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Permanent Residency and Selling Your Business
A person selling their business no longer has a Canadian home address. Are they still Canadian residents? How does that affect taxes on the sale?

Can a signed legal document be deemed invalid?
If it is found to be incorrect?

How do you figure out the small business loss:
for personal tax return?

Can an employer perform searches without notice?
On employee coats, purses, aprons, etc?

Lending $100,000 from a business to a brother
: what sort of interest rate should be charged?

Does PST need to be charged when selling a small bag?
In the province of Ontario.

Are co-op students considered to be seasonal workers?
Do they receive vacation pay the same way?

Does a manager receive vacation pay for a seasonal job?
If he is on monthly salary?

Is it better to buy a home through a corporation or personally?
If the corporation is owned by the buyer?

Starting a wedding decor business
: What taxes are charged to customers?

What taxes need to be deducted when working as a contractor?
Apart from income taxes, does GST and PST come into play?

Can a home be involved in a lawsuit?
Involving a sole proprietor?

Is there a magic number for expense purchases?
For items bought for business use.

Can gym wear be claimed for tax purposes?
For fitness instructors.

What is annual vacation for commission salespeople?

How can someone create a new brand of alcohol?
Located in Ontario.

Dividends paid from a corporation to a 'holding' corporation
What are the tax implications upon withdrawal?

Do promotions and invoices need to include business number?
If promotions include verbiage that GST is included?

What needs to be done on a balance sheet asset?
If a new truck was bought and the old one sold?

Is there a write-off for investing into an existing corporation?

Can a company re-value memberships?
So that they out equal all assets acquired by the company?

How should journal entries look for a pub running Video Lottery Gambling?

Home Currency Adjustments in Quick Books Pro 2006
should they be used for AP or AR?

ON: Statute of limitations on termination pay, vacation pay
When vacation and termination pay are owed but not paid out, what recourse does the employee have?

Business arrangement as an indepedent stylist:
Is it best to work as a sole proprietor?

Buying a new truck and contracting to employer:
what is the best way, through a pay cheque or new business?

Are layoffs always considered a dismissal?
Even if there is need to bring back employees within a few months?

Resident of Saskatchewan works in Manitoba:
Which province are personal tax credits paid for?

If a company takes two week off per year:
Do I need to use this as my vacation time?

Can an e-mail be used after the employee has left?
By the company.

Can income be offset against equity?
To reduce taxable income?

Eliminating a termination clause in a contact:
can this be done?

Is it benefitcial to receive dividends instead of salary?

When providing mutual business services:
can the profits be split 50/50 for tax purposes?

Vacation pay in BC:
can the employee ask for payment before completing the first year of employment?

Vacation pay in ON:
can an employer legally withold money without the employee's permission?

Does overtime qualify for additional vacation pay?
Or is vacation pay paid solely on a base salary?

Does going on maternity leave freeze the term of a contract?
Will I have a position to go back to?

Does it make sense for a stay-at-home mom to go back to work?
Would the family have a higher income or would it end up being the same?

What taxes need to be paid on website hosting services?
Does selling shareware software have different rules?

Can a sole proprietor increase their wage without warning?
Must an increase be approved first?

Is an inventory list needed for a second-hand clothing business?
Would donations need to be put into inventory as well?

Employment Insurance (EI) benefits
when to check the self-employment checkbox?

Is liability insurance required for a small contracting company?
Will work be covered in the event of something going wrong?

How is a live-out allowance recorded in accounts?
Are receips needed?

Should an employer of independent contractors report incentive payments on a T4A?

Can two domain names be registered to one corporation?
Would payments be received by a name similar to the domain name?

Paying the bills for a contracting company
Is there an advantage to having a wife do so?

Is vacation pay paid on top of salary?

Once incorporated, is a chequing account enough?
Does it need to be a business account?

Are EI benefits clawed back for a new business?
When the sole proprietor is on maternity leave?

Are there any patent or resale concerns?
For a product using a third-party clip.

Can an employer pay their workers quarterly?
Are there any disadvantages to doing this?

Do I pay back tax write-offs if the CRA determines I am an employee?
How many years in back taxes can be owed?

What laws regulate a Canadian employee working for an American company?
The employee is located in Canada.

Does a second notice of layoff need to be given to workers?
If a first notice was given in the past?

How does a Canadian company go about setting up a U.S. address?
Does the business need to register in the U.S?

Starting a Mobile DJ Service in Ontario:
do I need to be registered or licensed?

How is T2124 information transfered?
On a business which is now run by a wife.

Is tax charged in provinces outside of home province?
on software sold through a re-seller.

How do you determine the difference between an employee and self-employed?
When you work for someone?

Charging GST
when selling handmade clothing on a consignment basis.

American company shipping to Canada
Does GST get charged on the products?

Opening a new restaurant in Calgary, Alberta
what sort of permits and/or licenses are required?

What expenses can be written off as business expenses?
Is schooling considered a legitimate business expense?

Can vacation pay be paid out in full at any time?
even during a temporary layoff?

How long must an employee work before they can take a lunch?

Claiming CCA on a business-use portion of a residence
can this be reversed?

Incorporating a management fee
does it belong to personal income?

How much of a salesman salary can be written off?
If half of their income is based on commission.

Leasing a company car in an individual's name
can the car be written off as a company expense?

Can a Canadian company charge US customers the GST?
even if the invoice is in US dollars.

What are incorporation fees considered?
An asset or an expense?

Earning vacation pay while on vacation
is this possible?

Do contract earning count towards EHT calculations?
for year-end calculations for a company?

Can three business ventures be combined into one?
Two sole proprietorships and a corporation, oh my!

Ontario Retail Sales Tax
how does a purchase exemption certificate work?

Incorporating a home-based business
what happens to unused business-related expenses from a sole proprietorship?

Wife working as a silent partner for self-employed person
what needs to be deducted for income tax?

Are pay increases mandatory by law
after how much time are they required?

Can fitness instructors claim gym memberships
on their tax return?

Deducting Home business expenses
what can and can't be deducted?

When to charge PST
- in Ontario do I charge this tax on research services?

Income Tax Act regulations
how do you calculate work space expenses?

Claiming food expenses
what formula should a daycare use?

Aromatherapy retail business
should I have liability insurance?

Vacation Pay and Time
can it be given out after six year and not taking time off?

Vacation Pay for Part-time Employees
how is it calculated?

Current employer bought-out by another company
do employees have to accept new job conditions?

Earning money outside of Canada
what do I do in terms of taxes?

Trading Name vs. Business Name
what are the legal and financial implications for more than one business?

Importing a Volvo into Canada
how can I bring it from the USA?

Starting a business
how can I pay wife and kids without a typical payroll?

Receiving a Tax return
how much would I get back from a car lease?

Commercial policy coverage
does it include tree removal?

Copyright question
can I sell a modified recipe?

Independent contractors
important tax and legal considerations.

Consignment service in $US funds
does everything have to be converted for tax purposes?

Closing out a business
what needs to be done to claim loses?

Paying contractors without taxing
can I have them pay their own tax?

ON: Home daycare plus contract work
what are the best options?

Furniture bought for documentary
can this be claimed as a business expense?

Charging GST and PST
how does it work for a contractor/subcontractor?

Incorporating a business
what happens when the house is used as collateral?

Wrongful dismissal
what are the time limitations involved?

Retroactive retail sales tax (RST)
are you required to pay it after 7 years without being billed?

Paying yourself while being the owner of a business
how can you do this without penalties?

Charging PST on labour services
what you need to know.

Sick leave
does the company have to pay for 6 weeks?

Employee resignation
does severance need to be paid?

Payment for a stat holiday
is it affected by a company shutdown?

Corporation to partnership
what is involved in the transfer?

Dividing shares
do you need a lawyer?

Family partnership
how do you split the profits?

Liquor License
how do you option it in Quebec?

Opening a GIC
is better in a personal name or a company name?

Maternity Leave
are you entitled to the same position upon return?

Holiday pay
if an employee does not take the full amount, does the company need to pay?

Tax Write off for a leased car
bought for business.

Not working the day after a stat holiday
do I still get paid for the holiday?

How do you calculate GST in an invoice or gas bill?
For example, Total Purchases was $39.07 GST is $2.22. What is the formula for getting the answer?

Fractional equity shares
how do I know when to pay for the GST?

Working and Running a small business
can the business loses be written off towards income tax?

Retail Sales Tax
how do I sign up?

Theft in the Workplace
is severance pay still paid out?

Shipping Quotas
is there any from China to Canada, or Canada to the USA?

Charging PST and GST
which should I charge?

Inheritance money
what are the tax implications?

Purchasing a corporation
how does value of shares affect new shareholders?

Using a credit card for business and pleasure
how do I sort them out?

Taxes on pay cheque
can you request to not have them taken away?

Should GST be paid
when no business number is listed on the invoice?

Starting a business in Montreal
what sort of paperwork is needed?

Charging PST on Contracting
what do I charge?

Self employment and Employment Insurance
does EI deduct maternity payments if you are self employed?

Advance on Vacation Pay
do I need to take the time off?

Buying Telephone systems across provinces
what needs to be assessed?

Importing automobiles into Canada from the USA
what you need to do.

Losing vacation pay
: what can be done?

EHT Employer Health Tax
does it still exist?

Dressmaking Store
what steps do I need to follow in order to start it?

How to find:
a legally registered business name in Ontario.

Tax on products
: How much do I charge to each province and the United States?

Incorporating a business:
must it be done provincially and federally?

Stat holidays in Manitoba
what workers qualify?

Young Entrepreneurs Grant
is it considered income for tax purposes?

PST for US Customers
Do I need to charge it?

Commission and Taxes
does a non GST/HST registered USA company have to pay GST/HST on commissions earned from a non resident?

Salary Vacation Pay
is this different then hourly vacation pay?

GST Liability
If you settle for less money do you pay the tax on the lower or higher amount?

Pay Cheques
can an employer withhold pay from a group of employees?

Home-based business
if I start a new business can it be part of an existing company?

can they be charged on car mileage?

Sickness and Vacation Pay
do you still get paid for time you did not work?

Shipping Overseas
what sort of taxes are applied at customs?

Pet Products
are they patentable?

Ask an Expert:
Marketing 101

Starting a Business
what are the legal and tax issues to consider?

Buying a Business
What you need to know.

Vacation Pay
do you need to pay it if workers do not work a full year?

Tax Implications
can monies be applied against former loses?

Commission Payment
how to deduct from a corporate return.

House and Car
can I write-off as a business expense?

Common Shares
do shares have to be sold for the same price they were bought at?

Stat Holiday
is vacation pay paid?

Merger of Companies
do you need to pay full price?

Taxed in Nova Scotia
are you exempt if you pay in another province?

Starting a Day Care center in Ontario
what you need to get a license.

Severance Pay
is it subject to employment insurance (EI)?

Sole Proprietorship
can a brand name be used?

Ask the Expert: Business Structure & Protection of Personal Assets
Incorporating a Canadian Business

Ask the Expert: Government Funding for Businesses

Ask the Expert: Selling an Idea

Ask the Expert: Tax Implications When Working as a Consultant

Ask the Expert: Advice on Starting Out as a Young Entrepreneur

Ask the Expert: Advice on Starting an Alberta-based Consulting Business

Ask the Expert: Self Publishing & Business Licence Issues

Changing the Type of Business
is this at all possible, or do you have to wait till the registration expires?

Dividends or Salary
which is a better strategy to save for retirement?

Vacation Pay
are employers in BC entitled to pay vacation pay once an employee leaves?

Buying a Truck
if the seller makes a mistake, can they make the buyer pay more?

Business Partners
what can a minority partner do when he/she is being threatened by the majority partner?

Vacation Pay
does the length of employment determine the amount of vacation time?

GST Issues
are management services subject to GST charges?

Divorce and Smoking Causes Work Problems
should an owner's personal life impact their employees.

ON: Gross wages
are employment benefits like RRSPs included in the gross wages when calculating vacation pay?

When an employee leaves
how do I calculate the vacation pay owed?

Stat holidays
how will an office closure affect the holiday pay calculation?

Protection against operating cost adjustments
an Ontario-based business asks if commercial leases are covered by the Consumer Protection Act.

Foreign Accounts in Quickbooks
how can you get the balance sheet report to convert these accounts at a reasonable rate?

Starting a Bus Tour Company in Ontario
what licenses are required?

Sign trade shows?
a reader wants to know if there is a signage trade show.

Nightclub insurance woes
a new nightclub finds it difficult to get insurance.

Starting a mobile DJ company
Justin asks about business registration, licensing and hiring employees.

Deductible expenses
a freelance author asks what she can deduct from her home office.

Closing a business over the Christmas holidays
an employer wants to know what her obligations will be if she closes her business between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Do workplace safety rules allow customers to be in dealership shop?

Ontario: Are clothing alterations RST taxable?

After school art classes
does an after school program needed to conform to daycare regulations and licencing?

Convincing customers to buy
A new referral service looking for help convincing customers to sign-help.

Starting a retail business on a shoestring budget
What would it cost to start a children's clothing store on a shoestring budget?

New Business Survival
What enables one entrepreneur to succeed when so many fail?

The legal requirements to have a bilingual websites.
Is it mandatory to have a French translated website, if you want to publish a Canadian-wide corporate website?

Government grants for new businesses
everyone wants free money, but is it not possible to find information on government grants without paying $500 for a book that may or may not help?

Risk of copyright
Rob asks about modifying a map ... will this infringe on the copyright of the original map maker?

Manufacturing: how to charge taxes when exporting
Sharon asks about charging GST and PST when exporting a fabricated machine tool from Ontario to Quebec.

Maternity benefits for commission-based workers
if a salaried employee accepts a commission-based position, will she be able to qualify for maternity benefits?

Fundraising at work: a question of appropriateness
what is the best way for employees to ask a boss to stop pressuring them for donations?

Financing After a Bankruptcy
Sarah asks about financing a new farming business after having declared bankruptcy a few years ago.

Starting a Massage Therapy Business
With provincial regulations in a handful of provinces, there are additional things to consider.

Tax Write-Offs for Independent Contractors
Tax Write-Offs for Independent Contractors

Working During a Labour Dispute
Do the same rules apply if you are an employee of the Ontario Public Service?

Collecting Past Vacation Pay
Maria wants to know if she received the correct amount of vacation pay after recently leaving her job.

How Hot is Too Hot?
As the temperature rises, so does the responsibility of employers. One reader wants to know just what those responsibilities are.

Salaries and Employment Terms: How Can They Be Changed?
A sudden pay reduction may be grounds for a constructive dismissal case. Our expert outlines the key issues of this often difficult topic.

Importing Goods From China
Shipping goods from country to country doesn't have to be difficult. All you need is the right procedure for the right country. The CBSA has the information you need.

Financing for a new daycare business
Heather asks about financing resources that can help her buy equipment for her new daycare business.

Starting an In-Skate Park in Halifax, NS
Our expert offers advice to Steve, who is interested in starting an in-skate boarding park business in Halifax, NS.

Is vacation pay in Ontario based on an employees previous years earnings?
A look at the Employment Standards Acts uncovers two time periods for accruing vacation pay.

PST refunds for an Ontario not-for-profit
Can a non-profit file for a blanket PST exemption certificate to cut down on paperwork?

Market Research for Japanese tourists
Andrew would like to start a business aimed at Japanese tourists, but wonders if he should be researching in Canada or Japan. Our expert offers some advice.

Recording and Drawing Salary from a Corporation
A bookkeeper in B.C. asks how he should be recording the owner's salary. Our tax expert tells him the options.

Starting a business in Leduc, Alberta
A reader in Alberta asks what licenses and permits are needed to start a business in Leduc.

Opening a Nightclub in Manitoba
A reader in Winnipeg asks what licenses he needs to start a nightclub.

Flex time for new parent
An employee wants to set up a flexible working schedule after his new baby arrives. How should the business owner handle this request? Our expert offers some insight.

Travel Agent Credentials
Ryan is thinking of starting up a part time travel business, what qualifications does he need to get started? Our expert helps him out.

Work hours for Salaried Employees
A plant manager in Manitoba asks if there are any rules that apply to managerial employees who work overtime.

Vacation Pay in New Brunswick
An employee in New Brunswick asks how to calculate her vacation pay.

Finding Plant Wholesalers in B.C.
A reader in B.C. asks where she can find a wholesaler who will buy the plants she has been growing.

Working during the Blackout
An Ontario reader asks if an employer is required to pay their employees if they did not work during the recent blackout.

Maternity Benefits for Canadians in the U.S.
Can a Canadian still collect maternity benefits if she gives birth in the U.S.? Our expert has the answer.

Cost of a Business
A would-be business owner asks how much he should spend on his share of a successful enterprise.

Capital Gains Tax on Property in Nova Scotia
An international reader asks how much he will be paying in taxes for his Canadian property.

Vacation Pay for Commissioned Employees
A business owner in Ontario asks how much vacation pay she should be giving employees who collect bonus commissions.

Revoking Vacation Pay
An Ontario reader asks if his employer can revoke his vacation pay if he quits without notice.

Declaring bankruptcy to wipe out student loans
Ever wondered what it takes to declare bankruptcy and put an end to those school loans? Our expert tells you what steps to take.

Terminating employees
A business owner in Ontario wants to know if she can terminate an employee who has lied.

Tax refunds on car exports
A reader in Quebec asks if she is eligible for tax refunds if she exports her new car to the United States.

Vacation pay in Alberta
A reader in Alberta asks if she is entitled to vacation pay after quitting her job.

Investment equity in start-ups
Investors are interested in your start-up but you aren't sure how much to give up. Here is an expert who might be able to help.

Trouble using Quickbooks
A business owner is Saskatchewan asks about her problems using Quickbooks.

Business and taxes
A newly registered business owner wonders what he can include in his business expenses.

Employee or Self-employed?
There is a big difference when it comes to EI/CPP remittances and claiming business expenses.

Business Networking
A reader is looking for a business networking group for women.

Changing a company's Business Name
(ON specific) - Have you ever wondered how to change your business name? Our expert has the answer.

Employee Bonds
(BC specific) - A BC business owner asks what can keep an employee from being bonded.

PST Refund
An international business owner asks how she can get at PST refund from an Ontario company.

Applying for a Government Grant in New Brunswick
A reader from the Maritimes asks where she can find government money.

Importing/Exporting and the Question of Value
Our expert helps an import/export business owner figure out what forms are necessary for shipping goods.

Payroll Systems and Taxes
A web designer asks if he should be paying employee taxes through the business or through personal income tax. An accountant has the answer.

Business Startup Loans
You've run out of money and need to raise some funds to get your business going. The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) may be able to help.

Compensation Entitlement
A former employee in Alberta asks if he should receive compensation after being officially laid off.

Day Care Licensing Guidelines
A day care owner wonders about menu restrictions for her lunch program.

Becoming a GST Registrant
An accountant offers advice on how much gross income to set aside for taxes.

Disability and Dismissal
An employee questions his dismissal following a medical leave.

Developing a Business Plan
A carpenter in Winnipeg asks how he should start planning today to launch a full time business in the future.

Vacation Pay in Place of Time Off?
Can you give an employee vacation pay in the place of time off? Our HR expert tells you how it works in Ontario.

Claiming Expenses
Our expert looks at the challenges involved with this tricky issue.

Self-Employment Taxes
One crafty entrepreneur looks for help on self-employment taxes.

Workplace Stress
An employee seeks help for stress and anxiety in the workplace.

e-Commerce Payment Gateways
A reader wonders about using payment gateways on an e-commerce site.

Provincial Business Registration
Do you still have to pay a registration fee even if you don't plan to launch your business right away? Read on for the answer.

Business Relationship Building
How do you close a sale? Our expert has the answer.

Getting Organized About Your Expenses
A reader in Ontario wonders how to deal with her business taxes.

U.S. Source Income Run Through a Canadian Employee
A tax expert offers help.

Are There Licenses Required in Order to Open a Travel Agency?
A reader in Alberta wonders what she needs before starting a travel business.

Punch Clock Tolerance
An employer questions how to handle discrepancies in her punch clock machine.

Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Incorporation
Have you ever wondered how to set up a business in another country? Our expert gives you the ins and outs.

Constructive Dismissal
Just what is constructive dismissal? We have the answer.

Importing Footwear from Japan
A reader asks about special documents needed to import.

Starting up a Home-based Embroidery Business
Resources that will help you find suppliers.

Are There Grants or Loans Available for Disabled Entrepreneurs?
Are there any programs that recognize your needs?

Purchasing Computer Equipment for Reselling Purposes
A reader wonders where he can find used notebook computers to start his own business.

Termination Pay Entitlement
The Ontario Ministry of Labour fills a reader in on what the employer is legally obligated to pay.

Starting a Cabinet Manufacturing Business in Surrey, British Columbia
Are there any particular programs available to people within the carpentry business?

Reissuing a Lost Cheque
What are your responsibilities as an employer?

PST and the Contractor
A carpenter wonders when to charge PST.

Faxing from ASP (Active Server Pages)
An IT consultant offers advice on fax software.

Locating a Sales Team for a Product Launch
A clothing manufacturer wants to know where he can find salespeople for his products.

Health Care Market Research for Sudbury
A reader in Sudbury, Ontario wonders where she can access market research on the health care industry.

Employment Standards Act Regarding Vacation Pay
An Ontario employee asks if vacation pay must be distributed through a separate cheque, or if it can be added to a regular bi-weekly pay.

Maternity Leave
A sole proprietor wonders if she can contribute to Employment Insurance in order to collect maternity leave benefits.

Minimum Wage Rewind
A reader wonders what Ontario's minimum wage was in 1991.

Vacation Pay Carry Over
A British Columbia employee wonders if three months of unused vacation time can be wiped out by the employer.

Start Up Grants for Young Women in British Columbia
A business owner in British Columbia wonders if there are grants available for young women.

Claiming PST and GST on Car Exports
An import/export business owner has questions about claiming PST and GST on the export of a car.

Opening a Security Business in Toronto
You asked: Is it a good idea to open a security guard company in Toronto?

Debt Reduction Programs
You asked: For information on governments grants or loans on debt reduction, if there is any such thing.

Employee Bonding
Have you ever wondered what information you need from an employee to have them bonded? An insurance expert has the answer.

Home Network Systems
Installing network systems can have you holding a bunch of wires in one hand, a manual in the other and you in between scratching your head. Computer expert Lynda Morris steps in to explain just where those wires should go.

Home Business Questions
A reader in Regina, Saskatchewan wonders about the ins and outs of setting up a mechanic business from home.

Resources for Young Entrepreneurs
A young entrepreneur seeks guidance in focusing on one business idea.

Borrowing Funds From a Corporation
A reader wonders if he can borrow money from his business to buy a home.

Accessing Cheap Market Research Information
Looking for numbers on your industry, but don't have a lot of time or money? Statistics Canada can help.

Starting a New Vending Business
Chris has been through the planning stage and is well on his way to officially starting his own business, but he's not sure what's next. CanadaOne attempts to steer him in the right direction.

Retail Working Standards
Can your employees work alone? The Ministry of Labour answers.

Importing Flowers Into Canada
An international reader asks what he should do if he wants to ship flowers to Canada.

Barefoot in Manitoba
The Winnipeg Police walk you through the do's and don'ts of driving barefoot.

Store Planning and Design
Does your store need a make over? Here are some books that might help.

Resources for Starting a Business in Nova Scotia
Starting your own business can be exciting and challenging. Here are a few places you can go to for help if you live in Nova Scotia.

Federal and Provincial Loan Programs
Think you might be eligible for a loan? Try these links.

Canadian Industry Statistics
Help looking for information on a specific industry.

Air Miles in Saskatchewan
Did you ever wonder if you needed to claim air miles as personal income? An accountant in Saskatchewan answers the question.

Funeral Leave in B.C.
A Human Resources expert outlines standard practices for employees who request time off to attend funerals.

Share Structure
A lawyer's input on share structures when raising capital with private placements.

Vacation Days Carry Over, or Not?
You've earned the time. But can you lose it if you don't use it? The Ontario Ministry of Labour has an answer.

Emerging Publisher Grants
An Ontario resident asks how she can apply for a grant as an emerging publisher.

Exporting CD-ROMs to the U.S.
Exporting goods brings up many issues, from NAFTA to taxes, duties and red tape. A Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs trade policy officer identifies some of the considerations when exporting CD-ROM.

The Cost of Retraining
Some ideas that will help you finance your new business or career.

Grants to Restore Heritage Properties
Grants may be scarce, but if you own a heritage home in Ontario you may still have a few restoration assistance options, as our researcher discovered.

An employer sometimes asks for something that is not ideal for either the employee or the business, as we found out when we researched the answer to Joe's question.

Find a Market for Freelance Photo Art
A website may help, but when marketing high-end photo art there are other things to consider as well.

Factors That Determine a Web Page's Loading Time
Image sizes are an obvious contribution to the load time as a page. But there are other factors that also make an impact.

Where to Resettle in Canada
We're interested in coming back to Canada, but where do we start?

Importing a Slot Machine into Canada
Can I import one for my own personal use? Financing in B.C.
Where do I get started with my new venture?

Buyer Beware - Canadian National Business Directory
How do I get out once I've agreed to be listed?

Advantages of Federal Incorporation
when you're expanding your businesses into new provinces.

Can RRSP Contributions be Used as Owners Loan Payments?
a look at Owner's Equity, Liability, and other issues.

Does Importing Insulation into Canada Require Approval?
a look at the import regulations.

Searching for RFP Depositories
is there a central source?

When to Pay and When to Charge P.S.T.
a swimming pool contractor wants to know.

Keys to Securing a Bank Loan
Keys to Securing a Bank Loan.

Understanding Cost Differences in A, B, and C Mutual Fund Shares
If you are confused about the difference in costs between A, B, and C shares (in Canada & the U.S.), read on.

Employee Notice Requirements in B.C.
How much notice is an employee required to give his/her employer in British Columbia (B.C.)?

Structuring a New Business
Partnership or proprietorship? Here are some tips for structuring a new business.

Non-Competition Contracts
Non-competition templates.

Searching for the Number of Small Businesses in Halifax
The first question you ask when doing market research, is how many businesses are in my town? It makes sense that this information should be available online. Julie King tells us how to find out the number of businesses in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Quest for Venture Capital
Rumours of amazing venture capital deals abound. But where can these firms be found, and what do they require in return? Karen Grant, executive director of the Toronto Venture Group, answers this ask-an-expert query.

Changing an Employee's Duties
- is this a valid business practice or constructive dismissal?

Buying a Business
how much to allocate to goodwill, leasehold improvement and equipment?

Vacation Pay for Salaried Employees
how much vacation pay is a salaried employee entitled to after 6.5 years, including overtime?

Severance Pay
when and how much is required?

Exporting Handcuffs to Canada
as a small US business what are some of the issues and paperwork I need to take care of when exporting to Canada?

Tax Writeoffs
how do I write off my gas bill, or my food bill?

Importing Cut Flowers from India
resources to help you cut through the regulations on importing flowers into Canada.

Building a Marketing and Financial Plan for a New Business
helpful tips for developing a marketing & financial plan.

Salary or dividends: where's the tax advantage?
a look at the tax advantages offered by an incorporated company.

What is the difference between Class
an answer with a tax tip for married couples in business together.

Re-Planning of a Corporation IT Network.
custom input is required.

Starting a Business Networking Group
existing networking groups in Toronto.

Reasons for Firing
filling out a Record of Employment.

Can you claim home expenses
- when the business does not have an ownership share in the home?

Starting an Automobile Customizing Business
points to consider when starting any new business.

Is it Deductible?
deducting expenses as a contractor.

Small Business & the Net: Where's the Value
A look at the value the Internet can offer to small businesses.

Starting up a Day Care Facility in Manitoba
finding funding for a day care facility.

Can Partners Open a Franchise?
a look at how to best structure the company when buying a franchise.

Setting Up an FTP Site
an overview of some technical issues.

Raising Money for a BC-based Start-Up
Michael Corbiere, an account manager at the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), answers a question about seed capital.

Development costs and procedures for building a restaurant in B.C.
Teresa is thinking of building a restaurant and wants to know how much it is going to cost, and what the issues are.

Is there a
Robert Frey, who literally wrote the book on proposals, answers this question about how to properly format a proposal.

Submitting a Manuscript for Publication
Jacqueline Hushion, Executive Director at the Canadian Publishers" Council, answers a reader who wants to send a book to a publisher, but doesn't know where to start.

Canada's Immigrant Investor Program
- Immigrants to Canada can invest $400,000 or more and get a visa. VJ asks how businesses can gain access to this pool of investment capital.

Opening a restaurant.
answers to the question: "What licences and permits are required to open a restaurant? Where do I obtain these?"

A Question of Copyright
A reader asks, "Do I copyright my fantastic new product?"

Locating Wholesalers Online
Julie King tells how to go about locating wholesalers for your business on the Internet.

What is Drop Shipping?
Jim Kendle, operations director of the Canadian-owned Paws4Us, answers a reader's question about drop shipping.

Securing a Good Trade Name
When starting up an Internet business, securing a good tradename is an essential part of the process.

Can I Get Government Funding for My Non-Profit Project?
A reader asks how to seek financial assistance for a non-profit theatre group.

Factoring . . . Not for All Companies
Gary Fitchett, financial consultant, provides some advice on the issues of factoring and financing alternatives.

The Success or Failure of an Innovation
Gary Svoboda, of the Canadian Innovation Centre, tells of how Canadians" bright ideas are evaluated through a Critical Factor Assessment.

Books for Pitching Ad Sales
need advertising advice? Here are a few books that might help.

Is banking north of the border better?
a look at the fundamental differences between American and Canadian banking systems.

Every Contract is Different
Canada Post contracts: a tendering issue.

Finding Trade Shows
find trade shows in Canada.

Starting a Business
when your financing channels are limited, consider these options.

Deducting Taxes as Self-Employed Worker
looks at issues faced by self-employed workers such as: deducting taxes, determining their work status (employee vs. contractor), and other issues.

Guidelines for Canadian Importers
use these resources to find out what documents and regulations affect importers.

Canadian Import/Export Laws
Shipping goods internationally: taxes, regulations and Internet sales.

Company Shares
Things to Consider Before Issuing Shares.

Risk Financing
accessing capital for a risky business.

Other Financing Channels
when your financing channels are limited, consider these options.

Public Relations companies (in Ontario)
sources that will help you find a PR company in Ontario.

Getting a Provincial Sales Tax Exempt Number
Need an Ontario sales tax (PST) exemption number? Here's who you call.

Selling a Wood Milling Business
basic info on selling a business.

Starting up a Computer Repair Business
marketing / advertising tips for a new computer business.

The Canadian Bank Mergers
Bank Mergers: A Canadian perspective.

Loans Resources in Halifax, N.S.
finding a loan in Halifax, N.S.

Food Preparation Regulations
Guidelines for preparing food for sale (Ontario-specific).

Drop-Shipping Companies
Warehousing & fulfillment: how to find a drop-shipping company.

A Question Regarding Employees' Rights
How much can you clawback?

Starting a Calgary Night Club
Licensing and setting up.

Vehicle RFQ in Calgary, Alberta
purchasing a car? here's a possible approach.

Bridge Financing
Managing the gap between disaster and recovery.

Market Research: Finding the Numbers
When finding numbers becomes a challenge, sometimes an unusual source has the answers you seek.

Search Engine
Making a website appear in the top 20 search engine "hits".

Operating a Retail Store
Suggestions for turning a convenience store from a money drain into a money maker.

International Trade
exporting software .. what rules apply and where can I find more information?

Copyright Question
can an idea for an Internet business be protected by a license or patent?

Clothing Fairs
where can I find retail clothing trade shows that are scheduled in Ontario for 1999?

Condo Contract
less than 48 hours later, is it possible to get out of a time-share lease without experiencing any financial burden?

Farm Accounting Software
what's the best package for an old 486 computer?

Setting up a Sole Proprietorship
buy a site and sell some ads; is this a business, and if so how do I get set-up as a sole proprietorship?

Email Surveys
is an unsolicited email survey "spam"?

Value-Based Leadership
value-based leadership: a definition and an explanation - from Peter Urs Bender, author of _Leadership from Within_.

Who owns that domain?
Here's how you can find out what domain names are listed to a certain person or company.

Finding government grants or loans
- for business expansion.

Interpersonal Networking Skills
Do I/don't I? skills for good interpersonal networking.

Young entrepreneur looking for advice
Links and information for getting started in business

Self publishing a book
- am I required by law to hold a business licence?

Corporation, sole proprietorship or partnership
- what are the difference and what personal exposure does an entrepreneur have with a corporation?

Government grants and loans
- what are the best resources to find small business growth financing?

Selling a big idea
- how do I approach a larger organization and how are people usually paid in this scenario?

One year IT contact
- what are the tax implications

AB: Starting a home business
- what is involved in starting a sole proprietorship?

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