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Referral Partner Marketing: A Seven-Step Approach
The idea of referral marketing is simple. To help reach new customers, a business develops a referral program that offers some type of reward or cross-promotion.
Motivate People to Buy through Attention, Interest, Desire and Action
Turn your website into a sales powerhouse with an approach that is designed to move people from interest to purchase.
Tools Key to Generating Awareness of Your Company
Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. With these quick tips from Zunaid Khan, you can make sure people know about your company and that you mean business.
Amplify Your Impact: Your Email Campaign Checklist
Before you hit send, be sure to use this checklist to ensure that you maximize the impact of your email marketing efforts.
Hack Your Customer: A New Approach to Marketing Sales
The best way to take advantage of new paradigms in marketing and sales may be to stop thinking like a marketer and start thinking like a computer hacker.
Branding Today: The times are changing and so should your approach to branding
Business owners often misunderstand branding and assume it has to do with logos and design, when in practice branding touches every aspect of your business as you interact with customers.
The 3 Most Common Customer Service Cracks. Sew what?
This case study looks at how a sewing machine company was able to boost sales by tweaking its marketing plan and customer service approach.
Google Plus Local and Blended Local Results Optimization
Google search is changing again! In this column Terry Van Horne, aka Webmaster T, shares insights from leading local search engine optimization experts on the changes that are taking place.
10 Revenue Automation Tips for Your Business
Here is how your business can get started with Revenue Automation to get better results from your marketing efforts.
5 Tips for Content Marketing
Marketing automation is the next level in getting the best return on investments from your website. Jimmy Li of BC-based marketing automation specialists,, shared five tips to help you get the most out of your content marketing strategy.
Book Review: The Buying Brain: Secrets for Selling to the Subconscious Mind
Did your ads fail because they used an approach that simply would not engage your target audience? This book addresses how to turn that around and making the sell to the right audience.
Be Awesome: How Social Media Can Help You Use Un-Marketing in Your Business
Scott Stratten has a straight-forward strategy for putting 'unmarketing' to work in your business: Be Awesome. With over 85,000 Twitter followers and a book that hit the bestseller list as it came off the presses, he leads by example. In this video interview we catch up with Scott to learn more about how small businesses can use social media and unmarketing in their companies.
Groupon and Beyond: How Group-Buying Sites Are Transforming Business
Increasingly, businesses are hopping on the group-buying bandwagon. Before you offer deep discounts online, consider what your business has to gain—and lose.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Eight Common Myths Debunked
Want your website to soar to the top of Google? Read on to find out what strategies don't work.
Get Your Canadian Business Online: Google Gives Small Businesses in Canada Free .ca Domain, Website
If your small business doesn't have a website, you'll want to consider this latest offering from Google and partners. Despite its flaws, it can help get you up and running.
Buying Video Gear for Your Small Business: Part 1
Lights, camera, action! Shooting marketing videos for the web begins with a great camera. Here's what you need to know before you buy.
Small Business Week Special: Green Marketing
It's never been a better time to promote your company's  green  credentials. In fact, for many industries it's become a prerequisite for attracting and retaining customers, employees and suppliers.
Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: How to Prepare for Interviews with Reporters
The next time a reporter contacts you looking for an interview, be prepared.
Using Coming Soon Pages to Kick-Start Online Marketing
A simple pre-launch of your website can boost your marketing efforts.
Marketing with Zero Budget
If you find your marketing budget being pinched by the current economic conditions there is good news. Your most successful marketing strategy doesn't need to cost a penny.
Marketing and Public Relations: Building Your Small Business During a Recession
Believe it or not, some of the greatest fortunes have been made during recessions. So what does it take to build business in an economic downturn?
Marketing and Public Relations in 2010 Requires a Whole New Business Model
With old business models not as effective as they once were, business owners need to look for new approaches to break through the marketing clutter.
Using PR to Drive Traffic to Your Website
Tips for what you should do before you make your pitch.
Selling Yourself Short?
If you need to set yourself apart from the competition beyond just lowering prices, try changing the way you talk about what you do for a living.
Generating Relevant Website Content
For many businesses, the first step to building a more relevant website is to take a step back.
Why Online Marketing Makes More Sense than Ever
Make your company stand out on the web using old tricks and some new ones.
Reflections of Fortune Hunter TeamPages
What can some media exposure do for your business? Mike Tan of TeamPages fills us in.
Six Advantages to Virtual Trade Shows
Cost savings are just one advantage of the next big trend in trade shows.
Hunting Your Fortune
A new CBC show, Fortune Hunter's, offers businesses publicity, not cash, and the chance to hear what two experts think of their business hopes.
Website Testimonials: Weapons of Influence
Learn how to make your clients' words come alive and become an effective marketing tool for your business.
Web Writing Tactics that Convert
The ultimate test of your website is its ability to help you achieve your sales goals.
Good Shows in Bad Times: Exhibiting When Your Industry Is In Crisis
When your industry is in a crisis, can you still turn in a great tradeshow performance? Is exhibiting even necessary during bleak times? The answers to these questions may surprise you. Read on to discover what you need to know.
Conversation with Yahoo! Canada's National Marketing Manager
Maor Daniels is the National Marketing Manager for Yahoo! Canada. We interviewed him to gain insights into search marketing and to find out what online trends small business owners should pay attention to in the year ahead.
Build Your Online Brand with Words
Learn how you can improve your results online by writing better copy.
Good Traffic, Bad Traffic
When building your website, remember that the secret to achieving your goals lies in connecting with the right audience.
In Marketing, An Action Step is Worth a Thousand Words
Self-employed professionals spend a great deal of their marketing effort on searching for the right words. But if you are letting that hold you back from taking action, it is time to rethink your approach.
10 Ways to Get Your Marketing Unstuck
Have you ever found yourself coming up with a marketing strategy and then never using it? Here are 10 ways to move your marketing forward.
Building Business at a Boutique Store in a Mall
Competing directly against a larger competitor is often unwise, as deeper pockets will usually win. But don't worry. There are ways to turn this threat into an opportunity.
An Action Step is Worth a Thousand Words
Finding the right words to market your business is important, but don't mistake your wordsmithing for productive action. Crafting a good marketing message and delivering it effectively are not at all the same thing.
Making Your Ideas Stick
Cell phones that explode at gas stations and beautiful women who drug you to steal your liver. They may not be true, but urban legends have incredible traction. They also have a lot to teach us about what it takes to make an idea stick in the minds of your customers.
Speed, Readability Trump Design Online
A poll showed slow page load times, weak web copy, and poor visual presentation were among the biggest turn off when they visited a web page.
How to Create a Powerful Marketing Plan
To help with your planning process, here are the essential elements that every marketing plan should have.
Expert You: Establishing Yourself as the Expert
While the benefits of being seen as an 'expert' are obvious, it's not always clear how to gain this status. This article outlines the basics for becoming a 'niche-entrepreneur'.
Being Unique is a Good Thing ... Isn't It?
As a new entrepreneur you will want to make sure that your business stands apart from the competition. Beware, however, of getting caught into taking an approach that is too different.
How to Use Trade Show Giveaways to Deliver Results
When it comes to selecting the best promotional giveaways for your next tradeshow, first consider your goals.
Are You Ready for Your Media Interview?
Even if you are not actively seeking media attention, you never know when a reporter might call. That's why every business owner, executive and spokesperson should be able to answer questions pertaining to positive or negative news. In this article Paul Lima explains how you can prepare yourself for a media interview.
55 Easy Ways To Improve Your Retail Business
Whether you are a new or seasoned business owner this comprehensive list of practical customer-winning ideas, tips and techniques can set your business apart and make it a successful enterprise.
Marketing Alliances
If you're looking to get more customers without spending a lot of time or money a marketing alliance could be the way to go. This month we tell you what to look for and how to set up the deal.
Marketing ... Nothing is Difficult About It Just get the right system and PERSEVERE
Marketing is about how you present yourself and your business to the world. And that message is the key for anyone who needs a marketing program. Marketing requires a systematic approach.
Successful Marketing: An Interview with Eric Gilboord
Have you considered trying a new marketing strategy but aren't sure where to start? This month we talk to marketing guru Eric Gilboord to get all the do's and don'ts of small business marketing.
11 Steps to Developing New Business
Looking to take your business to a higher level? Read on to find the steps you need to take.
What Have You Done to Build your Business Today?
Is your marketing effective? Can you point to the things that work, and those that don't? If you're not sure, then it may be time to start a marketing log.
11 Marketing Tips for Reviving Your Business
Description Here are some ways to pump up your marketing know how.
Communication is Really a Part of the Sales Process
If you want to increase your sales then you've got to communicate to your customers why they need your product. Read on to find out how.
Entrepreneurship: When You Advertise Keep it Simple and Say it Often!
There are a million options in how you create a message to customers, and almost as many choices of how to send your message. Dr. Paul Adams explains the benefits of simplicity.
Using Marketing To Revive Your Business
Ever wondered if you’re marketing strategies are as good as they could be? Read on to find out why you should look at making them even better.
Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking
Stomp that #2 fear and gain the skills to knock their socks off the next time you represent your company in front of a live audience.
Q&A: Getting a Small Business Online
What is the secret to establishing a successful online presence and dominant brand? To find out writemedia marketing communications, regular contributors to CanadaOne, recently interviewed Doug Dayton.
Sales and Marketing: Make your Cold Calls Sizzle
Don't get stressed thinking about phoning complete strangers. As Steven J. Schwartz tells us, you can make your cold calls sizzle by following these simple principles.
Q&A: Marketing a Small Business Online
What is the secret to establishing a successful online presence and dominant brand? To find out writemedia marketing communications, regular contributors to CanadaOne, recently interviewed Doug Dayton.
Tips to help you make those cold calls easier
Most of us hate cold calling, so this month we've compiled a list of sales and marketing tips that will make it easier to get around the awkward first moment and make your cold calls easier.
Unmasking the Mysteries of Small Business Advertising - Part III
Ever think of elevators and pencils as effective advertising tools? Columnists Robert Lee and Margaret Anne Taylor have. Explore their article to learn about unconventional and cost-effective ways of giving people the heads-up about your product or serv
Phrases that Pay: Simple Statements that Increase your Perceived Value
Quick - name two words which, when frequently used by waiters and waitresses, increase tips by 12%. (Hint: it's not please or thank you).
Marketing Biz: Keeping Abreast
In the final part of our interview with Jay Levinson, Jay answers our questions about marketing trends and keeping abreast evolving marketing techniques.
The Big Bang Publicity Campaign
If you are serious about growing your business, publicity is a marketing opportunity that you can't afford to ignore. Discover the steps that lead to media stardom .. and more business success!
Marketing Biz: Once You're Up And Running
Marketing mistakes, strategies and tips - part 2 of our interview with Jay Levinson, Guerrilla Marketing guru, looks at marketing an established business.
Marketing Biz: Getting Started on a Shoestring
If you had the ear of a leading marketing guru, what questions who you ask? We were recently fortunate enough to have this opportunity, as we interviewed Jay Levinson, the noted author of Guerrilla Marketing.
Getting Terrific Tradeshow Results
Discover how to create a get the most out of your next tradeshow .. even if you're on a tight budget.
What Business Are You REALLY In? The Art of Niche Marketing and Why It's Important to Your Bottom Line Success
Know you clients, market to your niche. In this article Susan, a small business consultant, outlines the benefits of niche marketing.
The Attraction, Marketing and Publicity Toolkit Checklist
This extensive checklist will help you expand, track and evaluate your marketing & publicity efforts.
Marketing & Branding: For the Customers' Sake
Getting your product to your target market involves knowing your customers' needs. Click here for advice on how to convey the distinctiveness of your product to your buyer.
Swinging From The Heels
Marketing (part II): entrepreneurs need to know when to 'swing the bat' in order to be successful in business.
The Lost Art of Business Letter Writing
Despite the advent of fax, voice mail, and email, the art of business letter writing is not a lost cause. In this article Reg Pirie, a Canadian author and speaker, explains how - and when - to write an effective business letter.
Who Needs Marketing, Anyway?
This introduction to an ongoing column on marketing, starts by addressing the question: 'who needs marketing, anyway?'.