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Marketing Guide

Before You Get Started: Useful Tools & Checklists

Strategic Marketing Plan: An Online Tool
CanadaOne developed this tool to help you work smart and plan ahead for business success by building a strategic marketing plan. We ask you to fill in several sections, prompting you with questions to answer. When you're done, submit your plan and it will be compiled into an easy-to-read marketing primer that describes your business.

The Marketing & PR Checklist
This extensive checklist will help you expand, track and evaluate your marketing & publicity efforts.

News Release Builder
This online workshop teaches you how to create an effective press release.


Ready: Marketing for the New Business Owner

Turning your Idea into a Business

Inventor or start-up: here are some solid tips that will help your create an effective business plan for your new idea.

The Shocking Truth About Your Image

First impressions count, and your image may not have the impact you think it does. Here are some insights into four bizzare reasons that customers may not like you!

Set: Preparing your Marketing Plan

Communication is Really a Part of the Sales Process

If you want to increase your sales then you've got to communicate to your customers why they need your product. Read on to find out how.

Thunder-Thinking... When Lightning Strikes
Brainstorming, where the creative power of several minds is unleashed on a single issue, can work miracles. This is particularly true when you set out to develop a marketing plan. Read on to learn how to reap the benefits, while side-stepping problems that often occur.

11 Hot Tips For Beating The Competition
Read on to find out how you can beat the competitors by using their own techniques.

Marketing Alliances
If you aren't working with other businesses you may be missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Here is how you can set-up a deal that will help your business grow.

Conquer the Fear of Death Public Speaking
Stomp that #2 fear and gain the skills to knock their socks off the next time you represent your company in front of a live audience.

Outfitting Retail: Design an Experience
Thinking of opening a new retail store or redesigning your retail shop? Read on for tips and insights, from planning and budgeting ideas to unusual sources for the fixtures you'll need.

Go: Marketing Tips for the Established Business

Winning Government Work

So, you want to win a lucrative government contract but aren't sure how to write your proposal. These tips will help you ensure that your proposal lands at the top.

Successful Marketing: An Interview with Eric Gilboord
Have you considered trying a new marketing strategy but aren't sure where to start? This month we talk to marketing guru Eric Gilboord to get all the do's and don'ts of small business marketing.

Media Relations
A basic primer for small businesses.

Professional Conduct A Must When Dealing With the Media
Want to make the news? These insights will help you build personal relationships between your business and the media.

It Pays To Know What You Don't Know
Admit it. You don't actually know everything. Read on to find out where you can get the answers to some of your own frequently asked questions.

What's in a handshake? There are three main conventions ...

Business Coach: Any Weeds in Your Customer Parking Lot?
Every customer interaction says something about your business. The critical question is: are you saying the right thing?

Steps to Survival - Step Three: Pump Up Your Sales Efforts
Regardless of your business particulars and how you manage to peddle your goods, here are some common strategies that apply to all types of businesses that can help promote your dream.

New Privacy Laws and Your Business
On January 1, 2004 the Federal government ushered in a new set of privacy laws that could affect the way you do business. To find out what you need to know read this article.

Does Voicemail Drive you Crazy?
Love it or hate it voicemail is here to stay. Peter Urs Bender tells you how you can deal with it.

New Business Development Process: 11 Steps to Developing New Business
Looking to take your business to a higher level? Read on to find the steps you need to take.

What Have You Done to Build your Business Today?
Is your marketing effective? Can you point to the things that work, and those that don't? If you're not sure, then it may be time to start a marketing log.


Unmasking the Mysteries of Small Business Advertising - Part I

Unmasking the Mysteries of Small Business Advertising - Part II
Unmasking the Mysteries of Small Business Advertising - Part III
You want to advertise to grow your business. But where do you begin? And how can you be sure that your budget will deliver the needed results? In the first of a three-part series on small business advertising, columnists Robert Lee and Margaret Taylor look at the basics of small business advertising.

How To Make Your Advertising Really Work
What does it take to make your advertising successful? Ask yourself these questions: What is it that stops me long enough to read an ad? Jody Horner lays out the six main points that make advertising work most effectively.

Phrases that Pay
Quick - name two words which, when frequently used by waiters and waitresses, increase tips by 12%. (Hint: it's not please or thank you).

No sex, please -- we're Canadian!

Marketing survey gains insight into the attitudes and opinions of Canadians consumers.

When You Advertise Keep it Simple and Say it Often!
There are a million options in how you create a message to customers, and almost as many choices of how to send your message. Dr. Paul Adams explains the benefits of simplicity.

Key Questions to Ask Before Writing & Before Testing Advertising Copy
You know you have a great product. How can you write good advertising copy to convince your customers of the same thing? Read on to find out.

Share Ad Expenses, Boost Profits
Want to advertise but don't think you can afford it? Here are some cost-effective alternatives.

The Power of Words: Writing Tips

Creating a Powerful Elevator Pitch

As the elevator doors close you find yourself standing next to a potential investor. Are you prepared? Here's how you can create an elevator pitch that will grab their attention.

In Business, Plain Words Say it Best
If you want to increase sales, forget buzz words. Talking in plain language can be more persuasive in developing new business.

Can Writing Improve your Business? You Bet.
Read on to find out how you can strengthen any piece of prose, whether it's a press release, a marketing letter, a business plan intended to pique investor interest, or another form of written communication.

Writing the Perfect Email: Professional or Casual?

Which is better: a formal "Dear Mr. Smith", or a cheerful "Hi John"? In this day and age it can be hard decide which salutations and signoffs are best. To find out if you're committing a communication faux pas make sure to read this article.

Power Words: Use Them to Strengthen Your Writing
Power words. This month we examine what they are, why they are important tools in an entrepreneur's literary arsenal, and when they should be used.

Improving Performance Through Marketing (The Struggling Business)

Where Did the Customers Go?

When it feels like your customers are eluding you, these tips will help you refocus.

Using Marketing To Revive Your Business: 2 Case Studies
Ever wondered if you're marketing strategies are as good as they could be? Read on to find out why you should look at making them even better.

11 Marketing Tips for Reviving Your Business

Here are some ways to pump up your marketing know how.

Online Marketing Techniques & Tips

Internet Branding & the 'Micro-Net'

Jump-start your online business.

Search Engine Submission Services, Debunked
Are you getting mail that promises to assure you a top ranking in Internet search engines? Before you fork over your cash here are a few things that you should know.

10 Steps to a Great Business Website
Here it is. Our top ten list on what it takes to have a great website.

Search Engine Submitter

Submit your site directly to the Add URL pages of major, specialty, Canadian, and other search engines. A useful tool that is constantly being updated.

Q&A: Marketing a Small Business Online
What is the secret to establishing a successful online presence and dominant brand? To find out writemedia marketing communications, regular contributors to CanadaOne, recently interviewed Doug Dayton.

Ask-an-Expert Topics

Marketing 101: Creating a Marketing Program for Your New Business

Building a Marketing and Financial Plan for a New Business
Marketing a Consumer-to-Business Network
Find a Market for Freelance Photo Art

Public Relations Companies in Ontario

Finding Trade Shows
Books for Pitching Ad Sales

Book Reviews

Your Marketing Sucks

This book is worthwhile reading that re-enforces important marketing lessons while reminding the reader to assess the anticipated results before spending money.

Secrets of Power Marketing

This book offers sound advice for entrepreneurs who want to develop sustainable relationships with their clients and learn how to market their businesses by better marketing themselves and their images.

The Marketing Phrase Book

Are you tongue-tied when it comes to writing promotions? This book is a valuable resource for professionals with writer's block.

News Stories

Privacy protection included in teen marketing guidelines

Companies not marketing to women's needs
Marketing Without Money: Free online book helps small business owners
New federal grants available for language businesses
Federal government taking applications for apparel and textile program
Tourism ministers create plan to boost revenues
Tourism Industry to Benefit from 2010 Olympics

New Competition law for modern times

Study shows that businesses who use the Internet can boost revenues
Women entrepreneur Task Force calls for changes
New Guidelines for Labelling and Advertising of Pet Foods
Travel industry needs to take advantage of E-commerce
Canadian SME's reluctant to use e-business


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