learn more about updates Google has made to control poor quality links, thin content and other underhanded optimization tactics.
Is Your Business Ready to Move into the Cloud?
Cloud computing offers huge benefits to SMBs - and it's not as difficult or complex as some might think.
Search Engine Essentials: What Canadian Businesses Need to Know
If you run a small business in Canada, you need to understand how search engines can be used to boost your business. In this interview with SEO expert Jonathan Allen we explore exactly what business need to know about this important business tool.
Is Your Business Visible Online? These Search Engine Strategies (SES) Can Help
In a world of digital hyper-media, having a web presence is essential to success. Building an online strategy that is effective can be a daunting task, but help is on the way.
Does Google's New Farmer / Panda Search Algorithm Help  Thin  Websites Rise to Top?
Google's new Farmer (aka Panda) algorithm is supposed to penalize content farms with  thin  content. Why then are super-thin pages/sites dominating the top ten results?
Groupon and Beyond: How Group-Buying Sites Are Transforming Business
Increasingly, businesses are hopping on the group-buying bandwagon. Before you offer deep discounts online, consider what your business has to gain—and lose.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Eight Common Myths Debunked
Want your website to soar to the top of Google? Read on to find out what strategies don't work.
Get Your Canadian Business Online: Google Gives Small Businesses in Canada Free .ca Domain, Website
If your small business doesn't have a website, you'll want to consider this latest offering from Google and partners. Despite its flaws, it can help get you up and running.
Buying Video Gear for Your Small Business: Part 1
Lights, camera, action! Shooting marketing videos for the web begins with a great camera. Here's what you need to know before you buy.
'Tubing It: Calgary Company Shoots for Success on YouTube
Meet Jordan Drake and Chris Niccolls, two employees of Calgary-based The Camera Store who are successfully harnessing YouTube to promote their employer's business--one video at a time.
Don't Let Poor Website Design Hold Your Business Hostage
Do-it-yourself website design may seem like a good idea at the get-go but it could cost you opportunities, revenue and growth.
The Case Study 'Case Study'
Author and journalist Paul Lima explores how you can use case studies to enhance your website, as well as your corporate message.
Using Coming Soon Pages to Kick-Start Online Marketing
A simple pre-launch of your website can boost your marketing efforts.
Social Media, Search Trends and the "Findability" of Your Business
With social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter playing a central role in how people access content online, getting found is becoming much more complicated. In this interview Ian McAnerin explains the new landscape.
Listening to Your Customer Through Social Media
These few simple steps will help you learn how to listen to what your customers are saying about your industry, products, and services.
Using Facebook for Business
With over 400,000,000 active users worldwide, Facebook is a marketing channel like few others. These tips will help you understand how to put the power of Facebook's user base to work for your business.
Social Media and Customer Relationship Management:How Businesses Can Use Facebook and Other Social Media to Improve Customer Relationships
This article evaluates the impact of social media has had on how businesses manage and interact with customers.
On Page Search Engine Optimization
Use these strategies to improve your search engine rankings.
Google Sidewiki: What Small Business Owners Needs to Know
Google Sidewiki is big news for business. Here's what you need to know.
Using PR to Drive Traffic to Your Website
Tips for what you should do before you make your pitch.
Generating Relevant Website Content
For many businesses, the first step to building a more relevant website is to take a step back.
Internet Users are Placing More Weight on Web Design
As web plays an increasingly important role in purchase decision making, it is critical to understand what factors have the greatest impact. Read on to learn what people liked most - and least - about websites they visited.
25 Killer Websites & Web Services for Business
The most recent evolution of the business web has taken place in two areas: in the creation of online applications and integration of online data with mobile devices.
Why Online Marketing Makes More Sense than Ever
Make your company stand out on the web using old tricks and some new ones.
Using Paypal for Business
Darrell MacMullin, general manager of Paypal Canada, explains how businesses can get the most out of Paypal's merchant services and also offers insights into new technology designed to improve the safety of online transactions.
Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Web Copy
Here's how you can fine tune your web copy to make your website more attractive to users.
The Coming Death of Email
Will social media tools bring about the death of email in the business world?
Preventing Identity Theft: 7 Ways to Guard Against Phishing Attacks
To keep your identity - and bank accounts - safe online, follow these seven steps.
The ABC's of Search Optimization
These A-B-Cs of search optimization can help you boost your position in search engines like Google.
Writing Website Headlines that Connect
If you want to get your customers' attention online, writing great headlines is a critical first step.
Age Affects the Way Canadian Entrepreneurs View Business Technology
Gen X, Gen Y, Boomer, Veterans. The workforce can be broken down into these four groups, with some surprising differences between how they use and view technology in business.
How Internet Users Prefer and Process Information
Auditory, visual or kinesthetic? Understanding how people gather and process information is the key to building an effective website for your business.
How to approach customer service 2.0
The Internet has empowered customers to say what they think about their customer service experiences, good or bad. The question is: is your business ready for "feedback 2.0"?
Web Writing Tactics that Convert
The ultimate test of your website is its ability to help you achieve your sales goals.
Tips for Gaining in Google
How do you get your new website ranked in Google? Read on to learn about Google's infamous sandbox and how to play nice to get good search ranking.
Poll: Web Delivers Poor Content
Slow websites, confusing menus and busy designs are just a few of the reasons that 88 per cent of online users said they were being served poor content on the Web. Read on to discover common mistakes and what you can do to fix them for your own website.
Breaking barriers on the Web
When it comes to having an online presence, many businesses prefer to remain a part of the status quo. However, a little bit of risk could pay off in the long run.
Employ a Virtual Ambassador
Before you shrug off the importance of the image you project with your website, consider the advantages of projecting a strong message online.
Conversation with Yahoo! Canada's National Marketing Manager
Maor Daniels is the National Marketing Manager for Yahoo! Canada. We interviewed him to gain insights into search marketing and to find out what online trends small business owners should pay attention to in the year ahead.
Good Traffic, Bad Traffic
When building your website, remember that the secret to achieving your goals lies in connecting with the right audience.
Selecting a Payment Processing Vendor: 17 Essential Questions
In the market for a payment processing provider? We show you everything you need to know before selecting one that's best for you.
Treat Online 'Guests' With Respect
Many companies do not give their online customers much respect. A simple shift in mindset could fix the problem.
Are Canadians Vacation Deprived?
Canadians are not getting enough vacation time, two new studies by Mercer and Ipos Reid show.
How to Dance with Google
Having a web site ranked high on Google can be a challenge. You can start by understanding the fundamental do's and don'ts of search engine rankings.
Counterfeit Scams Catch Unsuspecting Small Business Owners
Learn how Brad Jones, owner of a Karate dojo in Newmarket, Ontario narrowly avoided a $3000 business loss after getting an inquiry from his website.
Speed, Readability Trump Design Online
A poll showed slow page load times, weak web copy, and poor visual presentation were among the biggest turn off when they visited a web page.
Today's Gurus? Your Children
An entire generation has grown up with the Internet. If you hope to conduct business these kids you have to get with their program.
Why Great Photographs are an Online Must
Want to sell your products online? Consider these do's and don'ts for getting great product photos.
Internet Start-ups: Then & Now
In this special CanadaOne feature we are broadcasting an abridged version of Mark Evan's speech, "Two Solitudes: The real differences between running an Internet start-up now and during the dot-com boom", to the Toronto Venture Group. (Run time: 21 minutes)
The Social Internet 101: Protecting Your Reputation Online
One disgruntled customer online can do enormous damage to your business reputation. Fortunately business intelligence tools can help you monitor web postings and put out fires.
Credit Card Processing + Shopping Cart = Online Success!
Small business owners are discovering that online shopping solutions are more accessible than ever, with the advantage of providing shopping opportunities all day, every day.
Is E-mail Eating Your Precious Time?
Do you find yourself spending too much business time on email or feel overwhelmed with the volume of old mail in your inbox? If so, these tips from Paul Lima will help.
Are You Ready for Web 2.0?
Dubbed "web 2.0", a suite of new online technologies are shifting the way people communicate online. The real question is this: is your company leveraging these tools to your advantage or do you find yourself at risk of being left behind?
Welcome to the 'Dot.Bloom' Era
While the original Internet "bubble" was fueled by investors speculating on what often turned out to be little more than hot air, a new online business reality has been emerging over the last four years. It's not an explosion. It's a steady and promising evolution. Here is what we see on the "dot.bloom" horizon.
Oh Internet, How Far We Have Come
The Internet has redefined the world we live in. Now a landmark study gives us a detailed look at how the Internet is being used by Canadians. Here's the scoop on the way we surfed in 2005.
Combat Spam Overload
Junk email wastes precious time, may be highly offensive and it can destroy your computer system if it contains a virus. These ideas will help you combat spam effectively.
Understanding Google Adwords
This article explains how you can set-up an account with Google in order to start getting your site on the first page of a search in Google, as soon as tomorrow.
What does RSS mean for business?
One of those acronyms you may have heard a lot lately, especially from the techies who are always finding new acronyms to confuse us with, is RSS. Only now the PR and Media hacks are throwing it around too, and it may be the right time to take a closer look at how RSS may affect us and our businesses.
10 Steps to a Great Business Website
Want to get an effective website for your business? Start with our ten list on what it takes to have a great website.
Are Off-Page Ads Driving you Nuts?
We’ve all had our Internet experience interrupted by unwanted pop-up ads promising cash prizes or exotic trips. Banishing these ads before they have a chance to take over your computer is simple. Read on to find out how.
Search Engine Submission Services
Are you getting mail that promises to assure you a top ranking in Internet search engines? Before you fork over your cash here are a few things that you should know.
Q&A: Getting a Small Business Online
What is the secret to establishing a successful online presence and dominant brand? To find out writemedia marketing communications, regular contributors to CanadaOne, recently interviewed Doug Dayton.
Credit Cards, Online payment, E-commerce - Canadian small businesses need to know how to collect money online
E-commerce. It's more than a buzzword. Increasingly, it's how business is conducted--with the click of a button. Paul Lima looks at many of the ways that payment can be collected on a website ...
Destiny, Quest, Story - Transformative Learning Processes for the New Organization
In times of change, examining the core values, direction, and story of your business may pull your business through the transition.
Don't Get Caught in the Web: Legal Protection in Cyberspace
Make sure that you don't get caught in a legal bind in cyberspace! This article looks at some of the legal issues and risks associated with 'getting wired'.