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Capturing Success: An Interview with Award-Winning Photographer Kristian Bogner
Award-winning photographer Kristian Bogner is living a life many dream of, travelling to exotic places, photographing famous people, capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments. Kristian is currently in Ladahk, India where he is photographing monks, monasteries and nomads. While he is off exploring the world, CanadaOne reveals some of Kristian's key insights into his success in business.
'Tubing It: Calgary Company Shoots for Success on YouTube
Meet Jordan Drake and Chris Niccolls, two employees of Calgary-based The Camera Store who are successfully harnessing YouTube to promote their employer's business--one video at a time.
Celebrating 40 Years of BIAs
Business Improvement Areas serve thousands of communities worldwide. Sara Bedal tells you how they got their start.
Out-of-the-Box Business Thinking with Mike Winkelmann, West Coast Food Machines
When Mike Winkelmann opened his high-end butcher shop and deli, little did he know that its failure two years later would be a blessing in disguise.
Elizabeth Grant is Not Your Ordinary Entrepreneur
Still active at 88 in the multi-million dollar business she started in the 50s, Elizabeth Grant defines success. Here is her story.
Food Incubator Cooks Up Success
Food entrepreneurs are sweetening their chance of success at unique busines incubator.
Franchise Success: Entrepreneur Serves up Innovative Lunch Program in Schools
As kids head back to school next week, over a quarter million elementary students can look forward to nutritious hot and cold lunches in their schools thanks to the vision and perseverance of Canada's most successful entrepreneur in this sector.
Conversations with Entrepreneurs: David Beron of Rab Design Lighting
In this installment of conversations with entrepreneurs we spoke with David Beron, president of Rab Design Lighting, to find out how his company has managed to shore up business during the economic recession.
Reflections of Fortune Hunter TeamPages
What can some media exposure do for your business? Mike Tan of TeamPages fills us in.
Interview with Nurse Next Door
In this exclusive interview with CanadaOne, John DeHart shares insights into franchising and his company Nurse Next Door.
Conversations with Entrepreneurs: Billy Blanks
Fifty-one year old Billy Blanks has achieved the kind of success most entrepreneurs only dream of. His videos have sold over 76 million copies worldwide and physically he says he still feels like he is eighteen years old. We caught up with Billy when he was in Toronto to learn about the secrets to his success.
Conversations with Entrepreneurs
Meet Rory Scherer, online entrepreneurs. In this conversation Rory talks to us about his innovative business venture, which he describes as being a bit like the boardgame Clue in an interactive movie format.
Managing Growth: Pete's Frootique
Business challenges have led to some unusual solutions for this large-scale specialty grocer. Diane Hamilton explains some of the secrets behind their success.
Innovative Company Develops Product to Combat HIV Virus
If you were to drive by the basic industrial building that houses Polydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd. you would probably never guess that inside this very ordinary looking company work is underway to bring to market a product that could slow the spread of HIV / AIDs. Yet that is exactly what George Usher, President and CEO of Polydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd., hopes to achieve with his company's microbicide product, Ushercell®. Read on to experience CanadaOne's first video feature on a Canadian entrepreneur!
Stock Photography Redefined
Bruce Livingstone's story is one of the entrepreneur who failed and tried again. Livingstone beat the odds and has created a rarity - an extremely successful '' company. Here is his story.
Retooling: The Reinvention of Leonard Lee
When most people would have been preparing to retire, Leonard Lee, who founded Lee Valley Tools Ltd. in 1978 had different plans. Rather than being resigned to "mall walking" the successful entrepreneur started a new business manufacturing medical tools. Here is his story.
Demanding More: the New Gold Rush for Entrepreneurs
Discover the next wave of entrepreneurs who are reconfiguring success on their own terms, by demanding more of themselves.
Polishing Their Way to Success
With months ticking by and the prototype of their machine still on the drawing table of an engineering firm, many entrepreneurs might have given up. Here is the story of how two business partners beat the odds and built their company, Disc Go Technologies Inc. into a multi-million dollar success story.
Star Entrepreneur
Inspiration drives innovation - learn how Jim Kendrick turned dew point frustration into a profitable business venture.
CEO's Desk: Inventing Business
Business insights from an Alberta-based high tech entrepreneur.
CEO's Desk: Dressed for Success
This month we start a new series where we look at Canadian entrepreneurs who have made the leap from a small local business to a national enterprise. In our first article, we talk to high-end retailer Harry Rosen.
Franchising with a Difference
Two entrepreneurs benefit from an unusual approach to franchising.
Recipe for Success
This one time professional chef shares his ingredients for success.
Cottage Industries
Faced with the options of flipping burgers or digging ditches for the summer, Jeremy Kingston invented a third option and opened his own business. Through his company, Artchild Productions, he produces and distributes art around Toronto, ON.
The Business of Adventures
With summer finally upon us we take a look at two PEI tourist businesses who prove there’s more to the Island than a certain red headed orphan.
Stop Bugging Me
No summer is complete without those pesky mosquitoes and black flies buzzing around us waiting to pounce on our unsuspecting skin. Meet two entrepreneurs who found good business in bugs.
Jewelry on Ice: How Four Rabbis Survived the e-Commerce Meltdown
While other ventures have been going up in smoke these Jewish rabbis have found the secret to continued e-commerce success.
Fit for Success
A passion for physical fitness drives two women on opposite coasts to share the benefits of an active lifestyle with clients of all ages.
The Bear in the Air
Canada has a long history of entrepreneurial action in aviation. Bearskin Airlines proves that it is possible to run a successful airline in these uncertain times.
Faces of Entrepreneurship III - The Retailers
For two companies, promoting the youthful passions of toys and candy lead to retail success. This month we peek into the world of the local retailer.
Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce: Where culture and business meet
Read on to find out how this business association merges mentoring programs, educational seminars and high-profile networking events to help entrepreneurs become successful.
From Student-Painter to Franchise Magnate
Franchising has been a lucrative business for 45-year old Steve Rogers. Find out how he hurdled over barriers to establish what's become a $600 million enterprise.
All in the Family
Few family-business owners think about strategic planning or training successors until they end up in a crisis. But business experts agree that planning now is the only way to avoid hassles when you retire.