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Employer Beware: Why Temperature Screening Should Not Be Used
Saving Lives vs Saving the Economy: Getting This Wrong Could be Devastating
Many are asking, what is worse, the treatment or the cure as Covid-19 continues to devastate economies around the globe. This is an answer we cannot afford to get wrong and it is critical that we don't fall prey to converse errors as we weigh our options.
Covid-19 Grant and Loan Programs for Canadian Small Businesses
In this live article we will be posting information on different financial assistance program, including grant and loan programs for Canadian small businesses, as information becomes available.
Covid-19 Small Business Survival Guide
If you are running a small business in Canada, you are probably wondering how this will impact your business. This guide is designed to help Canadian small businesses get critical answer on an ongoing basis as this pandemic unfolds.
Tax Simplification Suggestions
This article contains suggestions to simplify and improve our tax system. Hopefully our political leaders will wake up to the fact that our tax system is too complicated and needs to be simplified.
Has Google Conquered Ambiguous Query Spaces?
Ontario's New Employment Laws: What Small Businesses Need to Know
Find out how Ontario's new, sweeping employment law changes will impact your small business.
Tax Robots Not Payroll A Robot Tax Proposal
Purchasing Industrial Equipment: Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI)
When does your investment in equipment start to earn you a profit? Keep reading to find out...
Buying Industrial Equipment: Financing Options
Five Best Canadian Cities for Startups
Curious about which cities made the list? Keep reading to find out...
Buying a Commercial Building: Understanding Total Cost of Ownership
Looking to buy a commercial building but feeling overwhelmed? Understand the costs to prepare for through this 3 step breakdown.
Buying a Commercial Building: Financing Options
Thinking of buying commercial real estate? This in-depth guide will help you get started!
Amber Mac: Dot-Com Pioneer Turns US Experience into a Canadian Success Story
When Amber Mac was studying Journalism in the early 90’s out in the East Coast, little did she know she would one day become one of Canada’s most well-known tech journalists.
Choosing a Business Name
Learn how to choose a great business name - taking growth, the Internet, and legal issues into account.
Budget 2016: Broken Promises, Nothing for Small Business
Yesterday's budget broke the promise the Liberal government made to keep in place the previous government's plan to reduce the small business tax rate to 9 per cent over three years and also failed to include a single item to directly support small businesses. So just what is in Budget 2016 for Canadian small businesses?
Tackling the next big tech frontier in healthcare
Like many fast-growing tech businesses, Karos Health has had to take a broader look at the financing options available beyond venture capital investment. It has turned to angel investors, as well as working capital loans obtained through the local office of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).
Product Review: HP Pro Slate 12 + Paper Folio
We reviewed the HP Pro Slate 12 & Paper Folio. Check out what we thought of it!
3 Tips for Doing Business in Quebec
As Canada’s second largest market, Quebec should not be ignored if you’re looking for opportunities to expand your business. Here are 3 tips on how can you successfully penetrate this untapped and lucrative marketplace.
Canadian Business Financing: Grants and Loans for Young Entrepreneurs in Canada
Accessing capitals can be a frustrating process for young entrepreneurs with a great idea, but little chance of securing a traditional loan. This article lists grant and loan programs for young Canadian business owners.
Have Your Say: Send Emails to Canada's MPs
We created this email service to help small businesses share their concerns with their elected MPs.
Mastering Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A 2015 Primer
Search engine optimization is critical to business marketers, but many rules of the game have changed. This primer will help you understand the essentials of what you need to do to master local SEO optimization using today’s rules.
Epson Workforce WF-100 Portable Printer Review
Need a printer that works where you are? Road warriors and business travellers, delight! The Epson Workforce WF-100 is a compact, lightweight printer geared towards those on the go.
What is the Cost to Open a Business Office?
In late April, Telsec Business Centres posted How to Create a Great Place to Work on our  Small Business Blog  and after several requests to go deeper into the subject we decided that Canada One's small business audience would be the perfect place to do so. Today we are going to explore the costs of opening a traditional and/or alternative office space – including how to calculate the needs and requirements for your perfect workplace and meet the constantly changing expectations of your employees regarding their workspace.
Mobile Marketing for Canadian Small Businesses - A Free Digital Book
Whether it is used to make sales directly, leverage other channels, or boost the response from traditional advertising, almost all businesses benefits will from some sort of mobile solution. The only question that remains is…When will you be implementing yours?
Is Your Website Ready for Google's New Mobile Algorithm?
Ready or not, on April 21 your website will be judged and it will either pass, or fail, as Google rolls out its new  mobile-friendly  algorithm.
Insights Into Canadian Tax Complexity – A Free Digital Book
As April 30 approaches and Canadians get ready to file their personal tax returns it seems appropriate to take some time to understand the taxes we pay.
How Asset Based Lending Can Help You Finance Your Company
Finding the right financing solution for a small to mid-sized business is always difficult, even if the company is doing well. Most financial institutions prefer to work with larger companies. Larger companies often have longer track records, more assets, and are seen as being less risky. Unfortunately, this perception leaves many well-managed small companies with few financing options.
Your Essential Business Planning Guide
This guide complements the Business Plan Tool in MemberZone, helping you identify areas you will need to focus on to complete your business plan.
Write-Off Your Healthcare Costs
There are several little-known ways for Canadian businesses to save money. This article explains how you can legally write-off qualifying healthcare expenses.
Three Steps to a Stronger, More Effective Brand
Your brand is not just your logo. It’s how you represent your business to your prospects and your customers. Here are three tips to develop a stronger, more effective brand
Overcoming Your Fears to Achieve Success
Fear. From butterflies in the stomach to a complete emotional shut-down, fear is one of the most powerful inhibitors in business. There is probably something in your business that makes you afraid.
Look Big - Even if You Are Small
How to Make Your Startup or Small Home Office Business Be Perceived as Bigger and Save You Money Doing it!
Identifying False Signals and Hidden Objections
There is a huge difference between thinking someone will buy from you and having a person actually hand you money (or pay online) for your product or service.
Mindset Shift: Plan for Changes Now
Don't let your business fall behind - learn from Rita McGrath, business professor at Columbia University, how businesses are thinking differently to ensure they stay in business.
Text Marketing and Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL)
By now, most of us are familiar with the challenges involved with ensuring our email databases are CASL compliant, but how does the law apply to text messaging?
Inkjets vs Lasers: Is a Shift Coming to Business Printing?
Recently, Epson and HP have released lines of inkjet printers using new technology designed to see inkjet printers rival the text quality of laser printers. We decided to put these claims to the test and paired off the new Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4630 with the HP Officejet Pro 8620.
Selling Your Business? Here are 4 Things You Need To Do To Get Top Dollar
Before you sell your business, you’ll want to do everything in your power to position your enterprise as the most valuable investment possible.
What is Your Dominant Thinking Style?dduwwquufvba
Thinking styles are literally a reflection of how a person processes information. Understanding the impact this has on that person's thought process can greatly improve internal communications, customer development and customer relations.
The Benefits of a Holding Company and Operating Company Structure
Many business owners are aware of the numerous benefits to running your business through a corporation. What they might not be aware of are the advantages of structuring their business holdings into an “operating company” (an OpCo) and a  holding company  (a HoldCo).
Questions to Ask when Considering Hosted VOIP for Business
When considering a hosted VOIP provider, it's important to be aware of all the variables that could determine the quality or efficiency of the service that best suits the needs of the business.
Your Cheat Sheet to Hiring the Perfect Intern
On the one hand, you’ve got a ton of projects underway, on the other, you haven’t quite reached the revenue stream to justify hiring additional staff. The solution? An ambitious, capable intern.
What Does A CASL Compliant Email Look Like?
The day has come. Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation is now active and how businesses can communicate with clients has changed. But in what way have those communications changed? What does a CASL compliant email or text message look like?
CASL: Penalties, Timelines and Opting-Out
There has been some confusion over how penalties will work when CASL takes effect. In addition to government enforcement, the law allows for private civil action as well.
CASL: What is Canadas Anti-Spam Legislation?
Make no mistake, this legislation will affect almost all Canadian businesses. In a series of articles, we will be breaking down what CASL is, what kinds of penalities you could face, and how to best protect your business and comply with the legislation.
Business Planning Revisited: Getting Lean Getting it Right
Entrepreneurs and business owners need an approach that offers greater agility, so they can get to market faster and stay ahead of the competition. It's time to rethink the business plan.
5 TED Talks Franchise Owners Need To Watch
TED Talks is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to spreading new, interesting, inspiring, and sometimes entertaining ideas in short powerful talks. Take a look below at five TED Talks that every franchise owner should watch.
How to Use LinkedIn as an Essential CRM
LinkedIn has been around for over a decade, but if you’re still thinking about (and using) LinkedIn as a glorified business card, then you’re missing out on the many other effective ways this social networking tool can be used as a CRM (customer relationship management) to help grow your business.
Referral Partner Marketing: A Seven-Step Approach
The idea of referral marketing is simple. To help reach new customers, a business develops a referral program that offers some type of reward or cross-promotion.
Commercialization: A Success Story to Watch
Thirteen years ago, Liz Dickinson came up with the idea for a strapless heart monitor. Last year alone Dickinson's company, MIO Global, saw sales increases of 600 per cent. While her story is now one of incredible success, it didn't happen overnight...
Accounting in the Cloud: Vendor Shoot-Out Updated
In an earlier article, we wrote about the benefits of cloud-based accounting software. Now, we will compare the three big accounting software providers.
Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation
The new “Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation,” or CASL, comes into effect on July 1, 2014. Business owners need to recognize that the regulations are far-reaching and have dramatic consequences to those who do not comply.
Budget 2014: What's in Store for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
While the Harper Government’s Economic Action Plan 2014 is not introducing any new taxes on small and medium sized businesses, it isn’t providing much in the way of new money.
Cutting Through The Narcissus Syndrome
The Narcissus Syndrome affects large and small companies alike. Entrepreneurial ventures are particularly susceptible because they rely so heavily on the perceptions of the owner/founder.
Making The Cut: Advice for Growth-Focused Tech Companies in Canada
A look at the challenges Canadian technology companies face, based on an exclusive interview with Richard Lee, National Managing Partner for Technology, Media and Telecommunications at Deloitte.
Making the Cut: Success Factors Fueling Canada's Technology Fast 50 Companies
What is different about the companies that are able to successfully cross the gap between those that intend to grow and those that actually do? To answer this question, CanadaOne took a closer look at the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award recipients.
The Top 10 Questions to Ask if you Plan to Grow your Business in 2014
The beginning of a new year presents an exciting opportunity for new levels of growth and success for your company, but only if you know the right questions to ask (and, of course, answer).
Who is Really Signing that Contract?
Because of simple procedural mistakes, Chris Piche was held personally liable for his company's breach of contract. How did this happen? Jonathan MacKenzie explains.
The Secret to Market Adaptiondduwwquufvba
The key to success is continual improvement, adaptation to the needs of customers and that magic ability to predict what people want, before they want it.
When Contracts Fail
Lawyer Jonathan MacKenzie shows how missing key principals can make a contract unenforceable.
Workplace Design Impacts Performance, Employee Engagement and Innovation
Currently, only one in four U.S. workers are in optimal workplace environments. The rest are struggling to work effectively, resulting in lost productivity, innovation and worker engagement. Employees see a clear link between the physical work environment and personal productivity.
Four Important Contract Law Misconceptions
There are a number of common misconceptions about contracts that can lead to serious problems if the business relationship breakdown. Having a solid understanding of the way contracts work can help you to protect your business.
Mastering the Emotional Side of Sales
With less than 10 seconds to earn somebody’s trust, there are many subtleties riding on that critical first impression. Here’s how you can invest some time preparing your sales team to make the best possible first impression.
Will Google Hummingbird Affect Your Website
Hummingbird is a brand new search algorithm – a recipe used to determine what results are most relevant in response to queries typed into Google’s search bar. It is supposed to be faster and more precise than any of Google’s previous algorithms, hence the name.
Accounting in the Cloud
Business owners take note: Moving your books and accounting to the cloud is an idea you should no longer relegate for future consideration.
Five Tips for Masterful Networking
To be a masterful networker, you don't need to attend every event in town or schmooze with ever person you meet. What you do need is a strategy.
Create a Success Oriented Culture by Avoiding Blame Games at Work
Almost half of senior managers admit to accepting blame at work that didn't belong on their desk. Yet as Jane Gertner explains, this can set a dangerous precedence.
How Do People Respond When They Are Bullied?
We know a great deal about crises, what causes them, the stages that people go through, what is normal, what is abnormal and most importantly, how to deal with a crisis when it happens. This has obvious relevance where someone is being bullied. In this article Dr. Towler helps business owners, managers and workplace harassment victims understand what happens to someone during a crisis and how we can best respond.
Five Steps to Accessing Small Business Grants and Loans Effectively
What are the five steps companies need to consider when looking for government support? If you are ready to work with a third party, these tips will help.
Disaster Recovery Planning can Enable the Survival of your Company
A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is invaluable - for the peace of mind it provides today and the survivability it provides when disaster strikes. Here is what you need to know.
The Boomer Bust: Working with a Fading Generation?
A look at the difference between Millennial and Boomer attitudes serves to highlight some of the problems faced in workplaces today with these clashing ideals.
Audio Branding
Does your business have a distinct sound? CanadaOne talks to Colleen Fahey of audio branding experts Sixieme Son to get some insight on how to build a distinct audio brand for your business.
A Ten-Step Primer for Selecting an Effective E-Commerce Storefront
E-Commerce is an important part of most modern businesses today. With this ten-step primer, you can determine exactly what kind of system is right for your business and avoid some common pitfalls.
How to Kick Start Your Productivity at Work
What do you do when you hit a productivity road-block at work? Mark Wardell has some tips on how to boost your productivity and get you back to work.
Benefits and Downfalls in Adobe’s Creative Cloud
Creative Suite is no more. Adobe's move to a subscription based model in their Creative Cloud system is the future - Whether you like it or not.
You'd Be an Absolute Fool to Launch a Faulty Product
When software is being developed without proper consideration to both security and privacy, it's going to end up causing a lot of trouble, for you and your customers.
Association Profile: Toastmasters International
Whether you need help overcoming a fear of public speaking or simply want to improve your presentation skills, Toastmasters International is a great starting point.
Getting Ergonomic at Work: Critical Health Safety and Productivity Factors
New research is uncovering interesting nuances to ergonomics in the workplace that go beyond the type of furniture to purchase.
Websites for Business 101: Make Connecting Easier
Making it easy for visitors to your website is still an essential aspect of online customer service, but the rules have changed.
Motivate People to Buy through Attention, Interest, Desire and Action
Turn your website into a sales powerhouse with an approach that is designed to move people from interest to purchase.
Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships: Creating a Competitive Advantagedduwwquufvba
As the world becomes smaller or "flat" to use tap the current jargon, it is becoming increasingly important for smaller companies to collaborate and work together.
New Financing Option for Start-Ups in Canada
Effective today, Canadian start-ups and some seasonal businesses will have access to a new financing source: Revenue-Based Financing. Here's what you need to know.
How VoIP Can Save Your Business Money
As small businesses look for ways to trim costs, voice over IP (VOiP) is a compelling option. Here is a look at the ins and outs of a technology that is becoming an increasingly viable business solution.
Grow Your Business with a Strategic Alliance
In a time of globalization and increasingly complex information systems, collaboration is becoming key to success. Here is a look at how alliances can help your small business.
Small Business: Powering the Canadian Economy
A look into the lens of how small business owners will play an essential role in moving Canada forward.
Entrepreneurs Founded Canada
As we celebrate Canada Day Dr. Brian Keen takes us back in time to look at how our nation was founded by entrepreneurs.
What is Workplace Bullying and How Does it Affect People?
It is estimated that one in six employees is bullied at work and occurs more frequently than sexual harassment. In this first of a multi-part series, Dr. John Towler helps us understand what workplace bullying looks like and how it affects people.
A Look at Google+: The Social Site Small Businesses Can't Afford to Ignore
Google Plus may be the social network that many small businesses would like to ignore, but as the social backbone of the world’s largest search engine, here is a look at why your business needs to care.
Tools Key to Generating Awareness of Your Company
Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. With these quick tips from Zunaid Khan, you can make sure people know about your company and that you mean business.
Search Optimization Trends Impacting Small Businesses in Canada
The rules of search optimization are changing once again. How important are back-links to your search placement and how can small businesses generate global audiences?
The New $5 and $10 Polymer Notes Are Coming in November
Canadian merchants need to get ready for the snappy new polymer $5 and $10 bills coming this fall.
Become an Effective Delegator
Smart delegation is the key to growth and these tips will make a difficult process a little bit easier.
Exploring Work Women Want: An Interview with Jennifer Forest
CanadaOne talks to Jennifer Forest about her new book 'Work Women Want' and practical advice for women on earning money from home.
For Entrepreneurs Opinions Mean Nothing
In a follow-up to his article 'Education in the Truth', Brian Keen looks at the value of truth over opinion for entrepreneurs.
Editorial: The Truths That Drive Entrepreneurship and Define Success
CanadaOne publisher Julie King shares her own views on the idea of truth in business.
Start-Ups: Beware the Roller Coaster of Emotions
The emotional highs and lows of running a start-up can challenge any team. These four tips will help you find ways to manage the roller coaster of emotions often experienced in high-tech start-ups.
Government Spying; What About Canadian Business Data?
On-going government-snooping and other state-sponsored monitoring of data communications can expose Canadian businesses to liability and confidentiality breaches
Behind the Scenes at SoMedia: A Unique Crowdsourcing Video Production and Hosting Solution
How do you provide video services that are affordable and scalable? In this interview with SoMedia's founder and CEO, CanadaOne learns how SoMedia Networks bulit a crowdsourced workforce of 3400 video professionals with a scalable video platform to deliver an innovative video production solution.
The Economics of Good Financial Advice
These five tips will help you determine whether you are getting the best financial advice and support for your business.
Opinion: Education in the Truth
In his latest opinion column ethicist Dr. Brian Keen looks at the need for better employee training.
The Art of the Pivot: How-to Avert Disaster and Avoid Business Failure
If your tried and true business tactics aren't as effective as they once were, something needs to change. It's time for a pivot. This article explains how you can use a pivot to help your business adapt.
Top 5 Social Media Management Tools for Small Business
Here is our list of the top five social media management tools for small businesses.
Going Mobile: Cutting through the Confusion for Small Business Owners
If you are confused about whether your small business needs a mobile-ready website, you are not alone. This primer will help you cut through the confusion to understand when, and how, to go mobile.
When Your Employees Own Your Business
Creating a strong ownership culture is an effective way to strengthen and grow your business.
Tips on Hiring Millennials
These must-read tips on hiring Gen Y workers will help you recruit the newest generation to enter the workforce: millennials.
Protecting Your Business with Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI)
Starting at $150 a year for a standard policy, a new legal insurance offering can help small and mid-sized companies gain legal expenses protection.
When Customers Ignore You
Here are five easy things you can do to enhance your service and boost your business, which your customers will actually notice.
Amplify Your Impact: Your Email Campaign Checklist
Before you hit send, be sure to use this checklist to ensure that you maximize the impact of your email marketing efforts.
Exploring the Misuse of Statistics in Business: Is it Time to Do Away with Employee Engagement Surveys
Julie King talks to Robert Gerst, a Calgary-based statistician, about the problem with traditional employee engagement surveys.
MyPakage: Redefining More Than Just Mens Underwear (Start-Ups Uncovered)
How does a Canadian undergarment company plan to shake-up the world of men's fashion? In this issue of Start-Ups Uncovered Alexandra DeLory connected with Anurag Gupta, CEO and Partner at MyPakage Underwear, to find out.
The Roller Coaster of Emotions
Tips to help start-ups manage their stress.
Where Did All The Cash Go?
These eight drivers of cashflow are essential tools for business owners and managers.
Canadian Tech StartUp Incubator HYPERDRIVE: Delivering Money and Mentors
CanadaOne talks to HYPERDIRVE to learn more about their $30 million high-tech, start-up incubator.
Filing Your Business Income Tax Return: A 7 Step Guide for Self-Employed Canadians, Sole Proprietors and Partnerships
Not sure how to file your business income taxes? Be sure to read this step-by-step guide.
Five Ways Smaller Companies Can Compete with Agile Customer Service
Smaller companies can use these five tips to out do larger competitors.
StartUp Essentials: Being A Professional
Being professional is an essential part of starting a business.
Top Apps & Tools for Business
This collection of apps are useful for small businesses.
Getting Started With eCommerce
Here are five important factors to consider when getting started with eCommerce.
Mompreneurs: Just What is a Typical Mom Today?
As both technology and our society evolves, it is time to reevaluate what it means to be a typical mother.
Is Java On Its Way Out?
With an announcement from the US government that organization should consider uninstalling Java, the time has come to evaluate how your business will use Java on an ongoing basis.
Is Technology Unethical?
Ethicist Dr. Brian Keen explores the double-edged sword of the ethics of rapidly evolving technologies.
Whatever Can Be Searched Can Be Optimized
Book review of Optimize: a roadmap that takes the reader through every step of integrated online content marketing.
Book Review: Optimize
The 3x3 Hiring Method: Your Guarantee to Hiring the Best Candidate
Business expert Mark Wardell outlines his 3x3 approach to hiring, which will help you find the best possible candidate the next time you are ready to hire.
Start-up Essentials: Product Development Cycle
Before they launch, start-ups need to understand the product development cycle. Zunaid Khan introduces this critical process for those looking to build a high-growth company.
The Brave New World of Electronic Messages
Canada’s anti-spam law has businesses worried, and for good reason. Here is what you need to know about the anti-spam legislation.
Self-Employed and Contract Earnings: How-To File Your Personal Tax Return
Did you earn income outside of your regular day job in 2012 that won't be reported on the T4 from your employer? This article explains how to declare your contract and/or self-employment income on your 2012 tax return.
Seven Ways to Be More Innovative in the Year Ahead
One of the key challenges to being innovative in businesses lies not in coming up with ideas when we are inspired, but rather finding ways to overcome the barriers that arise when our inspiration wanes. Here are seven great ideas to help you stay motivated and refocus your commitment to innovation over the year to come, based on ideas from a Twitter #innochat.
5 Litmus Tests Your Business is on Track for 2013
To get you off to the right start in 2013, here are five litmus tests to help you evaluate whether your business in on the right track in five essential areas.
Seven Essential Facebook Page Tips
Many businesses will choose Facebook as the primary social media channel they use to promote their business. Whether you are new to Facebook or just looking to use it more effectively, these seven tips will help.
Hack Your Customer: A New Approach to Marketing Sales
The best way to take advantage of new paradigms in marketing and sales may be to stop thinking like a marketer and start thinking like a computer hacker.
How to Use Your Library's Online Databases
So you're convinced and want to give the library’s digital resources a try. But what if you don’t know how to get started? Fear not, the process is simple.
Bad Apples in the Workplace Part II
Do you have a bad apple in your workplace? This framework will help you deal with an employee whose attitude is harming your business.
Canadian E-Commerce Statistics Show Canadian SMEs at Risk of Losing Sales
When it comes to e-commerce the latest statistics show that Canadian companies are not keeping up with international retailers. It’s time for Canadian small and medium-sized enterprised to get over their discomfort with online sales or risk losing business to those not afraid to tackle change.
The (Elusive) Search for the Social Media “Guru”
With so self-proclaimed social media experts using fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) in their marketing efforts, how can smaller companies work their way through the minefield of hiring a social media consultant?
Branding Today: The times are changing and so should your approach to branding
Business owners often misunderstand branding and assume it has to do with logos and design, when in practice branding touches every aspect of your business as you interact with customers.
Tips for a Great Personal Brand
These ten tips will help you polish up your personal brand to drive your career success, no matter what you do.
Another Option to Finance Your Innovation and Growth
Due to the changing landscape of government grant and loan programs, it may make sense for your business to consider using a consultant to help access funding programs.
Bad Apples in the Workplace (Part I)
Research shows that employees who exhibit one of three negative personality types can derail a team's productivity by 30 to 40 per cent. Here is how you can spot - and avoid hiring - these 'bad apples'.
High Tech Start-Ups : An Introduction
In this new column Zunaid Khan will share insights into the issues and challenges that high tech start-ups are likely to encounter.
Harnessing the Librarys Resources for Your Small Business
If you think that your local public library is not a strong resource for your small business, think again. Today's libraries have many services that can help support Canadian entrepreneurs as they start and grow their businesses.
Sustainability = Profits | The New Sustainability Advantage
In this interview with internationally renowned speaker, Bob Willard, CanadaOne's co-founder Julie King uncovers the financial advantages of going green in your business.
Simply Rebranded: An Interview with Nancy Harris, Sage 50
In this interview Julie King talks to Nancy Harris, VP and General Manager at the Canadian division of Sage, about the recent descision to rebrand Sage Simply Accounting to Sage 50 and how changes in the tech world are impacting small busineses.
How to use Google Disavow Tool
12 Funky Gift Ideas for Your Favourite Entrepreneur
October: Its Time to Celebrate Small Business Month
As the weather cools in October business heats up and celebrations of the success of Canada's smaller companies kicks into action. Here's what's in store for Small Business Month 2012.
Colour Brightness: All Is Not Equal When Comparing Business Projectors
To make a smart decision when you buy your next projector, you need to understand a few basics about an important  hidden  variable: colour brightness.
Google Local Search: Optimization of Your Google Places or +Local Website Landing Page
These power tips will help you optimize your Google Places website landing page and tweak your website for better search engine rankings and results.
Practical Innovation: the Small Businesses Advantage
If you are running a small business there is a good chance that when you hear the word innovation, you think of academia, technology start-ups and work done in labs at larger companies.
Can You Spot the Leader?
In this video Marc Gordon takes a fun look at the idea of proactive, rather than reactive, leadership in business.
Social Media Tips: The Power of 301 Redirects
As the worlds of search, social media and business websites mesh into one big mess, the challenge of keeping track of links to various websites becomes a daunting task.
Unconferences: A New Way to Connect, Learn and Share in Business
Unconferences are unique conferences focused on open-forum learning and networking. In this primer we explore how an unconference works in the business world and how you can get the most benefit from an unconference as an attendee.
The 3 Most Common Customer Service Cracks. Sew what?
This case study looks at how a sewing machine company was able to boost sales by tweaking its marketing plan and customer service approach.
Competitive Intelligence: Continuous Feedback for Increased Sales and Profits Part IV
In this last installment on the topic of Competitve Intelligence, we will discuss counter-intelligence: the ways and means to protect sensitive information from information-seeking competitors, and to keep information from spilling out.
What's Wrong With Being a Millionaire? Nothing!
In this column ethicist Dr. Brian Keen tackles the question of whether or not we should penalize entrepreneurs who take home salaries of $1 million.
Customers from Hell - Five Do's and Don'ts for calming cranky customers
It seems in our fast-paced frenetic world customers are now more tired, rushed, stressed, and downright fed-up. Here are five Do’s and Don’ts for calming cranky customers.
Google Plus Local and Blended Local Results Optimization
Google search is changing again! In this column Terry Van Horne, aka Webmaster T, shares insights from leading local search engine optimization experts on the changes that are taking place.
Red-Hot in Small Business: Behind the scenes at Canada’s largest Salsa dance school
Sharon Galor has a fantastic job. She gets to do what she loves every day, burning up the dance floor as she introduces students to the world of Salsa dancing at her school, Toronto Dance Salsa. At the same time, Galor is somewhat of a whiz in business. Learn how she has built up Canada's largest - and most successful - dance school
What are  Business Ethics ?
What are business ethics? In this article ethicist Dr. Brian Keen explores questions for business owners and managers to consider when running their companies.
Overcoming Functional Fixedness to Unlock Your Innovation Potential
Without even realizing it, many businesses may be sidetracked by preset ideas of their owners and employees. Fortunately, this  functional fixedness  can be overcome.
Opportunities for Small Businesses, Retailers from Near Field Communications (NFC)
Andrew Kinnear of Aimia shares insights into what near field communications (NFC) is and how it is impacting Canadian retailers, allowing people to use things like mobile phones and loyalty programs to interact in more robust ways.
Blogging for Business: Insights from Lee Odden
Should businesses use blogging to help them build their online business, and if so, how? We caught up with world-renowned blogger and content marketer, Lee Odden, at the SES Toronto conference in June to cover the ins and outs of blogging for business. [video]
Trends Impacting the Way Canadian Restaurants Accept Payments
How are changes to the way businesses accept payments affecting the restaurant industry in Canada? Justin Taylor of the Canadian Restaurant Food Services Association talks about trends and changes that are impacting restaurants.
How-To Leverage Local Search for Canadian Businesses
Local search is often the best place for smaller companies to start their search engine optimization efforts, because there is less cost to compete and see your business rank well. In this two-part primer SEO expert Terry Van Horne explains the essentials of Local Search optimization for Canadian companies.
The Google Local Search Primer
Learn about the three steps of Google Local Search optimization: localizing your Google page, your landing page and building authority.
Google Panda Recovery: Negative SEO
One disturbing trend that was identified in the process of doing our audit was the possibility of “negative SEO” campaigns.
Google Panda Recovery: Site Clean-Up with Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) can help you pinpoint problems and clean up issues related to Google's Panda update.
Google Panda Recovery: Site Architecture
Google Panda Recovery: Site Focus
In the audit from Reliable SEO they found it difficult to identify what CanadaOne was about, from the viewpoint of a search robot.
Google Panda Report: Understanding how Google views thin and duplicate content
When we commissioned the search audit from Reliable SEO we expected to find problems with duplicate content from scrapers and were ready to hear that negative SEO had resulted in us being penalized for low-quality links we had not requested. What we were not expecting was to learn that content on our website that we viewed as useful – and had in the past ranked particularly well in Google – was being penalized for being "thin".
From the Trenches: CanadaOne Shares Insights into How to Recover from Panda
In this report we share key finding from Reliable SEO, as well as things we have discovered, in our journey to understand Google's Panda search algorithm shift.
HP OfficeJet 8600 Plus  e All-in-one  Printer Review
When buying your next office printer, as technology evolves it is important consider whether the device you purchase can work you're your tablets and smart phones as well as the traditional desktop and laptops.
Insights into Innovation: An Interview with Business Guru, Rick Spence
As much as anything innovation is a mind-set and you can start the innovative process from where you are now. In this article Rick Spence shares insights into how Canadian companies can become more innovative.
How to Project Manage... Your Entire Business
By learning to apply Project Management skills to your business as a whole, you’ll be able to boost the supply of all three of three highly valuable commodities: resources, time and money.
Emerging Trends in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
What do webmasters and business owners need to know about how search engine optimization is changing? CanadaOne interviewed Terry Van Horne, a leading search engine optimization, to learn more about updates Google has made to control poor quality links, thin content and other underhanded optimization tactics.
Crowdfunding Essentials: An Interview with Sherwood Neiss
In this exclusive interview with Sherwood Neiss, who co-authored the legislative framework for crowdfunding legislation passed in the US, explores critical aspects around crowdfunding and taking steps to see this new financing model legalized in Canada.
Review: Epson Powerlite 1775W Multimedia Projector
Tired of lugging a large laptop and bulky projector, we selected the Epson 1775W-LT to review for on-the-road presentations connected to a tablet. Here is our review of this impressive, ultra-light projector.
Competitive Intelligence: Continuous Feedback for Increased Sales and Profits Part III
This is the third of a four-part discussion on Competitive Intelligence, a system system of continuous feedback that can give businesses the winning edge over competitors and profits, even in hard economic times.
Competitive Intelligence: Continuous Feedback for Increased Sales and Profits Part II
In the second installment of this guide to competitive intelligence (CI), Enrico Codogno defines the competitive environment and looks at how companies can use CI to anticipate or react to business challenges.
Entrepreneurs' Ethical Responsibilities
Do entrepreneurs overlook their ethical responsibilities when running their companies? Ethicist Brian Keen explores the entrepreneurial mindset, from an ethical viewpoint.
Canadian Postal Codes Threatened in Copyright Lawsuit #openpostal
An important battle has begun in Canada over an essential piece of information: the lowly postal code. It is a case that has important ramifications for all businesses in Canada.
Beyond the Looking Glass: Insights Into Wealth Power and Ideals Worth Pursuing
Richard Watts is a lawyer who has seen first-hand what it means to live the life of the super-rich and CanadaOne recently caught up with Richard to ask him about his own experiences with the rich and famous.
Business Innovation Challenge
Join our challenge to share you knowledge, gain ideas and have a chance to have free national media publicity!
Crowdfunding: The Power of the Crowd
Crowdfunding allows geeks, innovators and artists to connect with the online public to get products and ideas funded. Here is a run-down of this innovative new funding source, from a Canadian perspective.
Roam Mobility offers Canadian Travelers Affordable Mobile Coverage
If you are traveling to the US you will want to check out Roam Mobility's celluar products and data plans, which can drastically cut what you pay for data and cell phone service while in the States.
Book Review: Fables of Fortune
Our review of Fables of Fortune, a book that invites you to step into the world of the super-rich and discover what it is really like to have extreme wealth.
Canada's New Anti-Spam Law: Businesses Beware
Will Canada's new anti-spam legislation put your company at risk? Here is a look at why this new legislation is raising more concerns than it solves.
Communication Engagement Begins with You!
The most effective networking uses a specific mental attitude combined with an ability to listen and observe.
Eight Ways to Elevate Your Email Marketing
Would you like to see more people open and responde to your email marketing messages? These tips will help you craft more effective email campaigns.
Competitive Intelligence: Continuous Feedback for Increased Sales and Profits
This is the first of a multi-part discussion on how Competitive Intelligence (a system of continuous feedback) gives businesses the winning edge over competitors and profits - even in hard economic times.
Which social media platforms are best for YOUR business?
The following questions are designed to help you successfully filter your social media options and invest in the solutions that are best for you.
10 Revenue Automation Tips for Your Business
Here is how your business can get started with Revenue Automation to get better results from your marketing efforts.
Overcoming Barriers to Innovation, Business Growth
In this 3-part interview with entrepreneurship expert Rick Spence we explore ways small and medium sized businesses stay competitive and grow their companies. This first installment tackles what is often the biggest barrier to growth: financing.
A New Path for Innovation: The Art of Followership
There is a vast industry designed to practice the art of leading people. Yet, what about to practice the art of leading ideas? To be truly effective in leading people, businesses need to learn how to embrace and encourage effective  followership .
Ethics in Business: Disaster at Sea
In this second installment on ethics in business, Brian Keen takes a close look at the Costa Concordia disaster.
Customer Service Tips When People Are Stressed
When it comes to dealing with customers who are stressed, some jobs are easier than others. This advice will help you manage difficult situations.
Getting Some Action on Facebook
In this article Lisa Kember teaches us how to get fans to interaction with our businesses on Facebook.
How Small Businesses can Leverage LinkedIn to Grow their Business
To learn how small companies can make the best use of Linked In CanadaOne went to the source.
How To Maintain Customer Loyalty
Here are the four top ways you can restructure your business to attract and retain the loyalty of your customers.
Start-ups Uncovered: Introducing
Meet 49st, Toronto-based start-up with a unique approach to managing and promoting events online. Over the coming year CanadaOne will follow their story, to take you behind the scenes of a hopeful Canadian start-up.
7 Digital Advertising Trends for 2012
Last month hundreds of delegates came together at the Dx3 Canada conference, dubbed as  Canada's Digital Tradeshow . CanadaOne was there on the hunt to find emerging products and services in the digital space. Here are the seven selections that stood out.
Innovation funding for smaller companies threatened as PMO signals discontent over SR&ED program
Small and medium-sized companies in Canada that access SR&ED tax credts need to know that major changes to the program may be coming based on the "Jenkins report", which was created by a six person panel that lacked SME representation.
Is your Social Network Yielding Results?
Learn how the creation of effective attraction and follow-up systems are key to social media success.
Ontario's New Accessibility Standards: What Small Businesses Need to Know
As of January 1, 2012 all organizations in Ontario must comply with the new accessibility Customer Service Standard. Here is what you need to know about this new law.
Reputational Risk Management: Why it Matters and How to Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Company
Before jumping into online marketing, self-employed people and businesses must take steps to guard their reputations. This article and checklist will help.
Getting Value from Your Digital Advertising
New research from comScore has unveiled some interesting suggestions for maximizing the effectiveness of your digital ad campaigns.
Are You Promoting the Right People?
Find out how you can improve your hiring practices and avoid common hiring mistakes.
Promoting an Ethical Work Environment and Culture: The Role of HR
Leadership without ethics is like navigation without a compass. You might ultimately find your way, perhaps with good luck, but there will be an incredible amount of time wasted and your team will lose faith as they are unsure of the path.
5 Tips for Content Marketing
Marketing automation is the next level in getting the best return on investments from your website. Jimmy Li of BC-based marketing automation specialists,, shared five tips to help you get the most out of your content marketing strategy.
The Impact of Design Thinking
Design thinking is about studying how people experience your product or service and finding ways to enhance this experience. Thinking about the initial reaction, the experience of using it and designing how you want people to reflect can lead to ideas that strengthen the bottom line.
Discover the Value of Good New Year's Resolutions
Before you dismiss the value of creating New Year's resolutions, you may want to consider the findings of two important studies.
To Franchise or Not to Franchise... How does Your Business Answer this Question?
Shelly Sun has proven that she can walk the walk when it comes to building a successful franchise. We spoke with her recently to learn more about her insights into franchising a business.
Exploring Business Ethics: Firing Due to Pregnancy
Can thinking like an ethicist help the bottom-line of your business? In this new column, ethicist Dr. Brian Keen will examine difficult questions that come up in business and the media. To get started he tackles the question of dealing unfairly when a business discovers an employee is pregnant.
How to Get More Time in 2012
If you felt like you didn't have enough time in 2011, you were not alone. Read on for a step-by-step guide to help you shift the way you see time, and thereby get more of it for yourself and your business in 2012.
Content Marketing: It's That Easy!
Content marketing leverages this sharing - it works to create shareable information and online experiences in order to build your brand. In this article Lisa Kember describes how you can use content marketing effectively in your business.
Make 2012 a Year for Change, Both in Business and in Life
2012 is an infamous year, a fringe year, where logic is often set aside for mystery. It has been predicted as a year of change for over a millennia. Which makes it an excellent year to reconsider some of the decisions you make both personally and professionally.
Is Your Business Ready to Move into the Cloud?
Cloud computing offers huge benefits to SMBs - and it's not as difficult or complex as some might think.
Who’s Counting? Quantity vs. Quality in Social Media
In this age of social media, when there’s such an emphasis on getting more fans, followers, and subscribers, it’s easy to feel a bit anxious about ramping up your connections on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Here is some advice that will decide on a strategy to use that best suits your business.
The Importance of Client Relationships
It's critical to the growth of your business to both make a good first impression and keep that impression throughout the business relationship. That's why it's worth your time to put some thought into what exactly you want that impression to be.
Shooting Great Business Videos on a Budget
Want to shoot great video? These seven tips will help you look like a pro when putting a video together for your small business.
Going Mobile: The Disconnect Between Convenience and Security
Today's mobile phone will be tomorrow's dinosaur, a reality that is driving manufacturers to emphasize style over functionality. But with the growing number of security vulnerabilities, it is time for business owners to weigh the risks.
Book Review: Wal-Mart's Egonomics
While at a first glance Wal-Mart’s Egonomics could look like an attempt at petty revenge, as the story unfolds in great detail it emerges as a cautionary tale for any small company that hopes to become a supplier to Wal-Mart. There are many lessons here along with a few surprises.
Franchise Purchase Considerations
There are many pitfalls awaiting the unwary franchise purchaser. A thorough investigation, however, can help the buyer dodge the hazards and uncover the  right  opportunity.
Legal Issues When Doing Business Between Canada and the US
Meet Nick Pavlidis, a New York lawyer who came up to the Search Engine Strategies conference in June to share insights into US law and the Internet. CanadaOne caught up with Nick to ask him about legal considerations for Canadian companies doing business with Americans online as well as other cross-border legal issues.
Holiday Giveaway
Killer Facebook Targeting
Dramatically increase the response rates from you Facebook ads using this advice from Marty Weintraub, author of Killer Facebook Ads. This video contains clips and insights from Marty's presentation at SES Toronto in June 2011.
Book Review: The Buying Brain: Secrets for Selling to the Subconscious Mind
Did your ads fail because they used an approach that simply would not engage your target audience? This book addresses how to turn that around and making the sell to the right audience.
Book Review: Ignite the Third Factor
Dr. Peter Jensen takes on an issue facing coaches, managers and leaders everywhere: how to get people committed to reaching their full potential.
Book Review: Capturing New Markets
Stephen Wunker's excellent book tackles why new markets matter and fills with strategies and methods geared toward creating new opportunities and generating profit from underexploited markets.
Bullies in the Boardroom: Covering the Legal Bases
To avoid bad debts and other board room antics, consider this advice from senior commercial litigator Igor Ellyn.
Do-It-Yourself Customer Research
When it comes down to it, listening to your customers isn't really an option. It's a necessity. This advice will help you navigate the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) customer research route.
Business Innovation: A New Approach to Weight-Loss
When Newtopia decided to combine DNA testing with weight loss products and coaching, they created an entirely new way of approaching the business of weight loss and healthy living.
The Hidden Realities in Franchise Financing
Evaluated these important financing considerations before you take the leap to turn your business into a franchise system.
An In-Depth Guide for Independent Contractors in Canada
With at least 1.8 million Canadians in temporary and contract employment, our in-depth primer was created to explain what you need to know if you currently work as an independent contractor or are consider becoming one.
Franchisor Show their Stuff at Toronto Expo
From a mobile solar-powered building to interesting ways to build a part-time coffee business, many franchise opportunities were on display at the 2011 Toronto Business & Investment Expo.
Capturing Success: An Interview with Award-Winning Photographer Kristian Bogner
Award-winning photographer Kristian Bogner is living a life many dream of, travelling to exotic places, photographing famous people, capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments. Kristian is currently in Ladahk, India where he is photographing monks, monasteries and nomads. While he is off exploring the world, CanadaOne reveals some of Kristian's key insights into his success in business.
Rob Ford, Art Mayor? Toronto's Take on Graffiti Vandalism
Will Toronto's new graffiti plan make Rob Ford the "art mayor" of Toronto? This short documentary looks at the new graffiti management plan the City of Toronto passed in June 2011.
Bullies in the Boardroom: How to Handle Difficult Clients [Part 1]
All small business owners have come across client bullies, whether they demand more than what they are paying for or cause problems when it's time to pay their bills. In this first article we look at behavioural management strategies that can help you handle clients who don't play nice.
3 Tips on Choosing the Franchise that Is Right for You
Buying a franchise is a big decision. Here are 3 tips for you to consider while weighing your options.
3 Tips on Choosing the Franchise that is Right for You
7 Programs to Protect and Find Your Smartphones and Mobile Devices
Protect your mobile devices on-the-go with these seven products that will help you deter thieves and find your phone if it is ever lost or stolen.
Protecting Your Company's Network Security
Douglas W. Grosfield shares a few tips on how to secure your company's network.
Expanding Your Franchising: Tips for Crossing Borders
When it comes to business expansion, there are quite a few things to consider and in this article we will examine them.
Hiring Smart: Finding the Fit Factor
Hire slow, fire fast is a long-time adage in business. Yet hiring right is easier said than done. CanadaOne caught up with HR expert Jim Beqaj to learn about his unique strategy for finding people who are the right fit for your business.
Email Goes Social: Amp Up Your Word of Mouth Engine
Social networks have been generating a lot of hype in the last few years as new ways of reaching and communicating with customers. Lisa Kember from Constant Contact talks about practices using these networks along with email for engagement marketing.
Software Review: Adobe CS5.5
The release of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 (CS5.5) marks the first mid-cycle update by the company, who has changed the release strategy of their milestone products (the next being CS6) to a two-year cycle.
Book Review: Entrepreneurial DNA
Joe Abraham's inspirational springboard for Entrepreneurial DNA is simple, but the implications are vast. His call to eschew  old-school entrepreneurship  is well argued and makes a lot of sense: we are using the same playbook for a game that has rapidly changed.
Twitter for Small Business: An Interview With Alex Blom
Alex Blom of Helix Commerce and SalesChoice talks about how to use Twitter for small business.
What Are the Differences in Buying a Franchise in a New System versus an Established One?
Ned Levitt talks about the pros and cons of different types of franchise systems.
Digital Estate Planning for Small Businesses: Part 1
Claudiu Popa explains to how to manage your digital data.
Franchise Innovations: A Look at Adobe Connect Managed Services
Adobe has introduced a new online training and webinar product, Adobe Connect Managed Services, uniquely suited to help franchises provide innovative online training to franchisees.
What Are the Differences in Buying a Franchise in a New System versus an Established One?
Getting Found Post-Panda: Understanding the New Rules for Getting to the Top in Google
Google's Panda update, as well as many other algorithm tweaks, have changed some important search engine optimization fundamentals. If you want to do well in Google's search results, you need to understand the new rules of the game.
Getting Found in Google: The Impact of Duplicate Content and Ads on Page
Duplicate content and the number of ads on your page could be harming your search position with Google's new Panda algorithm
Getting Found in Google: Insights into the +1 Button and
Whether Google's +1 button will have a significant impact on search results will have a lot to do with Google's ability to market Plus 1 to ordinary users.
Getting Found in Google: Four Action Steps to Reoptimize Your Website
How can a site owner who were affected by Panda prioritize their recovery efforts? This list summarizes the points from the session.
Franchise Innovations: A Look at Adobe Connect Managed Services
Adobe has introduced an online training and webinar product, Adobe Connect Managed Services, uniquely suited to help franchises provide innovative online training to franchisees.
Digital Estate Planning for Small Businesses: Part 2
Book Review: Enterprise Social Technology
Scott Klososky talks about how everything that can be considered  social technology  can be harnessed by businesses to build a more vibrant online presence.
Cash Flow: The Lifeblood of Every Small Business
Connie Certusi from Sage Small Business Accounting Solutions suggests ways to properly set up cash flow for small businesses.
Blogging for Business: How to Humanize Your Business and Connect with Customers
Tara Hunt of Buyosphere gave out some tips on how to use blogging as a tool to interact, engage with and increase your customer base.
The Future Of Customer Service: 3 Trends That Will Change The Way You Serve Customers
Jeff Mowat explains the most significant trends in customer service, and how you can position your business to capitalize rather than capsize in response.
When You Fail to Plan...
Mark Wardell explains how to develop a strategy that will ensure you achieve your business goals, whether that means tripling your revenues, going global, or spending more time on the golf course.
Not So Tweet After All: Social Media's Impact on Workplace Firing
When an employee says something totally inappropriate on a social media forum, can the employer safely fire that person? Workplace law expert Daniel A. Lublin outlines the issues.
Flash Foresight: A Look at Technology Trends that are Transforming Business
Are you aware of how technology is affecting your brand? CanadaOne recently connected with Daniel Burrus, a world-leading technology forecaster and business strategist, to gain insights into into technology transformations and emerging business trends.
Search Engine Essentials: What Canadian Businesses Need to Know
If you run a small business in Canada, you need to understand how search engines can be used to boost your business. In this interview with SEO expert Jonathan Allen we explore exactly what business need to know about this important business tool.
Avoiding Legal Perils: Critical Insights into Canadian Franchise Law
Before you buy - or sell - a franchise, make sure that you understand these ins and outs of Canadian franchise legislation.
Avoiding Legal Perils: Critical Insights into Canadian Franchise Law
Before you buy - or sell - a franchise, make sure that you understand these ins and outs of Canadian franchise legislation.
7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Franchise: A Lawyer's Perspective
Doing your homework carefully before you buy a franchise will help you avoid litigation after the deal has closed. These tips from Jonathan Mesiano-Crookston, a lawyer that advises both franchisors and franchisees, should help.
7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Franchisedduwwquufvba
Jonathan Mesiano-Crookston, a lawyer that advises both franchisors and franchisees, offers seven tips which make the buying process a little less stressful, and more successful, for prospective franchisees.
Your Mission? Build Your Company’s Best Mission Statement Ever!
Having spent over 20 years researching mission statements, Dr. Chris Bart knows his stuff. In this article he shares with CanadaOne the steps to creating a highly effective mission statement.
Securing a Domain Name and Your Social Media Usernames
Here's a quick tip for chosing a domain name (.com or .ca) for your company.
Is Your Business Visible Online? These Search Engine Strategies (SES) Can Help
In a world of digital hyper-media, having a web presence is essential to success. Building an online strategy that is effective can be a daunting task, but help is on the way.
Coming Home: Home-Based Franchise Opportunities for the Entrepreneurial Mind
Many  service oriented  franchisors are now offering two of today's most sought after business trends - home based businesses and franchise driven concepts - in one powerful package.
Coming Home: Home-Based Franchise Opportunities for the Entrepreneurial Mind
Many  service oriented  franchisors are now offering two of today's most sought after business trends - home based businesses and franchise driven concepts - in one powerful package.
Seven Facts and Myths About Franchising in Canada
If you are considering buying a franchise, it is important for you to do your homework and inform yourself of both the benefits and risks. What's more, you need to prepare yourself to deflect high pressured sales tactics and keep your emotions out of the decision.
Creating an Action Plan for your Canadian Small Business
The ability to take action and put ideas into practices is what sets great businesses apart from the rest. Here is how you can create an action plan for your business in five steps. You may be surprised by some of the suggestions.
Starting a Business in Canada: Understanding the Basics of Buying a Franchise
There are many reasons to consider the franchise option, but the most important reason is that franchises have a high likelihood of success. To help people who are looking at starting a business better understand the ins and outs of franchising, we are creating this free guide. To get started, consider how franchises differ from other forms of business.
Be Awesome: How Social Media Can Help You Use Un-Marketing in Your Business
Scott Stratten has a straight-forward strategy for putting 'unmarketing' to work in your business: Be Awesome. With over 85,000 Twitter followers and a book that hit the bestseller list as it came off the presses, he leads by example. In this video interview we catch up with Scott to learn more about how small businesses can use social media and unmarketing in their companies.
Interview with Donna Messer: Networking Queen
Donna Messer has had a colourful career that began in banking and grew into entrepreneurship, food and most notably, networking. This May Donna is busy again, launching a new magazine for entrepreneurs in Toronto. CanadaOne caught up with Donna to learn more about her new venture and also to learn about her experiences as an entrepreneur.
Starting a Business in Canada: Understanding the Basics of Buying a Franchise
There are many reasons to consider the franchise option, but the most important reason is that franchises have a high likelihood of success. To help people who are looking at starting a business better understand the ins and outs of franchising, we are creating this free guide. To get started, consider how franchises differ from other forms of business.
Seven Facts and Myths About Franchising in Canada
If you are considering buying a franchise, it is important for you to do your homework and inform yourself of both the benefits and risks. What's more, you need to prepare yourself to deflect high pressured sales tactics and keep your emotions out of the decision. Here is a look at some key things to keep in mind if you are thinking of becoming a franchisee.
Does Google's New Farmer / Panda Search Algorithm Help  Thin  Websites Rise to Top?
Google's new Farmer (aka Panda) algorithm is supposed to penalize content farms with  thin  content. Why then are super-thin pages/sites dominating the top ten results?
Groupon and Beyond: How Group-Buying Sites Are Transforming Business
Increasingly, businesses are hopping on the group-buying bandwagon. Before you offer deep discounts online, consider what your business has to gain—and lose.
Twitiquette: Mind Your Social Networking Ps and Qs
If you want win friends and influence people on social media networks, start by following these social etiquette guidelines.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Eight Common Myths Debunked
Want your website to soar to the top of Google? Read on to find out what strategies don't work.
Stay Afloat With Positive Cash Flow
Profits on paper won't sustain your business. But positive cash flow, the lifeblood of any company, will.
Get Your Canadian Business Online: Google Gives Small Businesses in Canada Free .ca Domain, Website
If your small business doesn't have a website, you'll want to consider this latest offering from Google and partners. Despite its flaws, it can help get you up and running.
Buying Video Gear for Your Small Business: Part 1
Lights, camera, action! Shooting marketing videos for the web begins with a great camera. Here's what you need to know before you buy.
Buying Video Gear for Your Small Business: Video Jargon (Page 2)
Framerate, bitrate, sensors and compressions: here is our guide to navigating through video camera buying jargon.
A Guide to Expense Deductions in Your Canadian Business
The federal government's rules for tax deductions for businesses are not always clear-cut. Here, we help you navigate around some of the stickier ones.
What Biology Can Tell Us About Consumers
Biology is a curious thing. In this interview, Diana Derval explains how it can influence everything from whether you are likely to view red as a calming or exciting colour to which coffee taste is likely to have the highest sales.
Winning Results Through Employee Engagement
When it comes to leadership, actions are often more important than ideas. These three steps can help you improve employee engagement in your workplace.
The Payoffs of Weekly Planning
If you think you don't have time to think about time management, think again. Without a plan in place, you're far more likely to be pulled in many time-wasting directions.
Trust in Business: an Interview with Heather Conway
What, exactly does trust mean to the world's most coveted consumers and how has this changed over the past decade? That is a question Edelman Canada has tried to answer over the past eleven years in doing research for their Edelman Trust Barometer.
Social Media Insights from Obama's 'Digital Oracle', Mike Slaby [Recap]
This multimedia article contains excerpts and video clips from the recent Direct Engagement show with guests Mike Slaby, best known as the 'digital oracle' behind Obama's successful presidential election campaign, and Ontario Minister Takhar.
Book Review: How to Sell Anything to Anyone at Anytime
The title of this how-to book promises the moon. Seasoned sales pros may find it slim pickings, but novice salespeople--and salespeople in a rut--should crack it open.
'Tubing It: Calgary Company Shoots for Success on YouTube
Meet Jordan Drake and Chris Niccolls, two employees of Calgary-based The Camera Store who are successfully harnessing YouTube to promote their employer's business--one video at a time.
Book Review: Getting Work with the Federal Government
If you've ever wanted to understand the ins and outs of landing federal government contracts, you'll want to read this book.
What You Can Do to Avoid Copyright Crime
If you think it's okay to use an image you found online in your blog or in other places, think again. As one Vancouver-based company learned the hard way, copyright violations can be costly.
Book Review: The Limits of Strategy
The Limits of Strategy: Julie King explains why this business book is worth a careful read.
Book Review: Selling Q&A’s
Selling Q&A’s: Don’t let its cover fool you: This book is a true gem among self-help titles.
EI Benefits Extended to the Self-Employed
The federal government has extended Employment Insurance's  special benefits  to the self-employed. Here's what you need to know.
Keys to Motivating Your Employees
How you can capture the hearts and minds of your employees--and get them to do what needs to be done.
10 Tips on Managing Your Cash Flow
Read chartered accountant Jeffrey D. Sherman's tips on how to better manage your business's finances.
The Top Five Small-Business Blunders
It's easier to sidestep small business pitfalls when you know what they are.
Watch Your Language
Jeff Mowatt shares customer service tips for employees who may struggle with English when it is their second language.
Inventor's Savvy Turns Wastewater into Savings
Gerald Van Decker sold his Ottawa home to launch the Power-Pipe. He's banking that his investment won't go down the drain.
Going Green: Help for Managing Your E-Waste
Properly managing end-of-life electronics helps protect your business - and benefits the environment.
Summer Subsidies: Government Grants Can Help You Hire
Now is the time to check out government programs that can help you hire a summer student, recent grad or apprentice.
Web Video How-to for Small Business
We talk to Colin Smith from Adobe on how small businesses can get into and utilize web video.
Simple Math: Success = Being Mission Driven
Dr. Chris Bart discusses how to be mission-driven as a business.
Club Med's Online Marketing Trident
Club Med is an established, trusted brand whose trident logo is synonymous with surf, sun, and sand. Well, when the company decided to engage the Canadian online marketplace, it employed a strategy that also had a three-pronged approach.
How to Find the Right Tone for Your Web Copy
You can set a tone that is appropriate for the Web while respecting your brand with these few simple rules and techniques.
Company Websites that Make the Gradedduwwquufvba
Design. Mobile compatibility. User experience. Search optimization. Social media. Measurement. Standards. Whew!
Workshops Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Businesses
The free workshops at the Innovation Synergy Centre in Markham are helping entrepreneurs launch new products and services.
How to Compete with Discounters
Jeff Mowatt discusses how to strategize against big discounters for small to medium-sized businesses.
Improve Company Value with an Effective Organizational Structure
A step-by-step guide to creating an effective organizational structure that will work for your business.
National Mentoring Challenge Calls for Best Business Advice
Enterprise experts and everyday Canadians take note: The Canadian Youth Business Foundation wants your best business tips, guidance and suggestions.
What to Do When Your Kids Don't Want the Business: The Third-Party Option
Selling your business to a third party is an unpredictable process that should be negotiated thoughtfully.
Federal Program Offers Incentives to Businesses to Go Green
If you're thinking about implementing energy-saving projects, then you'll want to act now before this federal program wraps up in early 2011.
How Emotional Intelligence Can Transform Your Business
Many entrepreneurs have the smarts and technical expertise to launch a successful business. But not all of them have mastered the  softer  skills that can make or break a business.
What You Need to Know About New Accounting Software
Sage and Intuit are putting more power in the hands of small businesses with their new offerings for 2011.
Entrepreneur Lands Shelf Space With Big-Name Canadian Retailers
Alex Barseghian quit his job as a marketing executive to launch a gift-box company. He calls his product  gift cards on steroids. 
Fasten Your Seatbelts: The Next Computing Revolution is on its Way!
Learn how three Canadian players: a hospital, a software company and a mobile device manufacturer, are working together to make smart innovations a reality.
SMBs are crucial to developing Canada's digital infrastructure
To achieve the goal for all Canadians to be able to do "anything online" by 2017, Canada needs to continue develop its digital infrastructure in rural and remote areas.
The Second Most Important Person in Your Business
They're gatekeepers, organizers, documenters and confidential advisors. Here's what you need to look for in a great executive assistant.
What to Do When Your Kids Don't Want the Business: The Employee Buy-Out Option
Selling your business to employees is not an easy decision. Here's what you need to consider.
Don't Let Poor Website Design Hold Your Business Hostage
Do-it-yourself website design may seem like a good idea at the get-go but it could cost you opportunities, revenue and growth.
Celebrating 40 Years of BIAs
Business Improvement Areas serve thousands of communities worldwide. Sara Bedal tells you how they got their start.
Book Review: Gamestorming
Dubbed a "A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers," Gamestorming will help you harness improvisation, visual thinking and creativity.
Book Review:The Myths of Innovation
If you've ever questioned the cliches that surround the creative process, you'll want to pick up this new paperback.
Four Simple Steps to Sharpening Your Writing
Want to pack more punch into your written messages? Expert communicator Paul Lima tells you how.
October is Small Business Month!
It is time to celebrate, network and focus on business as Small Business Month gets underway.
Pitching Your Business Idea to Angels & Venture Capitalists
When you reach the point where you need equity capital to finance the implementation of a business idea, opportunity or growth plan, it is important to perfect your pitch.
It's Small Business Week!
It's small business week, a time to celebrate entrepreneurship, innovation and to focus on networking and growing our businesses!
Small Business Week Special: The Innovation Challenge
Learn how small businesses are advancing innovations and adopting an innovation mindset.
CIBC Launches First VISA Debit Card in Canada
Small Business Week Special: Cashflow Management
Cash-flow management is at the heart of every business, and that's doubly true in the rough and tumble world of retailing.
Small Business Week Special: Green Marketing
It's never been a better time to promote your company's  green  credentials. In fact, for many industries it's become a prerequisite for attracting and retaining customers, employees and suppliers.
Small Business Week Special: Global Supply Chains
Think your company is too small to join a big multinational's supply chain? Heads up: seems they need small companies as much as you need them.
Small Business Week Special: Ready, Aim, Hire!
Is your company ready to start hiring again now that the economy is recovering? If so, there are a few things small firms should know and do if they want to recruit top talent ahead of their competitors.
The Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurialism
Mark Wardell shares his strategies to help you weather the inevitable storms of entrepreneurialism and get you back to sunnier days.
Optimizing Your Press Release
A great press release can go a long way in terms of gaining free publicity for your business, especially in an increasingly digital media .
10 Steps to Getting the Click
Want to encourage website visitors to click on your links and graphics? Sharon Housley tells you how.
Do People in Your Business Think Alike?
If you want results from your staff, you may need to reconsider what tools will help them set and achieve their goals.
The Case Study 'Case Study'
Author and journalist Paul Lima explores how you can use case studies to enhance your website, as well as your corporate message.
What to do When Your Kids Don't Want the Business
Among family business owners the belief is that one day their children will take over the company. But what happens when the children are not interested in following in the family footsteps?
David Versus Goliath: i4i Inc's Battle Against a Giant
Toronto-based i4i sued Microsoft for patent infringement they won a $290 million dollar award. CanadaOne spoke with i4i's founder Michael Vulpe and chairman Loudon Owen about what it takes to bring an innovative product to market-and how they defended their rights against a giant.
Book Review: Merchants of Deception
Read this month's review of Merchants of Deception, by Eric Scheibeler.
Book Review: The Business Playground: Where Creativity and Commerce Collide
Julie King reviews the Book  The Business Playground  by Dave Stewart and Mark Simmons.
Review: Litmus App Email Preview Software
Sending out newsletters is a great way to grow your business. This month we review Litmus, an easy way to send, preview and manage Internet newsletters.
Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: How to Prepare for Interviews with Reporters
The next time a reporter contacts you looking for an interview, be prepared.
Your Irresistible Offer
Jeff Mowatt shares three tips that will help you get past the front door when making a sale.
Growth by Acquisition
If you have ever contemplated growth through acquisition, you will want to read this article.
Seven Tips to Keep your Cash Flow on Track
Like it or not, the HST must now be charged on most sales in Ontario and BC. The new tax will affect business systems and more importantly, it may impact your cash flow.
Heat Wave: What Employers Need to Know About Managing Heat Stress in the Workplace
Record temperatures in Quebec and Ontario last month point to the potential for a sizzling summer ahead. To help we have researched the essentials that will help you keep your employees safe.
It's all About the Evidence when Responding to RFP's
Here's how you can differentiate your proposal by providing detailed, concise and relevant evidence that supports your sales pitch.
Heat Wave: What Employers Need to Know About Managing Heat Stress in the Workplace
Record temperatures in Quebec and Ontario last month point to the potential for a sizzling summer ahead. To help we have researched the essentials that will help you keep your employees safe.
Using Coming Soon Pages to Kick-Start Online Marketing
A simple pre-launch of your website can boost your marketing efforts.
Ottawa Realtor Innovates With Smartphone App
In the coming months we will celebrate innovations and ingenuity of Canadian entrepreneurs. In our first innovation profile we look at how one Ottawa realtor has shaken up real estate marketing.
Business Contracts 101: What Canadian Businesses Need to Know
This guide looks at what you need to know about business contracts before you sign on the dotted line.
Social Media, Search Trends and the "Findability" of Your Business
With social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter playing a central role in how people access content online, getting found is becoming much more complicated. In this interview Ian McAnerin explains the new landscape.
3 Steps for Starting a Business You Can Sell One Day
If you want to create something of value that you could one day sell, it's important to start a business that can scale into more than just a glorified job. Here are three steps for starting a business you can sell down the road.
Book Review: The Corporate Storyteller
This is light, engaging book carries an important message that could help many business people. You can think of it as a paradigm shift, really.
Tip the Scales toward a Healthier Work-Life Balance
Striking a balance between work and the rest of your life can be challenging. Here's how to make this goal achievable.
Book Review: Built to Sell
This entertaining read outlines what an entrepreneur must do to create a sellable company.
HST Primer: What Businesses in Ontario and British Columbia Need to Know
If you are a business in Ontario or B.C., HST takes effect on July 1, 2010 whether you like it or not. This comprehensive, plain-language guide will help you manage the transition.
Nine Things Not to Say to Creative Professionals
So you've hired a creative professional. If you want to get the most out of their services, here are nine things you shouldn't say.
3 Secrets to Getting a Higher Multiple for your Business
When selling a business, more scalable businesses will typically have higher valuations. Read on to learn about the three criteria that will help you determine if you have a scalable business.
Listening to Your Customer Through Social Media
These few simple steps will help you learn how to listen to what your customers are saying about your industry, products, and services.
Using Facebook for Business
With over 400,000,000 active users worldwide, Facebook is a marketing channel like few others. These tips will help you understand how to put the power of Facebook's user base to work for your business.
Book Review: Unwritten Rules - Women Need to Know about Leading in Today's Organizations
Our review of Unwritten Rules: What Women Need to Know about Leading in Today's Organizations
Prepare your Business for Emergency One Step at a Time
If disaster were to strike your company tomorrow, would you be prepared? In this article Chuck Wright, Director of the 20th World Conference on Disaster Management. outlines what businesses can do to prepare for an emergency.
Marketing with Zero Budget
If you find your marketing budget being pinched by the current economic conditions there is good news. Your most successful marketing strategy doesn't need to cost a penny.
Book Review: Win More Business - Write Better Proposals
Theriault starts with a simple principal - winning is everything.
Marketing and Public Relations: Building Your Small Business During a Recession
Believe it or not, some of the greatest fortunes have been made during recessions. So what does it take to build business in an economic downturn?
Network to Grow Your Business
If you're looking to grow your business, networking will help get you there.
Book Review: The Gettysburg Approach to Writing & Speaking Like a Professional
We gave The "I" of the Storm a positive recommendation a few years ago for people who want to improve their written communications. Yaffe's latest book is even better.
Book Review: Psychology of Executive Retirement from Fear to Passion
At first glance, small business owners with retirement on the horizon might question the relevance of this self-help book.
Out-of-the-Box Business Thinking with Mike Winkelmann, West Coast Food Machines
When Mike Winkelmann opened his high-end butcher shop and deli, little did he know that its failure two years later would be a blessing in disguise.
Strategy Execution Priority 3: Staying on Your Toes
In this final instalment we are going to delve into the final element of successful execution of your strategy: improving adaptability to changing circumstances.
How to Handle the Media During a Customer Service Crisis
Where does 'Blue Sky' Thinking Happen in your Service Business?
If manufacturers invest in research and development (R&D) for new ideas, processes and products that lead to tomorrow's profits, where do the service sectors invest for ideas for tomorrow's profits?
Elizabeth Grant is Not Your Ordinary Entrepreneur
Still active at 88 in the multi-million dollar business she started in the 50s, Elizabeth Grant defines success. Here is her story.
Thought Leadership for Executive Teams: Who is Thinking about your Thinking?
thought leadership, thinking, Ed Bernaki, executives, management, teams, creativity, ideas
Marketing and Public Relations in 2010 Requires a Whole New Business Model
With old business models not as effective as they once were, business owners need to look for new approaches to break through the marketing clutter.
Social Media and Customer Relationship Management:How Businesses Can Use Facebook and Other Social Media to Improve Customer Relationships
This article evaluates the impact of social media has had on how businesses manage and interact with customers.
Strategy Execution Priority 2: Getting a Grip on Results
Learn how performance agreements can help tie employees goals to your organizational initiatives.
What Boomer Women Want
If your target-market is Baby-Boomer women, you need to operate quite differently from the current practices of most retailers.
Success by Design
For a business, the look you project can be closely tied to your business results.
Food Incubator Cooks Up Success
Food entrepreneurs are sweetening their chance of success at unique busines incubator.
On Page Search Engine Optimization
Use these strategies to improve your search engine rankings.
Espionage the Legal Way : How to Create Powerful Proposals
Strategic information can help you get higher scores on your proposal evaluation. Here's how.
Get Ready for a More Profitable 2010
This year, pay attention to the right signals and increase your business' value.
Managing Security & Privacy Risks
Security expert Claudiu Popa explains how a layered approach can help you keep your data secure.
7 Golden Rules for a Winning Proposal
You're proposals will be more successful if you take a more strategic approach, customize your proposal to meet your client's specific needs and follow these simple 7 Golden Rules.
Strategy Execution Priority 1: Improve Organizational Alignment
David Gordon outlines the first of the three key components to strategy execution: Organizational Alignment.
Driving Safe: How to Go Hands-Free and Still Do Business on the Road
We researched low cost options for going hands-free in the car, for voice, texts and email.
Answers to 7 Questions about Using Social Media in Your Business
Interested in social media, but not sure where to begin? Read on to get your questions answered and learn how you can use social media in your business.
Book Review: Six Pixels of Separation
Economy on the rise, little by little
Listening to the recent rash of news reports on the state of the economy can make you dizzy. One claims we are out of the recession, another that there is growth, yet another will tell you things aren’t as good as they seem. So where do we stand?
Google Sidewiki: What Small Business Owners Needs to Know
Google Sidewiki is big news for business. Here's what you need to know.
Asset & Property Financing with the Canada Small Business Financing Program (CSBF)
The CSBF is a government supported leasing and loan program that could help your business.
Review: The Successful Management of Independent Business
This is an unusual business book written by an entrepreneur who built a hardware store business that survived even as large competitors opened up nearby.
Strategy Execution: Having Trouble Getting Your Strategy to Give You a Bang for a Buck?
If you regularly set a strategy for your organization, yet finding at year end that you didn't get the traction you expected you may need help with the most important step: strategy execution.
Mastering Business Dining Etiquette
If you have ever felt awkward at a business dinner because you were uncertain about dining etiquette, this advice from Linda Allan will help.
Small Business Financing in Canada: Show Me the Money!
Need money? Here are some of the most important sources of financing for start-up and growing businesses in Canada.
Why Design Thinking Matters
There is much being written about design thinking yet capturing the essence of design thinking is very difficult.
Using PR to Drive Traffic to Your Website
Tips for what you should do before you make your pitch.
Review: Toronto Book of Everything
Torontonians: do you know your city?
Economy on the rise, little by little
Listening to the recent rash of news reports on the state of the economy can make you dizzy. One claims we are out of the recession, another that there is growth, yet another will tell you things aren’t as good as they seem. So where do we stand?
Selling Yourself Short?
If you need to set yourself apart from the competition beyond just lowering prices, try changing the way you talk about what you do for a living.
David & Goliath: Tips to Help Small Companies Sell to Large Corporations
[video] Advice from a one-woman marketing company and the VP of a large corporation on how small companies can sell to large organizations.
Franchise Success: Entrepreneur Serves up Innovative Lunch Program in Schools
As kids head back to school next week, over a quarter million elementary students can look forward to nutritious hot and cold lunches in their schools thanks to the vision and perseverance of Canada's most successful entrepreneur in this sector.
An In-Depth Guide to Personal Health Spending Plans (PHSPs)
Learn how PHSPs and HSAs can save you money on your healthcare expenses.
Every Thought is an Affirmation
To use positive affirmations effectively, you first need to understand how negative thoughts can counter their effects.
Generating Relevant Website Content
For many businesses, the first step to building a more relevant website is to take a step back.
Making the Best of Tough Times May Mean A New Laptop?
New technology may be the key to greater office efficiency and morale.
Internet Users are Placing More Weight on Web Design
As web plays an increasingly important role in purchase decision making, it is critical to understand what factors have the greatest impact. Read on to learn what people liked most - and least - about websites they visited.
Conversations with Entrepreneurs: David Beron of Rab Design Lighting
In this installment of conversations with entrepreneurs we spoke with David Beron, president of Rab Design Lighting, to find out how his company has managed to shore up business during the economic recession.
8 Options for your Summer Booklist
Here are 8 business books you may want to read this summer.
Accounting 101: Understanding Operating Leases
Should you lease or buy? This primer will help you understand the ins and outs of operating lease financing.
Influence with Ease: Boosting your Business in a Slow Economy
Question: What are two words that will become increasingly important to customers over the next decade? The answer, according to marketing guru Frank Luntz, is  hassle free . Customers are fed up with being forced to jump through hoops. Yet bizarrely, even in a slow economy, companies are actually becoming more difficult for customers to do business with ...
25 Killer Websites & Web Services for Business
The most recent evolution of the business web has taken place in two areas: in the creation of online applications and integration of online data with mobile devices.
Why You Should Just Do It Now
Do you need to make an important decision in the face of uncertainties? Here's a winning strategy: Many of the financial gurus on TV and the web say we're entering a period of great uncertainty. And many recommend we take action, and adopt new lifestyles based on living on less.
Why Online Marketing Makes More Sense than Everdduwwquufvba
Make your company stand out on the web using old tricks and some new ones.
Using Paypal for Business
Darrell MacMullin, general manager of Paypal Canada, explains how businesses can get the most out of Paypal's merchant services and also offers insights into new technology designed to improve the safety of online transactions.
Influence with Integrity
In this article Kelly Burnett introduces us to neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and how can it help you connect better to your clients.
Is the Credit Crunch Easing for Small Businesses?
While large corporations are falling under pressure, is the small business sector making a recovery?
The  I'm Not A Genius  Syndrome
Many people limit themselves by not acknowledging their own genius and creativity.
Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Web Copy
Here's how you can fine tune your web copy to make your website more attractive to users.
If You Could Read My Mind
Every day consumers base their buying decisions on seven predictable yet irrational criteria. If you are not familiar with them, your business is at risk of losing business to competitors that are.
The Coming Death of Email
Will social media tools bring about the death of email in the business world?
Free Phone Lines for Business
In an offer that sounds almost too good to be true, an IP based phone company is offering business phones that come with no monthly fees and a myriad of features.
Small Business Survey
Leadership in Action: The Four-step Program to Identify & Address Silent Barriers to Business Success
In the second part of this two part series, learn a simple four step process to identify, isolate and tear down silent barriers in your company.
Your  Emotional Success  Fingerprint
Dr. Ammon-Wexler shows us how to sensitize our minds to success.
Preventing Identity Theft: 7 Ways to Guard Against Phishing Attacks
To keep your identity - and bank accounts - safe online, follow these seven steps.
Get off the  Feast or Famine  Rollercoaster
To achieve a Zen-like sales state in your business follow this simple process.
Small Businesses See Opportunity During Recession
Who is more likely to survive in tough economic times, David or Goliath? Read on to learn how two small businesses are building at a time when larger companies are cutting back.
Reflections of Fortune Hunter TeamPages
What can some media exposure do for your business? Mike Tan of TeamPages fills us in.
Successful Communication during Tough Economic Times
Proper motivation and communication is the key to pilot your business though uncertain times.
Six Advantages to Virtual Trade Shows
Cost savings are just one advantage of the next big trend in trade shows.
Turn your Management Team into a Value-Driving Force
Relinquishing operational control of your company might be a scary thing to do, but the benefits are clear.
Low Morale, Stalled Productivity, Apathy: Could Silent Barriers be Undermining Your Business Success?
The first in a two-part series, this article introduces us to Dave, a good manager who was having difficulty overcoming negative employee attitudes.
Build Prosperity Mind Power
To succeeed in life and business, take some time to think about how you think.
Simple Steps to Safeguard Your Data
When it comes to your business data, loss is not an option. These simple steps will help you protect your company from hardware failures, theft and malicious code attacks.
Are YOU an Emerging Champion?
To achieve your dreams, you may have to put out a different level of effort. Read on to learn how you can reach your greatest potential.
Motivating your Sales Team
If you want to motivate your sales teams, start by breaking away from the classic quota system.
Is Your Business' Glass 'Half Full' or 'Half Empty'?
Ed Bernacki puts a new spin on how you can fill your company's 'glass' and expand the potential of your business.
Web Writing: The Good, Bad and Ugly
Avoid common pitfalls in web writing and make your text work for you.
It's a New Year, Time to Create a More Effective Business
In an unstable economy, how efficiently you run your business can decide whether you fail or survive. Read on to learn how you can streamline your business.
Review: Egonomics
Is ego hampering or helping your business success? Read our review of Egonomics, a book that explores the role of ego in the success of a business.
Hunting Your Fortune
A new CBC show, Fortune Hunter's, offers businesses publicity, not cash, and the chance to hear what two experts think of their business hopes.
The ABC's of Search Optimization
These A-B-Cs of search optimization can help you boost your position in search engines like Google.
Interview with Nurse Next Door
In this exclusive interview with CanadaOne, John DeHart shares insights into franchising and his company Nurse Next Door.
Keeping Your Cash in an Economic Downturn
Times are tough. These tips will help you keep cash in the company coffers.
Managing Multiple Customers
Customer service standards can be easy to follow until you find yourself juggling the needs of many people at once. These tips will help you handle the stress of tricky customer service scenarios.
Website Testimonials: Weapons of Influence
Learn how to make your clients' words come alive and become an effective marketing tool for your business.
Traits of Successful People: A CEO's Charge For Excellence
Discover the traits CEOs develop to help motivate and unlock hidden potential in their employees.
Review: Two Great Books for Business
Want to keep your New Year's resolutions? Here are two business books that can help.
Avoid the Temptation to Just  Give Up 
Dr. Jill Ammom-Wexler explains how negative thinking patterns stop you from achieving your goals.
Book Review: grown up digital
Our review of Grown up Digital by Don Tapscott.
Why Vision is Our Most Powerful Reality Creation Tool
Do you want to reach your goals? These insights from new brain research can help you achieve your dreams and more.
Risky Business: How Repeat Customers may Jeopardize your Future
As Jeff Mowatt shows us, the complacent assumption that repeat customers mean loyal customers could be dangerous to the survival of your business.
Knowing What to Look for When Hiring Your Next Employee
Practical tips that will help you hire more effectively.
Sharing Power; A CEO's Most Effective Management Style
Discover why sharing power is an effective method of planning, developing best thinking, creating positive change and a molding a culture where people want to work.
What is Factoring?
This simmple primer explains the ins and outs of factor financing.
Store Technology Pointers
Why risk competitive disadvantage, or lost time, money and customers at the checkout by relying on outdated methods for handling transactions at the point of sale (POS) – the cash register? This article looks at things to consider when buying a POS.
Conversations with Entrepreneurs: Raymond Aaron
Author and entrepreneur Raymond Aaron talks about how his mistakes led to learnings for success. He also explains some of the ideas from his book, Double Your Income Doing What You Love.
Tax Free Savings Accounts: What You Need to Know
Learn how the new Tax Free Saving Account (TFSA) can help you grow your net worth without paying tax on the interest of your portfolio.
So You're Committed to Exporting? Here Are the Resources You'll Need
If you are looking to develop your business internationally, these resources and advice will help.
Taming the Motivation Monster
New brain research teaches us how to stop procrastinating and get motivated.
Building Customer Service Excellence: A CEOs High Payoff Activity
Knowing the difference between satisfaction and loyalty is the first step in developing customer focused excellence in your organization.
Does Franchising Kill Innovation?
In this article Ed Bernacki examines the success and failure of two franchises in Australia: Starbucks and McDonalds.
Speak to Succeed
Most people would rather disappear than deliver a presentation. These simple tips from Nicole Attias will help you put aside your fear and deliver a great presentation.
Writing Website Headlines that Connect
If you want to get your customers' attention online, writing great headlines is a critical first step.
Napkin Business Plan Contest Winners
CanadaOne is pleased to announce the top 20 finalists from the Napkin Business Plan Competition held last spring!
Canadian Small Business Survey
CanadaOne has teamed up with Creative Organizational Design, a company that specializes in surveys of all kinds, to learn more about Canadian small businesses. Please take part in our first survey!
Age Affects the Way Canadian Entrepreneurs View Business Technology
Gen X, Gen Y, Boomer, Veterans. The workforce can be broken down into these four groups, with some surprising differences between how they use and view technology in business.
Advice from the Corporate Trenches
Improve your business by focusing on these five high pay-off areas in your business.
Rising Exhibiting Costs Places New Premium on Efficiency
With the cost of exhibiting at a tradeshow up nearly 20 percent per attendee, it's no longer good enough to get a positive return on investment (ROI). Read on to learn how you can get the maximum ROI when attending your next tradeshow.
How Internet Users Prefer and Process Information
Auditory, visual or kinesthetic? Understanding how people gather and process information is the key to building an effective website for your business.
May I Help You? Understanding Ontario's New Regulation on Accessible Customer Service
In Ontario, quality service for customers with disabilities isn't just good business practice any more – it's the law. Read on to learn how this new legislation could affect your business.
Yes We Can, Canada!
In the first installment of a 15-part series, Dave Archer outlines the obvious and less obvious benefits of doing business internationally.
Setting Prices Based on Value Attracts Better Customers
If you want to become more profitable while finding it easier to source and retain clients, it may be time to consider a value based pricing model.
Provoking Great Ideas
Don't wait for drastic times before taking drastic measures. Ed Bernacki will help you provoke great ideas before disaster strikes.
Buying Trends – the Shift to Hassle-Free
For today's consumer, the quality of their experience is becoming more important than the quality of the product to the final buying decision.
The Top Four Hiring Frustrations and How to Overcome Them
Employees can be the backbone or the bane of a business. Your best option is to hire great people right from the start.
Yes We Can, Canada!
Have you considered growing your business through international sales? This is the first in a 15 part series that will take you through the process of doing business internationally.
The Problem with Golden Rules and Management Clichés
Ed Bernaki shares insights into how managers can get the best out of their people.
How to approach customer service 2.0
The Internet has empowered customers to say what they think about their customer service experiences, good or bad. The question is: is your business ready for "feedback 2.0"?
Do the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) You're Measuring Say Anything about the Value of your Business?
To identifying the value of your business, reviewing your financial data is just not enough.
Supreme Court Ruling Positive for Business
The Supreme Court ruling released on June 27, 2008 overturns the previous pro-employee decisions and sets new rights for employers.
Review: The Facebook Application Ecosystem
An O'Reilly Radar Report, The Facebook Application Ecosystem: Why Some Thrive and Most Don't, will be a good investment if you are planning to develop a Facebook application.
How to Work Less and get More Done
Jeff Mowatt shares insights into email management and how this useful tool can take over your daily agenda.
Book Review: How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 60 Days
Many consultants dream of writing a great non-fiction book, but never put the idea into practice because the task seems too overwhelming. If you fall into this category there is hope, which comes in the form of Paul Lima's new book, How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 60 Days.
A Perfect Link
Webmasters are given the advice that they must attract links, but the key is not just to attract links... they need to attract good links. But what is the perfect link? The search for the perfect link need not be a quest in vain.
Slay or Sleep with your "Giant"
Terry Gogna shares the "MCR" Technique for combating your "Giant".
Putting a Sock in Business Abroad
It is no wonder that many Canadian businesses are reluctant to export abroad. There are a lot of good reasons to export, but it is important to be properly prepared before you begin.
Napkin Business Plan Contest
Submit your start-up or business growth plan between April 4 to June 18th for a chance to win $1500 in cash, a Lexmark all-in-one printer, Simply Accounting from Sage, Maximizer CRM 10 and a 1 year subscription to Freshbooks!
Event: Transforming Small Business
Never has business faced a time of such rapid, powerful change. Join us on June 10th for an informative, interactive conference that will help you take advantage of new technologies to start, run and grow a successful small business.
Supreme Court Ruling Positive for Business
The Supreme Court ruling released on June 27, 2008 overturns the previous pro-employee decisions and sets new rights for employers.
Web Writing Tactics that Convert
The ultimate test of your website is its ability to help you achieve your sales goals.
Tips for Gaining in Google
How do you get your new website ranked in Google? Read on to learn about Google's infamous sandbox and how to play nice to get good search ranking.
Want to communicate effectively? Use the 5 Ws to help you.
Tune is as Paul Lima, freelance writer and author, explains how who - what - when - where - why can improve your business.
There is No Such Thing as Time Management
Forget about conventional ideas around time management. To succeed you need to visualize and then achieve the future you desire.
Book Review: Good to Great
Is Good to Great brilliantly insightful, or over quoted? Our reviewer shares his take on Jim Collins' bestseller.
Brand and Your Business
It is time for small businesses to wake up and pay attention to their brand. According to the first Canadian study of brand and small businesses, there is plenty of room for improvement.
Your Chance to Win in our Napkin Business Plan Contest!
Submit your start-up or business growth plan between April 4 to June 18th for a chance to win $1500 in cash, a Lexmark all-in-one printer, Simply Accounting from Sage, Maximizer CRM 10 and a 1 year subscription to Freshbooks!
Descriptive Stories Sell on More than One Level
Do you know enough about your services that you can create captivating stories that help your prospective customers see themselves enjoying the benefit of wisely selecting you to help enhance their lives, businesses and careers?
Voice Power
The human voice has the ability to draw someone in or push them away. Read on to learn how you can use the power of your voice to deliver your message effectively.
When Do You Make Time to Think?
Creative thought is crucial to your business growth. In this article Ed Bernacki outlines a simple yet effective process for maximizing the power of thought.
Poll: Web Delivers Poor Content
Slow websites, confusing menus and busy designs are just a few of the reasons that 88 per cent of online users said they were being served poor content on the Web. Read on to discover common mistakes and what you can do to fix them for your own website.
The Right Tools for the Job
Finally, a clear process that will help you select the technology tools your business needs to grow effectively!
Book Review: Step into the Spotlight
Get ready to be educated, get ready to be entertained. Tsufit has put together a delightful book that rattles the traditional dry approach to business sales and promotion.
Napkin Business Plan Contest
Submit your start-up or business growth plan between April 4 to June 18th for a chance to win $1500 in cash, a Lexmark all-in-one printer, Simply Accounting from Sage, Maximizer CRM 10 and a 1 year subscription to Freshbooks!
Free Trade Magazines and Reports
Stay informed about your industry by signing up for free business and trade magazines or downloading industry reports and white papers.
Attracting Non-Family Members Into The Fold
Hiring employees outside of your circle of comfort can be tough. Here are a few tips to get you started on the right track.
Listening To Hear
Being a good listener can determine if you can finalize a deal or not. Looking at the different type of listeners, find out how to improve this very important skill.
Goodwill can increase your business' value
The level of business goodwill that your company possesses, can mean the difference between selling for a large profit or just being able to break even.
Breaking barriers on the Web
When it comes to having an online presence, many businesses prefer to remain a part of the status quo. However, a little bit of risk could pay off in the long run.
Is your company healthy? 7 Healthy Strategies for Employee Retention
Is Your Company Healthy? 7 Healthy Strategies for Employee Retention
Employee retention is very important for the viability of any business, however, many have found that good employees leaving is a more common occurance than one might think.
Unsettling Marketing Research
It is human nature to want to know you are right. However, marketing research should tell you something you do not know and how to improve your business.
Turn your PC into two or more, instantly!
Starting a new office computer network can be a strain on any small business, but a new program from Userful Corp. can make things a lot easier.
Get Ready! It's Celebrating Time!
In March 1998 we launched our first issue, and to celebrate we have all kinds of plans for the coming month, starting with the March 2008 issue packed full of dynamite articles.
Good Shows in Bad Times: Exhibiting When Your Industry Is In Crisis
When your industry is in a crisis, can you still turn in a great tradeshow performance? Is exhibiting even necessary during bleak times? The answers to these questions may surprise you. Read on to discover what you need to know.
Recession-Proof your Canadian Business
An economic downturn will weed out less productive companies. Fortunately you can recession-proof your business by following these twelve steps.
Coaching Your Controller: Part II
In Part II of Coaching your Controller James Phillipson explains how you can find the time to implement the six steps of improvements that were laid-out in Part I.
Effective Hiring for Smaller Businesses
As a small business owner you cannot afford to hire the wrong person for your job. Read on to learn about a five-step hiring process that has the power to radically improve your hiring results.
Conversations with Entrepreneurs: Moe Somani
For eleven years Moe Somani has been helping small companies connect with services that were traditionally only available to larger firms. Here is his story.
The Mathematics of Persuasive Communication: Part III
In this final installment of Philip Yaffe's three part series on effective written communications, Mr. Yaffe looks at the role of density in the creation of effective prose.
Managing Multiple Priorities
If you work by the principle that customers are your number one priority, you may actually reduce your effectiveness and damage your business.
Merging Cultures Need Strong Leaders
Large or small, the merger between two companies can be a daunting proposition. Doug Robbins identifies some of the key things that will make your merger go smoothly.
The Mathematics of Persuasive Communication: Part II
In the second installment in this series, Philip Yaffe looks at how simple mathematical concepts can improve the conciseness and clarity of business communications.
Visions that Repeat
Visualization. This everyday activity has the power to enhance or drastically reduce your productivity and results. Dr. Donald Wetmore explains how we can use visualization to our advantage.
Employ a Virtual Ambassador
Before you shrug off the importance of the image you project with your website, consider the advantages of projecting a strong message online.
Coaching Your Controller
Attention company owners: these six steps will help you better manage the person in charge of the accounting functions for your business.
Conversation with Yahoo! Canada's National Marketing Manager
Maor Daniels is the National Marketing Manager for Yahoo! Canada. We interviewed him to gain insights into search marketing and to find out what online trends small business owners should pay attention to in the year ahead.
Build Your Online Brand with Words
Learn how you can improve your results online by writing better copy.
Make Binge Working Work For You
Rather than allow stress and deadlines to rule your life, consider how you can put the tendency to 'binge work' to work for you.
Books for Business
We are regularly asked to review business books. Here are a few of the titles that crossed our desk recently that stand out from the crowd.
Strategic Planning That Actually Works: The Five Step Plan
Of course planning is important, but where can you find the time? Read on for a simple way to incorporate strategic business planning into your busy schedule.
Conversations with Entrepreneurs: Donna Messer
When it comes to networking Donna Messer knows what it takes to build human connections that enable strong business relationships. We spoke to Donna in her Oakville office to learn what she had to say about using networking to a build business. Here's what she had to say.
Making Attitude Adjustments
In this article Jeff Mowatt offers insights into how you can turn problem employees into corporate leaders.
The Mathematics of Persuasive Communication: Part I
What if the secret of effective business writing could be simmered down to a simple, mathematical formula? In Part 1 this 3 part series author Philip Yaffe shares with us a new way to look at how we communicate.
Planning the Office Holiday Party
Restaurant owner, Jimmy Georgoulis, shares advice on how to plan a successful office party this holiday season.
Igniting the Flickering Embers
Do you feel "stuck" with where your business is? Has your passion dimmed from a burning flame to a mere flicker? If so, these action steps can help you ignite yourself - and the drive in your business - again.
MBA Tour Coming to Canada
After a whirlwind tour through Asia, the United States, India and Latin America, the MBA Tour will arrive in Canada this November with stops in Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal.
Good Traffic, Bad Traffic
When building your website, remember that the secret to achieving your goals lies in connecting with the right audience.
In Marketing, An Action Step is Worth a Thousand Words
Self-employed professionals spend a great deal of their marketing effort on searching for the right words. But if you are letting that hold you back from taking action, it is time to rethink your approach.
Creating a Realistic Tradeshow Budget
Having a realistic tradeshow budget is crucial for your exhibiting success. This article will help you identify all of the costs associated with exhibiting.
Using Gift & Loyalty Card Programs to Grow your Business
With annual sales estimated at $95 billion for 2007, gift and loyalty cards are a marketing tool you can't afford to ignore. Read on to learn how you can implement an effective gift and loyalty card program in your business this holiday season.
Small Business Week Begins
With the launch of Small Business Week, interesting research reveals the attitudes and concerns of Canada's small business owners.
Selecting a Payment Processing Vendor: 17 Essential Questions
In the market for a payment processing provider? We show you everything you need to know before selecting one that's best for you.
Workaholics & Extreme Workers
If you often work obsessively, putting in long hours and sacrificing other aspects of your life, you are not alone. These two strategies can help you get your life back under control.
10 Ways to Get Your Marketing Unstuck
Have you ever found yourself coming up with a marketing strategy and then never using it? Here are 10 ways to move your marketing forward.
Treat Online 'Guests' With Respect
Many companies do not give their online customers much respect. A simple shift in mindset could fix the problem.
Building Business at a Boutique Store in a Mall
Competing directly against a larger competitor is often unwise, as deeper pockets will usually win. But don't worry. There are ways to turn this threat into an opportunity.
All You Need to Know about Importing from the USA to Canada
With the Canadian dollar on a 30 year high, and existing price gaps left over from the days of a weak dollar, importing equipment from the US is becoming an attractive proposition for Canadian small businesses.
An Action Step is Worth a Thousand Words
Finding the right words to market your business is important, but don't mistake your wordsmithing for productive action. Crafting a good marketing message and delivering it effectively are not at all the same thing.
How to be Innovative
Innovation is a big part of the success of a business. We look at some important steps that will help your company be more innovative and in turn more successful.
The Ins and Outs of Vacation Time & Vacation Pay
Vacation pay in Canada is complex, with different rules for each province and territory. In this article we outline what you need to know for your province.
Are Canadians Vacation Deprived?
Canadians are not getting enough vacation time, two new studies by Mercer and Ipos Reid show.
Backing Up Your Data: Technologies on the Rise and Fall
Backing up your data is critical with many options currently available. We look at new trends in storage networking, as well as which technologies are on the rise and which are on their way out.
Taming Time Management
Do you find yourself in a constant flow of endless deadlines? The solution may be how you deal with time management.
How to Dance with Google
Having a web site ranked high on Google can be a challenge. You can start by understanding the fundamental do's and don'ts of search engine rankings.
Staffing Shortages? Maybe You're the Problem
Sometimes a little encouragement towards an employee can do more harm then good. Read on to find out why.
PWGSC's Office of Small and Medium Enterprises can Help Your Business
If you have never thought about having the Government of Canada as part of your market, you may be missing out. PWGSC's Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) can show you the ropes, and it may not be as hard as you think.
Individual Pension Plans (IPPs): the Benefits and the Drawbacks
Individual Pension Plans have the potential to add millions to your retirement savings, but set things up incorrectly and you could see your savings wiped out or worse. Here is a closer look at this increasingly popular savings option.
Making Your Ideas Stick
Cell phones that explode at gas stations and beautiful women who drug you to steal your liver. They may not be true, but urban legends have incredible traction. They also have a lot to teach us about what it takes to make an idea stick in the minds of your customers.
The Customer Rules: Surviving & Thriving in the New Customer-Driven World
Armed with invaluable data gathered from all corners of the Internet, customers buying IQ’s have grown exponentially. For businesses to fully succeed they need to understand this new consumer.
Counterfeit Scams Catch Unsuspecting Small Business Owners
Learn how Brad Jones, owner of a Karate dojo in Newmarket, Ontario narrowly avoided a $3000 business loss after getting an inquiry from his website.
Speed, Readability Trump Design Online
A poll showed slow page load times, weak web copy, and poor visual presentation were among the biggest turn off when they visited a web page.
Becoming the Employer of Choice
Employee recognition is an effective, low-cost way to build company loyalty. So why aren't more employers using this valuable tool?
Canada's Economy Remained Strong in 2006
Women and explosive growth in western Canada helped fuel Canada's economy last year. Here is a closer look at Canada's economic performance in 2006.
Registering a Business in Yukon, Canada
Need help registering a business in Yukon? This article will tell you walk you through the process.
How to Turn Tradeshow Leads into Sales with Effective Follow-up
Tradeshow success lies as much in how you follow-up as it does on your performance at the show.
Prioritizing Power
Take control of your daily schedule using this simple planning exercise.
Conversations with Entrepreneurs: Billy Blanks
Fifty-one year old Billy Blanks has achieved the kind of success most entrepreneurs only dream of. His videos have sold over 76 million copies worldwide and physically he says he still feels like he is eighteen years old. We caught up with Billy when he was in Toronto to learn about the secrets to his success.
Building a Creative Business Culture
Create a creative business culture in your company by following these simple tips.
Overcoming Challenges that Prevent Small Business Growth
Growth - the thing most businesses strive for - is not without risk. This article looks at the main challenges associated with business growth and what you can do to overcome them.
Economic Growth Expected in 2007
Canada's economy is looking forward to growth in 2007 and an even rosier 2008 says the latest RBC economic forecast.
How to Create a Powerful Marketing Plan
To help with your planning process, here are the essential elements that every marketing plan should have.
Book Review: The 'I' of the storm
If you have ever struggled with crafting an effective message while preparing business communications, this book is for you. Fresh', relevant and concise, The "I" of the Storm clearly outlines the secrets behind good writing.
A  Beginner's Mind  Approach to Prosperity
To have a high probability of becoming prosperous, you have to start with one very important decision! What are you offering to give, in return for achieving your goal?
Today's Gurus? Your Children
An entire generation has grown up with the Internet. If you hope to conduct business these kids you have to get with their program.
The Art of Professionalism: Learning the Right Way to Get Ahead
In this article Steve Bannister examines the key to becoming a professional or already improving existing professional habits.
Telus' Leadership Lesson in Brand Mismanagement
Jeff Mowatt looks at the impact of Telus' decision to sell downloads of pornographic images and videos.
Why Great Photographs are an Online Must
Want to sell your products online? Consider these do's and don'ts for getting great product photos.
Internet Start-ups: Then & Now
In this special CanadaOne feature we are broadcasting an abridged version of Mark Evan's speech, "Two Solitudes: The real differences between running an Internet start-up now and during the dot-com boom", to the Toronto Venture Group. (Run time: 21 minutes)
Ten Steps to Solving Any Problem
The solution to your problems may be blocked by hidden variables. Here are ten steps that will help you break through these 'resisting factors'.
Tea and the Secrets of Staff Retention
Boosting employee motivation depends on making work interesting. In this article Jeff Mowatt explains how you structure a training program that will result in higher employee retention.
The Social Internet 101: Protecting Your Reputation Online
One disgruntled customer online can do enormous damage to your business reputation. Fortunately business intelligence tools can help you monitor web postings and put out fires.
Expert You: Establishing Yourself as the Expert
While the benefits of being seen as an 'expert' are obvious, it's not always clear how to gain this status. This article outlines the basics for becoming a 'niche-entrepreneur'.
Celebrating the New Year with Diligence
If someone wanted to buy your business tomorrow, would you be ready? Read on to learn how running your business with diligence can help you seize a great opportunity if - and when - it arises.
Are Small Firms Far from the IT Leading Edge?
The usefulness of technology in business has evolved from a cost-saver to a mechanism for growth. But as Paul Lima found, many smaller firms are not keeping pace with their larger counterparts.
The Eleven Biggest Time Management Lies
Part of effective time management lies in recognizing and shielding yourself from the biggest lies we tell each other every day.
Innovation Comes from Working in Flow
As strange as it may seem, bringing innovation into your way of doing business could start with something as simple as a conversation about doughnuts.
Ten Steps To Solving Any Problem
In this article Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, a mind researcher, outlines her fail-proof approach to problem solving.
Venture Capital for Internet - Is the Boom Back?
In this video interview Rick Segal from JLA Ventures explains what his firm is looking for when investing in Internet companies.
Software Review: Quickbooks Premiere 2007
Our review of the lastest version of Quickbooks Premier.
Catching Counterfeit Cash
In the busy retail season it is important to ensure that your staff are trained to identify counterfeit currency. A process that may, in fact, be simpler than you think.
Seven Ways to Throw a Successful Celebration
Planning a party? These seven tips will help ensure its success.
Why Optimism Fuels Success
Optimism is a refined mental style of how one chooses to respond to life. It also creates the opportunity to shape the life - or business - that we want.
27 Exhibiting Do's and Don'ts
Make the most of your trade show dollars by following these critical do's and don'ts of trade show exhibiting.
The Secrets of Effective Decision-Making
What is the main characteristic of successful people? It certainly isn't age or experience (Bill Gates had neither when he started). In this article Steve Bannister explores the attributes that create successful entrepreneurs and considers how this can help you improve your own business.
Hiring Your First Employee
Hire your first employee with confidence by following this straight-forward outline.
Credit Card Processing + Shopping Cart = Online Success!
Small business owners are discovering that online shopping solutions are more accessible than ever, with the advantage of providing shopping opportunities all day, every day.
Conversations with Entrepreneurs
For Mark Yeoman, founder of Micro Alternative Solutions, managing ewaste has enabled him to build a sucessful small business.
Holiday Stress Busters
Make the holiday season less stressful by following these simple, time management tips for the busy entrepreneur.
Management Lessons from a Car Wash Guy
When you conduct informal market research the right question to ask is not "how was our service today?". Read on to learn how you can get meaningful feedback from your customers.
Conversations with Entrepreneurs
Meet Rory Scherer, online entrepreneurs. In this conversation Rory talks to us about his innovative business venture, which he describes as being a bit like the boardgame Clue in an interactive movie format.
Is E-mail Eating Your Precious Time?
Do you find yourself spending too much business time on email or feel overwhelmed with the volume of old mail in your inbox? If so, these tips from Paul Lima will help.
Making Sense of Humour in the Workplace
Small business owners need to be adaptable and capable of handling intense pressure. One thing that can help is a little bit of humour.
Small Business Week 2006: Celebrating Entrepreneurship!
Wow -a new look and great new tools including an online job portal! Read on to see what changes are in store for Canada's oldest online business magazine.
Stop Criticizing Yourself!
While a healthy sense of your self, it's important not to focus too much negative criticism, whether it comes from others or yourself. The sooner you tackle the tendency to make negative judgements about yourself – the happier and more satisfying your life will become.
Dirty Little Secrets: Five Things Trade Show Attendees Don't Want You To Know
Here are five secrets that can help you boost sales at the next trade show you attend.
Opportunity Knocks in China
China as a market is both tremendous and daunting. In this article Dave Archer explains what business owner should understand about the Chinese culture before doing business there.
Managing Growth: Pete's Frootique
Business challenges have led to some unusual solutions for this large-scale specialty grocer. Diane Hamilton explains some of the secrets behind their success.
Being Unique is a Good Thing ... Isn't It?
As a new entrepreneur you will want to make sure that your business stands apart from the competition. Beware, however, of getting caught into taking an approach that is too different.
Are You Ready for Web 2.0?
Dubbed "web 2.0", a suite of new online technologies are shifting the way people communicate online. The real question is this: is your company leveraging these tools to your advantage or do you find yourself at risk of being left behind?
How to Use Trade Show Giveaways to Deliver Results
When it comes to selecting the best promotional giveaways for your next tradeshow, first consider your goals.
An Online Marketing Primer
If you are in business, there is probably something that you could and should be doing online, either to complement your existing marketing, or to open up whole new untapped markets. This primer will help you understand how to get started.
Key to Success: 10 Success Tips for Maximum Achievement
Don't set aside greatness because it is easier to accept merely being good or mediocre! These tips will help you reshape your life so that you can focus on being great - and enjoying the success that comes with it.
Identity Theft Hurts
Don't let a theif steal your identity! Read on to learn about the most likely times that your identity is at risk and what you can do to protect yourself.
How not to Plan your Company's Future 5 common mistakes when identifying customer needs
Are you business strategies in line with your customer needs? They may not be if you rely on the five most common methods to determine whether or not your customer needs are being met. Read on to learn about why you should be cautious before basing your business strategy on this data.
Innovative Company Develops Product to Combat HIV Virus
If you were to drive by the basic industrial building that houses Polydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd. you would probably never guess that inside this very ordinary looking company work is underway to bring to market a product that could slow the spread of HIV / AIDs. Yet that is exactly what George Usher, President and CEO of Polydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd., hopes to achieve with his company's microbicide product, Ushercell®. Read on to experience CanadaOne's first video feature on a Canadian entrepreneur!
Incorporating your Company: Don't Overlook the Goodwill Factor
Transferring assets to an incorporated business? Watch out for possible tax liabilities! To learn how entrepreneurs can protect themselves from an unnecessary tax liability when turning a sole proprietorship or partnership into a corporation we spoke with Joel Campagna, a senior tax manager with KPMG.
FINALY! Recognizing Youth in Newfoundland and Labrador
Across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador this summer Finaly! will offer a workshops for youth entrepreneurs. Read on to learn more about the organization and its upcoming workshops.
8 Top Strategies to Achieve Uncommon Success
There are 8 proven strategies highly successful people have always used to overcome obstacles to their goals. Properly applied, these same principles can also serve as a catalyst for your success.
Book Review: Why Customers Do What They Do
Our review of a book that promises to help you understand who customers are, why they buy and how you can anticipate their every move.
Welcome to the 'Dot.Bloom' Era
While the original Internet "bubble" was fueled by investors speculating on what often turned out to be little more than hot air, a new online business reality has been emerging over the last four years. It's not an explosion. It's a steady and promising evolution. Here is what we see on the "dot.bloom" horizon.
Speed Kills: The service standard that does more harm than good
Are your company's 'service standards' losing you sales? When managment processes interfere with the quality of your customer interactions, it is time to reconsider your approach.
How To Win Customers & Influence Loyalty
Sometimes the best way to develop customer loyatly is to step into your customer's shoes. With that in mind, here are five steps you can take to keep your customers coming back.
Financing Basics for New Entrepreneurs
What are your options for borrowing money to finance your business — particularly for sums under $100,000? Stanley Kershman helps us separate the myths from the fiscal realities of small business financing.
Against the Tide
Determination, honesty, accountability. Read on to learn how these three characteristics can help you beat the odds and succeed in business.
Stolen! Privacy Protection Takes on New Meaning after Theft of Financial Data
When employees of Monarch Beauty Supply failed to properly shred financial documents, thousands of credit and debit card receipts ended up in the hands of criminals. Their story is a cautionary tale that other businesses can learn from.
Top Four Time Management Issues
There are four time management issues, in combination with one another, that can do more to keep you from having, doing or being what you want and deserve. Read on to discover what may be impeding your success.
Our Brains and Decision-Making: Emotional or Rational?
Just how rational are we, really? In this article Patti Krakoff looks at how our mind reacts when we have important decisions to make, like entering a partnership agreement or hiring a new employee.
Women at Work: a Look at the Past 25 Years
Women today are more likely to have a higher profile in professional fields than they did 25 years ago, yet an income gap remains and the number of women working in management has actually dipped slightly since 1996. Here is an overview of these and other key findings from Women in Canada: A Gender-Based Statistical Report.
The Myth of Treating People Fairly and Equally
According to Jeff Mowatt, treating customers fairly and equally is a mistake. Before giving your employees rigid rules to follow, consider how allowing for exceptions can prevent negative customer experiences.
A Patent Necessity
How much is a patent worth? If you are Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd., it is your entire business. Yet as important as patents are, when it comes to filing patents to protect intellectual property the statistics say that Canada lags behind other countries.
The Secret of Lasting Personal Change
In this article Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler explains why we need to change our thinking if we hope to change our fortunes.
Stock Photography Redefined
Bruce Livingstone's story is one of the entrepreneur who failed and tried again. Livingstone beat the odds and has created a rarity - an extremely successful '' company. Here is his story.
Consumer Spending Outlook for 2006
Will Canadians consumers spend more or less in 2006? If you want to learn where and when Canadians are most likely to part with their money in the year ahead, read on.
Leveraging Business Opportunities from the 2010 Olympic Games
If you want to take advantage of the $2 billion dollars that will be spent on goods and services in preparation for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games or prepare to sell to visitors during the Games, these resouces will help.
Conquer Telephone Tag
If you are tired of playing telephone tag, consider these suggestions.
Business Identity Theft Checklist
Protecting customer data is both a legal and a customer relationship issue. How does your organization protect the information it collects? This checklist will help you develop secure information management practices.
The Humanity Variable
When their car was stolen from a hotel parking lot the last thing the owners expected was to be treated abruptly and without sympathy. Important yet elusive, the secret to great customer service might be more simple than you think.
Develop a High Performance Mind
Scientific evidence in the last ten years has proven beyond a doubt that genius is not a born quality – it is developed (and can be learned). The same is true for high performance minds. So how can this be accomplished? There are basically three secrets to developing a high performance mind.
Interview with Steven Covey
A hero to millions, Dr. Covey is known the world over for his landmark work around helping people take profound ideas, philosophies, and principles and distilling them into easy-to-use daily habits that anyone can apply. Here is what Sharif Khan learned in his recent interview with Dr. Covey.
3 Steps to Achieving Your Big Dream
Tap into your true potential by dreaming big - starting today.
Farewell from Dr. Paul Adams
Dr. Paul Adam's columns have helped our readers going back almost as far as CanadaOne's inception in 1998. Today Paul lays down his proverbial pen and says farewell to those who have read his column over the years.
Retooling: The Reinvention of Leonard Lee
When most people would have been preparing to retire, Leonard Lee, who founded Lee Valley Tools Ltd. in 1978 had different plans. Rather than being resigned to "mall walking" the successful entrepreneur started a new business manufacturing medical tools. Here is his story.
Oh Internet, How Far We Have Come
The Internet has redefined the world we live in. Now a landmark study gives us a detailed look at how the Internet is being used by Canadians. Here's the scoop on the way we surfed in 2005.
Are You Ready for Your Media Interview?
Even if you are not actively seeking media attention, you never know when a reporter might call. That's why every business owner, executive and spokesperson should be able to answer questions pertaining to positive or negative news. In this article Paul Lima explains how you can prepare yourself for a media interview.
Demanding More: the New Gold Rush for Entrepreneurs
Discover the next wave of entrepreneurs who are reconfiguring success on their own terms, by demanding more of themselves.
Combat Spam Overload
Junk email wastes precious time, may be highly offensive and it can destroy your computer system if it contains a virus. These ideas will help you combat spam effectively.
Expect to Get Half as Much and Take Twice as Long!
Think you're ready to test your mettle and retire into starting a business? Dr. Paul Adams outlines a simple test will help you determine whether this is a great idea or pending disaster.
Building a Successful Sales Career or Business
Pain, gain and sustain are the three aspects of your customer's reality that create business opportunity. Here are some creative ways to increase sales and grow your business.
Ten Steps to Solve Any Problem
Any problem, no matter how complex, can be solved if approached with a creative strategy. Here are ten steps to getting your mind in an optimal problem-solving state.
The Surprising Power of Intelligent Optimism
Optimism isn't a factor of birth, it is a state of mind. Learning to apply intelligent optimism to your business and life may be the "success secret" that has been missing from your current business approach.
Do I Want to Own My Own Business?
Before you take the giant leap of starting your own business, be sure that you are happy with your answers to the questions in this article.
Wolfing Down U.S. Sales
U.S. customers are driving sales for many online Canadian merchants. For the manufacturer of Urban Wolf pet foods these sales make the difference between just getting along and really making it in business.
The Humility Advantage
Less ego may be the ingredient you need to enrich your sales results. Here's are some things you can do if you find yourself in the ironic situation of being too much of an expert.
Communication Basics
What is the best way to communication your business ideas - should you push for an oral presentation, arrange a telephone conference or send a written letter? Read on for an in-depth look at how you can select the best medium for your message.
When to Fire Your Computer Consultant
Don't let fear and technobabble prevent you from getting the technical support you need.
Develop the Quality of ... Unstoppable Persistance
Just as carbon hardens steel -- persistence hardens your willpower to blast past any obstacles you encounter as you pursue your dreams.
Big Deals May Be Disappointing
Don't let the dream of the "big deal" get in the way of your success. In this article Dr. Paul Adams explains how chasing unrealistic dreams can destroy a business.
Save More Time with These Time Savers
If you can recapture a wasted hour here and there and redirect it to a more productive use, you can make great increases in your daily productivity and the quality of your life. In this article Dr. Wetmore shares five of the techniques that will help you do just that.
Secrets to Getting Great Word of Mouth and Repeat Sales
These simple yet powerful techniques will help to ensure that your customers come back and refer you to their peers.
Understanding Google Adwords
This article explains how you can set-up an account with Google in order to start getting your site on the first page of a search in Google, as soon as tomorrow.
Are You Losing Interest in Your Business?
The start-up phase in business is filled with risks, excitement, fears, hope and passion. But what should you do if you find yourself growing bored as your business stabilizes? Dr. Paul Adams offers advice that will help you you rekindle your passion for business.
Life After Business
Many business owners dream of the day their son or daughter will follow in their footsteps and assume control of the family business, but they do not plan for the transition in sufficient time, nor do they prepare a transition plan with a clear and detailed strategy.
The Unstoppable Power of Your Emotions
Are emotional inhibitors getting in the way of your ability to reach your business goals? It could be that the "Laws of Attraction" are limiting your ability to achieve your goals. Consider how an emotional "tune-up" could help you refocus on success.
The Time Thieves
Each week you start with 168 hours to accomplish what needs to be done in both your life and business. If you are like most people, eleven time theives will steal much of that time from you. Dr. Wetmore can help you gain back time by identifying and then arresting these time theives.
Polishing Their Way to Success
With months ticking by and the prototype of their machine still on the drawing table of an engineering firm, many entrepreneurs might have given up. Here is the story of how two business partners beat the odds and built their company, Disc Go Technologies Inc. into a multi-million dollar success story.
What does RSS mean for business?
One of those acronyms you may have heard a lot lately, especially from the techies who are always finding new acronyms to confuse us with, is RSS. Only now the PR and Media hacks are throwing it around too, and it may be the right time to take a closer look at how RSS may affect us and our businesses.
When to Use a Staffing Firm
Many small businesses believe that staffing companies are effective in larger companies. To hear the other side, we asked Tim Hranka, a franchisee of Express Personnel Services, to tell us when and why small businesses should consider using a staffing firm.
Should I Start My Own Company?
For many starting their own business is the path to life fullfilment, success and riches. Reality can often be quite different than the great  dream . Before you decide to start your own business, you should take the time to consider these critical questions.
55 Easy Ways To Improve Your Retail Business
Whether you are a new or seasoned business owner this comprehensive list of practical customer-winning ideas, tips and techniques can set your business apart and make it a successful enterprise.
Selling is for the Stubborn
Albert K was ready to give up on his career because of his dread of cold calling. These tips from will help Albert and other entrepreneurs who find themselves in a similar situation, overcome their fear of unsolicited selling.
Finding the 'Way' to Business Success
In our hectic lives we are often driven by an internal frenzy that leaves no room for meditation or reflection. Consider how the rules of an ancient Samarai warrior could help you improve the way you run your business.
Breakfast of Failures
Are you afraid of failing? Before you give up, consider the suprising failures some of the most famous people in history.
From 'KAI-ZEN' to 'I CAN!' Improvement = Consistent commitment to good change
Considering the success of Japanese companies process, not results, might just be be the medicine that your business needs to grow.
Master the Art of Victory: Business Insights from a Samurai Warrior
Three hundred and fifty years ago Miyamoto Musashi recorded his understanding of the art of victory in The Book of Five Rings. There are many parallels between winning in battle and succeeding in business. Consider what how these five lessons could put your business on the pathway to success.
Leadership Lessons from Pope John Paul II
What leadership lessons can we learn from this global spiritual leader who so moved the world? In this article Sharif Khan takes us through a brief timeline snap-shot of Karol Josef Wojtyla’s exemplary leadership.
A Consumer Credit Rating Primer
What you don't know about credit ratings could hurt you on both a personal and business level. In this interview we asked Ken Porter, President, TransUnion Canada to explain the fundamentals of credit ratings.
Grand Intentions to Greater Sales
To increase customer loyalty and your overall sales, consider the importance of how your employees sell your message.
A Creative Approach to Writing - Using a Cartoonists Approach
If you sometimes are frustrated by writer's block, consider how the lessons of illustration can help you get the words flowing.
Share Your Profits Not Your Business
When Ronnie gave his employees a share of his business he was hoping to build loyalty and motivate his staff. The results were not what he expected and provide a good backdrop to consider the benefits and risks of giving away a portion of your company.
Before You Hire Anyone Write a Job Description
Whether you plan to hire a summer student of full time employee, these tips will help you select the person who is best for your business.
Would You Buy from Yourself?
Are you someone that other people like and want to do business with? Answer these questions to pinpoint ways you can improve your business relationships.
Overcome Conversation Power Plays: 5 Steps to Success
What should you do when your questions are being ignored? Follow these steps to manage your way through communication clashes.
Small Business, Big Leaders
There could be a thousand reasons why you started your own business. But when you actually move from idea to action you will have taken a step that many dream of but never quite make. Now that you've done that, what - if any - are the core philosophical beliefs that you are prepared to champion?
When Talking to Strangers
Are you inadvertently chasing away potential customers? Consider these three reasons potential customers may distrust you or your employees.
Recycled Success Online
Discover how Markham, ON company have built their company by selling one huge whack of golf balls - cheap online.
Make the Look of Your Business a Look of Success
Think that business clutter or a messy office won't affect your business' performance? Think again. In this article Dr. Paul Adams explains why the appearance of your business matters.
Boost Your Intelligence...Immediately!
Here are some startling insights into the grey-matter between your ears. Dr. Jill tells us how the mind works and what we can all do to improve our thinking-power.
The New Balance Sheet: Final Synthesis
In the last article of the New Balance Sheet series Michael Rock completes our journey with three inspiring insights.
Has Your Motivation Hit a Brick Wall?
Boredom and burnout top the list of success inhibitors. Quite often the two go hand-in-hand. Here is a look at how two entrepreneurs pulled themselves out of a motivational slump.
Business Partnerships Need Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Before you finalize that partnership deal you need to complete a written partnership agreement. Here is what you will want to include in that document.
Are People Problems Really the Issue?
As organizations grow, keeping staff focused can be a real challenge. In this article Jeff Mowatt challenges businesses to answer a short survey to determine whether they have the business infrastructure that will enable them to be what he calls a "customer service icon".
Rules of Value-Added Selling and Service
Trying to be all things to all people is a surefire way to go broke. It may be time to fire some of your clients to improve the success of your business.
The New Balance Sheet: The Art of Fine Business
A new quantum mode of thinking is needed to drive successful businesses. In this article Michael Rock examines the finer points of the art of business.
Bad Etiquette Can Leave a Bad Tastedduwwquufvba
Are poor table manners putting a major joint venture or business deal at risk? Etiquette does have an impact - here is what you need to watch for.
Help! What Taxes Must I Pay?
Just started your business and baffled about how to tackle your taxes? Use this quick Q&A guide to get a basic handle on what taxes you have to pay, how to pay them and when.
Lessons in Leadership: Managing Disappointment
Disappointment happens. You cannot dodge it, you cannot prevent it, but you can deal with it in a productive and successful manner. In this article Dr. Paul Adams looks at our reactions to disappointments and the impact this has on our businesses.
Asking the Right Questions and Finding Qualified Customers
The better you draw out your prospects and discover their needs and wants, the better chance you have of setting up a relationship that becomes a series of yes's and results in ongoing business. Here are some of the questions that will help you do just that.
The New Balance Sheet: Emotionally Intelligent Workplaces
Emotionally intelligent organizations are so because the very senior people model the necessary behaviours and create the life-giving context to build a future worth going to. In the third installment of our New Balance Sheet series, Michael Rock introduces us to the success factors of emotionally intelligent workplaces.
Ask for Your Money or Fail!
If you dislike nudging slow paying customers, you had better get over it or you may have to get out of business. Here are some effective ways to rein in overdue accounts.
Accounting 101: Rule of Thumb Valuations
How much is that company worth? Rule of thumb valuations may get you into the ballpark, but you also need to watch out for the pitfalls.
The New Balance Sheet: Leadership as Presence
In the second installment of The New Balance Sheet the authors look at the power of presence within a business.
Star Entrepreneur
Inspiration drives innovation - learn how Jim Kendrick turned dew point frustration into a profitable business venture.
Decision Making A Must for Success
As a leader your are required to make decisions like it or not. If you hate to choose or live in fear of making a mistake, sharpening your decision skills is just one more hurdle you must over come as you work to become a successful entrepreneur.
The Chief Cause of Business Failure & Success
You've worked hard to get your business started, now keep it stable growing by avoiding these all-too common pitfalls of new start-ups. We've got four reasons why businesses fail--And how you can keep your business from becoming another statistic.
Setting up a Group RRSP
As a small business, having a group RRSP for your staff is one way you can compete for and retain talent. Here is an in-depth look into how you can get one started in your business.
The Human Dynamics of Selling
How are sales made and where are they really lost? Here are three powerful insights into the human dynamics of selling that will increase your chance of making a sale.
Valuing Privately Held Companies
What dictates the value of a company? This article looks at different factors that valuators consider when doing a valuation of a company.
Maxwell on Leadership
According to John C. Maxwell, "Leadership ability is the lid that determines your effectiveness. These insights will help you hone your leadership skills.
The 'Secret' Path to Your Creative Mind
Do you sometimes find it difficult to come up with creative ideas and solutions? There is a secret - actually a process - which will allow you to access your diminished creative spark and start a flow of good ideas from which the great, innovative, break-through ones might be found.
Twelve Lessons in Leadership: Communicate With Clarity
Leadership Lesson #2: When people do not understand what you mean you are at fault, not the reader or listener. This installment looks at how plain language communication can improve relations with both your customers and employees.
Twelve Lessons in Leadership: Be Consistent
Leadership Lesson #3: Good leaders bring integrity to the work they do. A large part of that comes from consistent and honest communication. Here are some examples of why this is important.
Twelve Lessons in Leadership: Lead with Simplicity
Leadership Lesson #4: Successful leadership does not rest on complicated systems or theories. This article looks at five simple truths that can help you build better teams and work more effectively.
Business Coach: Listen for the Sounds of Success
Successful leaders listen by observation. This month Dr. Paul Adams looks at how you can improve your business through better listening skills.
8 Field-Proven Tips To Increasing Your Sales Income
Work less and make more--It's not an impossible goal. Read on to find proven methods to hone your selling skills and boost your sales.
The Formula for Success
What do some entrepreneurs do differently that enables them to achieve almost mythical business success? This month we look at the characteristics that separate successful entrepreneurs from their peers.
5 Secrets of Successful Copywriting
Effective copywriting can be one of the most difficult aspect of the sales process. Here are five  secrets  that can dramatically improve the money-making ability of just about ANY sales message.
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: An Interview with Dr. Michael Rockdduwwquufvba
A simple 'Good Morning' may say more about how an employee will fit into your company than their degree or diploma. It's all about EQ - emotional intelligence. This month Dr. Michael Rock explains EQ and how you can use it to hire the right people.
Business Coach: Wanted Sales Representative: Great Opportunity!
The competence of your sales employees is a statement of your leadership and business skills. Consider this if you are dissatisfied with the results you are seeing from your sales staff.
Fighting the Complacency Trap: 5 Steps to Keeping Your Franchise Growing
Getting too comfortable with your success can allow your competitors to catch up. Stay in the lead with a little  healthy paranoia  and by reading this article.
The Formula for Failure and Success
Just like the formula for failure, the formula for success is easy to follow. A few simple disciplines practiced every day will have you seeing almost immediate results. This article will get you started.
The Colours of Networking
You know you need to network to get work, but do you know the purpose behind networking? The real answer may surprize you. Read on to find out why.
Business Coach: Setting Goals: Smart Strategies for Success
Your goals may be easy to set, but how will you attain them? There's no need to dull your dreams, just take smaller steps to reach them. Paul Adams explains how.
Create an Action Plan for Your Business
Is your business plan collecting dust? It's time to transform your business ideas and theories into actions and results. Our step by step guide will show you how to get started.
Creativity is 99% Perspiration
Innovative solutions make your business better, but tapping into your creativity can be hard work unless you systemize your approach. This article guides you through the process.
Understanding Personalities Can Lead to Better Performance
Personality types can help us understand why people make decisions - and sometimes clash. Here is a look at two popular personality assessment systems, the Myers Briggs Indicator and Keirsey Temperament Sorter.
Business Coach: Any Weeds in Your Customer Parking Lot?
From the greetings your employees give to the music playing if a customer is on hold, there is a lot your business says to customers. Is it saying the right thing?
Outsourcing Successfully
When it comes to running a small business there simply aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. Outsourcing could be the solution.
Marketing Alliances
If you're looking to get more customers without spending a lot of time or money a marketing alliance could be the way to go. This month we tell you what to look for and how to set up the deal.
Business Planning for Non-Planners
Too busy running your business to plan your business? Forget hours of planning, try just 5 minutes.
Registering a Business in Quebec
Are you thinking of starting a business in Quebec? Learn how to register your name by following these steps.
Business Coach: Common Sense Leadership
Do you ever find yourself wondering if you are the leader your employees need? Or perhaps their actions don't seem to line up with your expectations. Paul Adams shows you how you can become a smart leader with these simple steps.
Making the Most of Personality Tests
Personality tests can be found all over the place, from popular magazines to the Internet. However, not all of these tests are created equal, nor should they be treated so lightly. Testing expert David Towler discusses how and when these tests should be used to their best advantage.
Biker Business
An influx of baby boomers and young families has fueled Canada's motorcycle industry in recent years. This month we take a look at this evolving industry.
10 Steps to a Better '_______' Business
This month the 'Idea Man' calls on his own business experiences for lessons that can apply to all entrepreneurs.
Business Trip Planning in Six Simple Steps
If you're thinking about exporting chances are good that you could find yourself taking a few trips to your destination market. Learn how to make the most of these trips with the tips in this article.
What Colour Are You? Personality Tests Offer Opportunities for Insight
This month we start a new series on personality tests. These tests are fun and often easy to do. They can also provide you with valuable insight into who you are and what kind of people you would work well with.
Do You Have Secret Partners? Coaching Your Business
An employee who steals from you is bad news. Not only can they do damage to your profits, they can also threaten the livelihood of your business. This month Paul Adams looks at what you can do to address this issue.
Intercontinental Shipping Tips
You're an exporter looking to send your first shipment. How can you ensure that you've packed everything right, and done all of the necessary paperwork, to get your shipment to its destination? By reading this article.
The Ins and Outs of Business Credit
This month we take a look at the business credit report. What's in it, and how can you use it to help you make better decisions?
Mental Vitamins and Brain Exercises...
Do you ever have trouble developing ideas for products or directions for your business? This exercise can help you uncover these ideas and get back on the creative track.
Good Health Meets Good Businessdduwwquufvba
Lately we've been hearing a lot about things like trans fats and obesity. While these issues could pose big problems for our society in the future, they can also represent big opportunity for entrepreneurs.
Cut Costs without Cutting Corners
The day to day expenses of running a business can quickly add up. That's why we've compiled a list of cost cutting ideas that can save you money without losing face with your customers.
Invention Perspectives
Many would-be inventors have an idea that they've tucked away somewhere, or maybe they tinker away on protoypes in the basement with a dream of some day seeing their invention fly of the shelves. Yet what is really involved in the invention process? Read this article to find out.
The Ins and Outs of Individual Credit
You've decided to run a credit check on a potential client to ensure that you'll get paid for your services. Once the report arrives what are you really looking at and how can you use the information to make the best decision? This article can help.
Registering a Business in Prince Edward Island, Canada
Need help registering a business in PEI? This article will tell you walk you through the process.
You Never Stop Needing New Customers- Coaching Your Business
You're running a successful business, with enough regular customers to keep you going. However, have you thought about what to do when things are slow? This month Paul Adams explores strategies you can use to identify and create new customers.
Discover Instant Sales Success: Ask Questions
If you want your sales success rate to shoot off the charts, ask questions. Dr. Paul Adams explains the power behind this simple tactic.
Innovate or Evaporate: The Time to Act is Now!
The practice of creativity and innovation are viewed as the key to corporate survival in the 21st Century, yet few corporations are able to tackle this effectively. Here are a few ideas that will help your company shift from intention to active innovators.
The New Privacy Laws Explained
On January 1st, 2004 the federal government’s new privacy laws took effect. This article will help you understand the impact of the new legislation on your business.
Coaching Your Business: Do You Know Why You Are In Business?
Do you remember why you started your business? The simple steps will help you refocus and re-energize.
Holiday Time: Buliding a Celebratory Company Culture
The holidays are a time of year when company culture comes to the forefront. It is also the perfect time for a business owner to think about how they can change and add new elements to this culture. This month we talk to a CEO who helps businesses do just that.
Selecting the Right Software: A Few Thoughts for the Small Business Owner
There are all kinds of software products on the market that promise to help you run a better business. How can you decide which is right for you? Read this article to find out.
Getting Your Customers to Sell You- Creating fans and champions
Taking care of my existing customers is one of the best investments you can make in your business.
Privacy Checklist: Are You Ready?
The federal government is poised to implement new privacy laws in the New Year. Is your business ready? Read through our checklist to find out.
Picking Up Your Marbles - Your Exit Strategy
When you start your business, plan to get out with enough money to try again. Survival insurance is having a plan in case things fall apart.
Successful Techniques for Generating Increased Sales
Boost your sales by following these five simple and proven steps. Start using them today and you'll see an immediate increase in your business.
Marketing ... Nothing is Difficult About It Just get the right system and PERSEVERE
Marketing is about how you present yourself and your business to the world. And that message is the key for anyone who needs a marketing program. Marketing requires a systematic approach.
Awaken the Leader Within You Ten easy steps to developing your leadership skills
Do you want to improve your leadership skills? Here are ten easy steps that will help you awaken the leader in you and rekindle your passion for greatness.
The Keys to a Winning RFP
Winning a government contract can be a daunting process. Follow these tips to find out how you can prepare for success.
CEO's Desk: Cross Border Business
This month we look at a small CEO who has found big success south of the border.
Registering a Business in Nova Scotia, Canada
Want to know how to register a business in Nova Scotia? Here's how.
Demystifying the GST / HST: Canadian Tax Essentials for Business
The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is often confusing for new business owners. Not everyone is required to charge it, and in some provinces it is combined with the retail tax. We created this primer to help you understand ins and outs of the GST.
Getting Paid
How can you ensure that your customers will pay? These tips will help.
ISO and the New Focus on Customer Satisfaction
Coming into compliance with the new ISO standards.
Success is in the Detail
The failure of a business doesn't happen overnight, it is often the product of neglect, and overlooked details. Learn to spot the warning signs before your business becomes a statistic.
The Art of Shaking Hands
What's in a handshake? There are three main conventions ...
Starting a New Business Checklist
Do you know what licenses, zoning considerations, bylaws, taxes and other things you need to start a business? Our handy list provides a shortcut to the answers.
CEO's Desk: Inventing Business
Business insights from an Alberta-based high tech entrepreneur.
CEO's Desk: Dressed for Success
This month we start a new series where we look at Canadian entrepreneurs who have made the leap from a small local business to a national enterprise. In our first article, we talk to high-end retailer Harry Rosen.
10 Steps to a Great Business Website
Want to get an effective website for your business? Start with our ten list on what it takes to have a great website.
Watch Out for Wishful Sales Forecasts
Don't let hockey-stick projections get in the way of attracting investors in your business - or worse, invest your own hard-earned savings in a picture that may be too good to be true.
Writing the Perfect Email: Professional or Casual?dduwwquufvba
Which is better: a formal "Dear Mr. Smith", or a cheerful "Hi John"? In this day and age it can be hard decide which salutations and sign-offs are best. To find out if you're committing a communication faux pas make sure to read this article.
Maternity Leave for Self-Employed Women
As of January 31, 2010 self-employed workers in Canada (including owner-employees who own more than 40 per cent of the company they work in) can opt into a special pool of EI benefits.
Coping With Job Stress
As a business owner you know that stress is part of the job. This doesn’t mean that you have to let it overtake your life though. Learn to identify your body’s warning signs and manage your stress with a healthy laugh and the other tips you’ll find here.
Registering a Business in Manitoba, Canada
You probably think you are a pretty easy person to get along with, we all do. Yet there are times when you become aggressive without realizing it, a trait that can cause other people to avoid you. This article can help you keep your aggressive side in check.
Coaching Business: Get Your Customers to Say Yes!
Salespeople will often make the mistake of rambling on about the product or service that they forget. Don’t make the same mistake. Find out how you can develop sales tactics to convince your customers that they need your products.
Is Your Business Burning You Out?
If you find yourself struggling to finish work or you no longer find enjoyment in things that you normally love you could be in the advanced stages of burnout. Learn to recognize the signs and manage your stress levels with this article.
Are Off-Page Ads Driving you Nuts?
We’ve all had our Internet experience interrupted by unwanted pop-up ads promising cash prizes or exotic trips. Banishing these ads before they have a chance to take over your computer is simple. Read on to find out how.
Employees and Profits: How to Increase the Bottom Line
Keeping your employees happy has a direct impact on your profits. The more satisfied they are, the more likely they will be to work hard and use their time well. The key to this happiness is a simple two step process that you will find here.
Motivate Others: Motivate Yourself
Lately it seems that you don't have to look very far to find a case of low morale. However, you don't have to be sucked into the spiral. The key to building motivation and a positive energy begins with you. Read these tips to find out how you can get on the right path.
A Guide to the Care and Feeding of New Employees...The First 90 Days
Bob Hooey, employee, relationship, productive, hire, new, manager, supervising, training, train
Twenty Months to Prosperity and Peace of Mind
Pay yourself first. It's a concept that investment gurus promise is the key to securing your financial future. This month Paul Adams looks at how this concept can work for your business.
Contract Debriefing
You did all of the work to submit your bid but someone else was awarded that government contract. This doesn't have to mean the end of your experience. This month we conclude our series on government procurement by taking a look at what you can do when you lose.
Identity Theft: How to Protect Your Business
identity, theft, crime, protection, Michelle Collins, personal, information, phonebusters, passwords, fraud
The Importance of a Professional Development Strategic Plan
Brainstorming, where the creative power of several minds is unleashed on a single issue, can work miracles. This article will help you reap the benefits, while side-stepping problems that often occur.
The Deadly Sins of Entrepreneurship
fear, problems, business, development, anxiety, sabatoge, Michelle Collins
How to Improve Survey Response Rates
Consumers today are often being asked to complete surveys. While important and useful for the business owner, these requests can be irritating for customers. Find out how you can not only get more responses and keep your customers happy at the same time.
Action Is Where the Action Is!
Want to improve sales? This month Dr. Paul Adams explains the most critical element: action.
Government Contracts: Accessing the Opportunities
Do you want to do business with the government? To find out how you can source government contracts, including work that may not go to tender, read this article.
Write-in-the-Answer Survey Questions: Powerful But Problematic.
Write-in or verbatim survey questions can help you learn about both good and bad things in your company that you never knew existed. But they create a number of problems for anyone designing or analyzing a survey. Read on to learn about the five most common problems with write-in survey questions.
To Make a Sale You Must Create Desire
Discover the importance of desire, the sales element that allows you to move to your final selling step and get the order.
Trust: The Intangible that Builds Empires
In today's uncertain economy it can be difficult to establish trust with partners, clients, and employees. Peter Urs Bender offers tips on how you can build successful business relationships with trust.
Successful Marketing: An Interview with Eric Gilboord
Have you considered trying a new marketing strategy but aren't sure where to start? This month we talk to marketing guru Eric Gilboord to get all the do's and don'ts of small business marketing.
Winning Government Work
So, you want to win a lucrative government contract but aren't sure how to write your proposal. These tips will help you ensure that your proposal lands at the top.
In Business, Plain Words Say it Bestdduwwquufvba
If you want to increase sales, forget buzz words. Talking in plain language can be more persuasive in developing new business.
Equity Financing: Creating a Powerful Elevator Pitch
As the elevator doors close you find yourself standing next to a potential investor. Are you prepared? Here's how you can create an elevator pitch that wil grab their attention.
Using Surveys to Understand Your Organization
Are things around the office a little too quiet? This could be a sign that something is wrong. Learn to spot the warning signs and resolve issues before they explode.
It Pays To Know What You Don't Know
Admit it. You don't actually know everything. Read on to find out where you can get the answers to some of your own frequently asked questions.
Proactive strategies to minimize price objections
It can be hard to compete with those big-box stores who can offer the same products and cheaper prices. Our 'idea man' talks about how you can work around these challenges.
What do You Say after You Say Hello?
You've got your customer's attention, now how do you keep it? Paul Adams walks you through those initial greetings to the final sale.
11 Steps to Developing New Business
Looking to take your business to a higher level? Read on to find the steps you need to take.
Does Voicemail Drive you Crazy?
Love it or hate it voicemail is here to stay. Peter Urs Bender tells you how you can deal with it.
Turning your Idea into a Business: Protect your Product with a Patent
While having a patent gives you exclusive rights that make your product more attractive to investors, it must be weighed against the costs and time needed to secure this protection.
Do You Wish Your Employees Happy Birthday?
Too many employers take their employees for granted. Don't! Use these tips to motivate your staff, without breaking the bank.
What Have You Done to Build your Business Today?
Is your marketing effective? Can you point to the things that work, and those that don't? If you're not sure, then it may be time to start a marketing log.
Franchising with a Difference
Two entrepreneurs benefit from an unusual approach to franchising.
Whip your Business into Shape
Every New Year we make resolutions such as losing weight, stop smoking, and to learn a new hobby. While making your list don't forget about your business. Read on to find out how to whip your business into shape.
Turning your Idea into a Business: Before the Product Launch
You don't just build a better mousetrap. You've got to build your mousetrap and show it catches mice before anybody's interested in buying your mousetrap. Especially in something that doesn't have a lot of background.
Inventory Turnover: Is your Annual Bonus Sitting on the Shelf?
Here is a tool of the pros that can help you boost your profits - check your inventory turnover.
Seven Ways to Throw a Successful Staff Celebration
Planning a party? These seven tips will help ensure its success.
Turning your Idea into a Business: Creating an Effective Business Plan
Inventor or start-up: here are some solid tips that will help your create an effective business plan for your new idea.
Some Entrepreneurs Lack Financial Skills.
If you are in business, you need to read and understand your financial score sheets your income statement and balance sheet- the basic money documents of business, entrepreneurship and capitalism.
Signing on Behalf of the Corporation - Avoiding Personal Liability
Conducting business on behalf of a corporation? Here's how you can protect yourself from being personally liable.
Recipe for Success
This one time professional chef shares his ingredients for success.
Prevention, Forward Thinking, Key to Crisis Management
Don’t wait for a crisis to happen. Prepare ahead of time using these tips.
Turning your Idea into a Business: Market Research, Prototypes and Product Evaluations
While you can study the successes of others, there isn't a standardized roadmap that will lead you to success. It will be difficult to identify the best path, and some roads may put you in dangerous territory. Not only that, but different routes will require different supplies.
Entrepreneurship: Used Business for Sale
Are you thinking of buying someone else's business? Read this before you sign on the dotted line.
11 Hot Tips For Beating The Competition
Read on to find out how you can beat the competitors by using their own techniques.
Share Ad Expenses, Boost Profits
Want to advertise but don’t think you can afford it? Here are some cost-effective alternatives.
Sailing the Seven Cs of Effective Writing
Read on to find out how you can write articles and letters that people will want to read.
So, You Want to Be a Consultant
There is more than meets the eye to these people then jetting around the world. We get the goods on what it really takes to make it in this business.
11 Marketing Tips for Reviving Your Business
Description Here are some ways to pump up your marketing know how.
Turning your Idea into a Business: Getting an Idea and Getting Started
So you have an idea, but how do you make it a business. This invention series will guide you through the process.
Communication is Really a Part of the Sales Process
If you want to increase your sales then you've got to communicate to your customers why they need your product. Read on to find out how.
Entrepreneurship: When You Advertise Keep it Simple and Say it Often!
There are a million options in how you create a message to customers, and almost as many choices of how to send your message. Dr. Paul Adams explains the benefits of simplicity.
Using Marketing To Revive Your Business
Ever wondered if you’re marketing strategies are as good as they could be? Read on to find out why you should look at making them even better.
Canada Ranks First in North American Automotive Productivity
Productivity levels at Canadian automotive manufacturing plants are significantly above both Mexico and the US, according to the latest numbers in the Scotiabank Canadian Auto Report. "Our estimates indicate that productivity — measured by the number of worker days required to assemble a vehicle — currently stands at 3.04 in Canada compared with 3.27 in the United States, nearly a 7% advantage," says Carlos Gomes, Scotiabank auto industry specialist. "This represents a further improvement from Canada's 5% edge in 2000 and 1% advantage in the mid-1990s." Canadian plants are 33% more productive than Mexico.
Christmas Lasts All Year For Retailers
While consumers aren't thinking about Christmas yet, retailers need to prepare well in advance. Here are seven ways that you can make your busiest season a success.
What Will You Have on Your Tombstone?
Your tombstone is like your final mission statement. Peter Urs Bender encourages us to think about what our parting words should be.
Incorporation Aftermath
You've been incorporated from day one, enjoying all of the tax and strategic advantages that go along with that. What about your other requirements? Read on to find out what they are.
Business Sense A Budget is a Road Map to Success
Paul Adams provides you with some compelling reasons to keep a regular budget.
Business Sense - Starting a Business, Need money? Be Careful Where You Get It.
If you are looking for an angel to invest in your venture, be cautious, you may be getting more than money as most investment dollars have strings.
Communication Overload
With so many ways to communicate it's easy to get overwhelmed. Read on for some tips for how you can keep from being overloaded.
Cottage Industries
Faced with the options of flipping burgers or digging ditches for the summer, Jeremy Kingston invented a third option and opened his own business. Through his company, Artchild Productions, he produces and distributes art around Toronto, ON.
Search Engine Submission Services
Are you getting mail that promises to assure you a top ranking in Internet search engines? Before you fork over your cash here are a few things that you should know.
Gutfeeling - the new kid in the boardroom
Times are changing, how will you keep up? Read on to find out how great leaders learned to rely on their instincts.
Time for a Redesign
You know there's something wrong with your office, but you’re not sure how to deal with it. Read on for some tips on how to make your space work for you.
Overcoming Techno-Phobia
Thinking about upgrading your office computers? Here are some things you should consider before shelling out your hard-earned cash.
The Business of Adventures
With summer finally upon us we take a look at two PEI tourist businesses who prove there’s more to the Island than a certain red headed orphan.
Business Sense - Need Advice? Create an Advisory Committee.
This month Paul Adams tells us when it's time to go beyond your lawyer or accountant for business advice.
Opinion: You Can't Get There from Here
Tales of the dark side: One writer's experience with big business customer service.
Competitive Intelligence: No Longer Just for Big Business
Have you ever wondered what the competition is up to? Here's a process that might help you find the answer.
Exporting Contracts: The Backbone of Your Business
This month we turn our attention to international sales contracts in our ongoing exporting series.
He's in Front of the Net. He Shoots. He Scores!
Lots of companies talk about innovation, yet few actually achieve it. Read more about how you can turn your dreams into actions.
Stop Bugging Me
No summer is complete without those pesky mosquitoes and black flies buzzing around us waiting to pounce on our unsuspecting skin. Meet two entrepreneurs who found good business in bugs.
Steps to Survival - Step Three: Pump Up Your Sales Efforts
This month Paul Adams shows you how you can increase sales no matter what business you're in.
Transporting the Goods: Shipping from Canada to the World
A freight forwarder can help the small business exporter. These people are transportation experts. It is their job to know about any restrictions on shipments, what are the best methods for this shipment, and how long it will take to get them there.
Public Speaking for Publicity ...dduwwquufvba
Public speaking ... yes you can! Read on to find out how you can put the benefits of this powerful marketing tool to work for your business.
10 Things to Look for in a 'Good' Survey
Is it time for a market research survey? Here are some tips on how to get useful results.
Steps to Survival - Step Two: Be a Miser! Hoard every Dollar!
This month Paul Adams looks at how to conserve your cash without taking on more debt.
Practical Ways to Get Paid as a Canadian Exporter
Collecting money from a foreign buyer is one of the biggest concerns for every exporter, big or small. Different rules apply when doing business abroad, and getting paid is no exception. Options exist, but some methods work better for the exporter while others benefit the buyer.
What's your Biggest Problem? Surveys can Reveal Need for Staff Testing
Are you concerned that your employees don't have the basic skills to do their jobs? Here are some tests to find out.
Jewelry on Ice: How Four Rabbis Survived the e-Commerce Meltdown
While other ventures have been going up in smoke these Jewish rabbis have found the secret to continued e-commerce success.
Exactly what is 'Thinking Outside the Box'?
Here's why you should think outside the box when building your organization.
Steps to Survival - Step One: How to Save a Sinking Business
This month Dr. Paul Adams looks at how to rescue a failing business.
Exporting from Canada: Insuring Your Goods
After major time and effort, you are finally ready to seal that first big export deal. All that's left is to kick back and watch the money roll in. Not so fast. Have you thought about what happens if your customers go out of business or if they simply refuse to pay? Insuring your exports can provide peace of mind in an uncertain climate.
Fit for Success
A passion for physical fitness drives two women on opposite coasts to share the benefits of an active lifestyle with clients of all ages.
Manage Success by Objectives
Are you wondering where to take your business next? Read on to discover how to plan and move towards your business goals.
Don't Put it Off Any Longer: Cure that Procrastination Virus
Do you find yourself waiting to the last minute to tackle projects? This month we take a look at the common habit of procrastination.
Key Questions to Ask Before Writing & Before Testing Advertising Copy
You know you have a great product. How can you write good advertising copy to convince your customers of the same thing? Read on to find out.
The Bear in the Air
Canada has a long history of entrepreneurial action in aviation. Bearskin Airlines proves that it is possible to run a successful airline in these uncertain times.
Employment Law: Wrongful Dismissal & Termination Without Cause
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between wrongful dismissal and termination without cause? Read on as MyLegalAnswers tackles these issues.
The 12 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success: Manage Your Money, Your Most Important Asset
If money management is not your top talent, don't toss your business plans aside, learn to master it. Knowledge, curbing your spending impulses, patience, and the fear of failing may do it for you. Here are some general rules of successful cash management.
The 12 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success: Recognize The Risk
Dr. Paul Adams continues his series on entrepreneurial success. This month he looks at managing your most important asset – your money.
The 12 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success: A Sure Way to Fail: Quit too Soon!
Dr. Paul Adams continues his series on entrepreneurial success. This month he looks at managing your most important asset – your money.
The 12 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success: The Twelve Affirmations to Success
Borrowing on the common self-help practice of  affirmation for action,  here are the  12 Steps  presented as promises to yourself. Many people credit success and sought after behavioral changes to the use of affirmations- perhaps you will as well.
Beyond Canada's Borders: How to Take a Piece of the Foreign Market
Have you ever considered exporting your products and services, but don't know where to start? Extensive research and planning must precede any attempt at cross-border selling. Yet when a business ready to expand, don't be afraid to look outside Canada for that prime market. Here's what you need to know, from planning to that important first shipment.
Legal Q&A: Answers to four common legal questions
Can you hire replacement workers during a strike? Does an invention belong to the employee or the employer? What can you legally ask in a job application? Legal Q&A answers.
Bonding: Protect Yourself from Employee Theft
When your employees work on your customer's premises, or you simply want to protect your own business assets, bonding can protect your business.
The 12 Steps (Advice) to Entrepreneurial Success: If You Want Success Ask for it. And Keep Asking.
As you will discover, asking your customers to pay their bills is routine. If you dislike asking for your money-you must rise to the challenge.
The 12 Steps (Advice) to Entrepreneurial Success: Practice the  Golden Rule  in all of Your Affairs
Short cuts and sharp dealings to quick success make great fodder for novels and movies - but are not smart practices to build a successful business. The role models of  greed is good  and  have I got a deal for you,  can lead you to failure.
The 12 Steps (Advice) to Entrepreneurial Success: Avoid the Perils of Expansion
Watch out for the temptation to own the biggest business on the block. As we live in a society where bigness is viewed as a symbol of success, be careful that you do not confuse success with how fast you can expand your business.
Legal Q&A: Answers to five common legal questions
What are copyrights, patents and trade-marks? What paperwork needs to be filed when incorporating? And what about that annual shareholder's meeting you're obliged to hold now that you are incorporated? Read on as answers these frequentl
Outfitting Retail: Design an Experience
Thinking of opening a new retail store or redesigning your retail shop? Read on for tips and insights, from planning and budgeting ideas to unusual sources for the fixtures you'll need.
Avoiding Computer Hell: Backing Up Your Data
You need to back-up your data. But what are your options, and how much does it cost? In this article we will look at current technology solutions.
How To Set Up A Business
Should you incorporate? The experts from offer insights into choosing a business structure.
Cash Flow Projections, Controls, Key To Surviving Early Stage Growth
When capital dries up, your monthly cash burn can put you on the road to insolvency. What can you do to turn things around if you find yourself in this situation? Read on to learn how cash flow projections and controls can help you survive early-stage gro
Cash Flow Projections, Controls, Key To Surviving Early Stage Growth
When capital dries up, your monthly cash burn can put you on the road to insolvency. What can you do to turn things around if you find yourself in this situation? Read on to learn how cash flow projections and controls can help you survive early-stage gro
Cash Flow Projections, Controls, Key To Surviving Early Stage Growth
When capital dries up, your monthly cash burn can put you on the road to insolvency. What can you do to turn things around if you find yourself in this situation? Read on to learn how cash flow projections and controls can help you survive early-stage gro
No Quick Fix Beats Common Sense
If you want to know what will keep your customers happy, ask them! Head back to basics with updated surveys, employee training, and other common-sense ways to grow your business.
The 12 Steps (Advice) to Entrepreneurial Success: Introduction
Success. It's not easy, nor is it based on luck. Drawing on personal experiences as an entrepreneur and research as a business professor, Paul Adams has discovered some common threads of success, which he has broken into twelve steps. Here are the first s
The 12 Steps (Advice) to Entrepreneurial Success: Understanding Yourself
Do you wonder why there are those charmed individuals that the gods seem to favour–what is it they have that others don't? Is it some mystical charm, the right fortune cookie, or something more down to earth such as knowing who they are and what they want out of life?
The 12 Steps (Advice) to Entrepreneurial Success: Getting Things Done
If you are thinking about starting a business -do you know how to get things done? People who meet goals, accomplish objectives, and perform as promised, usually succeed in life.
The 12 Steps (Advice) to Entrepreneurial Success: Apply Yourself- Don't Be Lazy
Boy, do I hate to admit that I may be lazy. But, at times I know I am. And I suspect I could indulge myself even more if my guilt mechanism would permit it.
The 12 Steps (Advice) to Entrepreneurial Success: The Importance of Getting Organized
Disorganized entrepreneurs find it tough to manage their businesses. They become  reactive instead of proactive,  in other words, defensive, allowing the needs of the business and the demands of employees to establish their schedule and workday.
The 12 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success: Keep Your Emotions in Check
How we feel about ourselves and the world around us can help us to prosper or it can sabotage our success. To be successful in business or other activities, don't overlook the effect of your emotions.
The 12 Steps (Advice) to Entrepreneurial Success: Learn to Say No
Contrary to popular opinion, saying no is not always negative thinking- it may mean the survival of your business. Saying yes too often can place your money and your business at risk. As tough as it is to do, saying no is saying yes to your success.
Faces of Entrepreneurship III - The Retailers
For two companies, promoting the youthful passions of toys and candy lead to retail success. This month we peek into the world of the local retailer.
Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking
Stomp that #2 fear and gain the skills to knock their socks off the next time you represent your company in front of a live audience.
Association Profile: Canada China Business Council (CCBC)
This month's association profile: the Canada China Business Council (CCBC).
Accounting 101: Balance Sheet Basics
If owners equity calculations send your head spinning, read on for a clear understanding of balance sheet basics for small business owners.
HR Benefits for Small Businesses - Look Beyond the Salary Bottom Line [Part 1]
An outstanding benefits plan can help you grab great employees out of the reach of competitors and keep them happy at your company.
HR Benefits for Small Businesses - Look Beyond the Salary Bottom Line [Part 2]
When setting up employer-paid versus employee-paid plans, companies have the option of paying 100 per cent of their benefit plan, or they can share the cost with employees.
Professional Conduct A Must When Dealing With the Media
Want to make the news? These insights will help you build personal relationships between your business and the media.
Power Words: Use Them to Strengthen Your Writing
In a literal sense, no word is a power word. All words are abstract things because they represent the idea of objects, not the actual objects. Yet all writers learn early on in their career to differentiate between the meaning of a concrete word – also known as a "power word" – and the meaning of an abstract word.
Power Words Are Plain Words, Active Words
Some writers think that using indirect, grandiose-sounding vocabulary strengthens a piece of writing. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Power Words Support the Sentence, Complete the Sentence
Power words are often verbs that drive your sentences forward and pique a reader's interest. The Canadian Press Stylebook gives two useful examples of how power words can replace passive sentence construction.
Power Words Are Dominant and Commanding
Power words get right down to the nitty-gritty. For example, rather than writing  Friendliness is the salesman's best asset,  replace  friendliness  with  a smile .
Power Words: A Final Point
If you are not used to using power words, at first it is best to use these words or phrases sparingly and to try to weave them gently into your natural written style.
Boost Sales with Enthused and Committed Salespeople
If you're looking for the perfect salesperson, search for someone with as many of the 10 optimal sales-oriented characteristics as possible.
Ten Steps to Your Own Business
Dividing a business start-up into 10 clear-cut steps makes this sometimes daunting process seem much more manageable for new entrepreneurs.
If You Wish to be Successful, be Prepared!
How do you prepare your sales staff for success? This month Paul Adams shares insights into one of the most important ingredients of successful sales.
Avoid Computer Hell - Commonsense tips to protect your systems
Computer viruses, data failures, hackers. The good news is that it is possible to avoid these computer nightmares. To help you, we put together a list of things you can do to keep your technology under control.
Make your Cold Calls Sizzle Part II
Here is a closer look at the mistakes and tripwires that may be sabotaging your cold calling efforts.
Q&A: Getting a Small Business Online
What is the secret to establishing a successful online presence and dominant brand? To find out writemedia marketing communications, regular contributors to CanadaOne, recently interviewed Doug Dayton.
Accounting 101: Calculating Financial Ratios
This month we're digging into the books as we look at the ratios most commonly used by the bank to assess your credit application.
Understanding Financial Statements
financial statements, money, accounting, loans, financing, banks, lenders, applications, Income Statement, Balance Sheet
Make Your Point Powerfully
Good presentation skills are learned, not genetic, and each of us, if we take the time, can learn to use a system that can supercharge our ability to make points.
Understanding the Banker's Formula: Part II
Understanding how to secure financing from the bank is not an obvious or simple task. In this article we look at common balance sheet mistakes that can stop you from getting the credit you need to grow your business.
Registering a Business in Saskatchewan
Starting a business in Saskatchewan? Here's how to register your company.
Sales and Marketing: Make your Cold Calls Sizzle
Don't get stressed thinking about phoning complete strangers. As Steven J. Schwartz tells us, you can make your cold calls sizzle by following these simple principles.
Q&A: Marketing a Small Business Online
What is the secret to establishing a successful online presence and dominant brand? To find out writemedia marketing communications, regular contributors to CanadaOne, recently interviewed Doug Dayton.
Success is Managing with Common Sense and a Flair for Leadership
Leadership skills are critical to the success of a new venture. Do you have them? Whether or not you think you're a gifted leader, you should consider putting management theories aside and focus on common sense as you build your business, Paul Adams says
Bulletproof Your Lease Agreement
Worried about booby traps in the standard commercial lease agreement you're thinking of signing? You should be. With the help of key experts we've put together a list of questions and considerations that will help you bulletproof your business lease.
PR Tools: Understanding the News Conference
When should you consider holding a news conference? Read on for an insider's look at this PR tool.
Communicating in Tough Situations: Ten Ways to Make a Better Impression
What if you're in a hard-nosed business meeting that has taken a turn for the worse? Your ideas aren't being understood. Your questions are being met with ego-crushing blank stares. Your window of opportunity is closing fast.How do you turn things arou
Understanding the Bankers' Formula
How can you improve the odds of securing credit from a bank? In this article we look at factors that affect your ability to secure debt financing.
Can Writing Improve Your Business? You bet.
Read on to find out how you can strengthen any piece of prose, whether it's a press release, a marketing letter, a business plan intended to pique investor interest, or another form of written communication.
Registering a Business in New Brunswick
Starting a business in New Brunswick? Here's how to reserve a name and register a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation.
It Isn't Over Till You Get Your Money
In business, if you can't collect, you won't survive. In his latest column, author and business guru Paul Adams outlines important strategies that will enable you to convert your invoices into liquid assets.
Tips to help you make those cold calls easier
Most of us hate cold calling, so this month we've compiled a list of sales and marketing tips that will make it easier to get around the awkward first moment and make your cold calls easier.
Disability Insurance follow-up: Killer negotiating strategies with hard-nosed insurance companies
Here are some killer strategies that improve your odds of success if you ever find yourself negotiating with hard-nosed insurance companies.
Working It Out With An Expert - How Can You Tell an Imposter from the Real Thing?
Need to find an expert, but nervous about making the wrong choice? Read on to find out how to separate the experts from the imposters.
Kindness as a Superior Approach to Human Resources (HR) Management
Encouraging kindness in the workplace may sound like a lame strategy. But as two HR specialists tell us, the kindness concept can be an inexpensive and very effective. Read on to discover how a little kindness can deliver bottom-line results, such as incr
Unmasking the Mysteries of Small Business Advertising - Part III
Ever think of elevators and pencils as effective advertising tools? Columnists Robert Lee and Margaret Anne Taylor have. Explore their article to learn about unconventional and cost-effective ways of giving people the heads-up about your product or serv
Amanda's Story
How to Register a Business in Newfoundland & Labrador
If filling out forms, performing name searches and paying registration fees is something you'd like to avoid, then you might try registering your business in Newfoundland. Writer Melissa Cotton discovered that none of these annoying procedures are requir
Example of Benefit Calculation
Canadian Insurance Companies that offer DI
Ten Ways To Break It To Them Gently
How do you tell a customer that you're prices have increased? Or, that you've run out of their favourite product? Find out how to break bad news to customers without losing them in Jeff Mowatt's article.
Life's a risky business. Can you afford to get sick?
Read the comprehensive workshop on disability insurance to learn more about what it is, why you might need it and how to get it even with a limited budget.
Life's a Risky Business: Insurance Costs
So, how do you know if you need disability insurance (DI)? Paul Tanti, an independent insurance broker, suggests asking yourself the following questions.
Life's a Risky Business: Understanding Different Insurance Types
Once you've decided that you need disability insurance, the next step is to understand the ins and outs of disability insurance and to create a more specific list of questions to identify the terms and conditions of a policy that will fit your individual needs.
Life's a Risky Business: Definitions of 'Disability'
James Piper, an independent chartered accountant, cautions that the definition of disability ought to be studied carefully to prevent the insurance agency from denying legitimate claims.
Life's a Risky Business: Do You Qualify for Insurance?
Independent business owners may find it difficult to purchase disability insurance for two main reasons. This means that even if an entrepreneur wants – and can afford – to purchase disability insurance, he or she may not be able to, as Paul Lima discovered.
Life's a Risky Business: Keeping Insurance Costs Down
Obviously, more coverage and considerations result in a higher premium costs, assuming that you qualify for the policy you want. However, cost is just one factor; ultimately you want to ensure that your policy is structured so that you can collect.
Life's a Risky Business: Can You Collect on Your Insurance Claim?
Read the comprehensive workshop on disability insurance to learn more about what it is, why you might need it and how to get it even with a limited budget.
Life's a Risky Business: Determining How Much Insurance You Need
Read the comprehensive workshop on disability insurance to learn more about what it is, why you might need it and how to get it even with a limited budget.
Life's a Risky Business: Useful Insurance Contacts
Read the comprehensive workshop on disability insurance to learn more about what it is, why you might need it and how to get it even with a limited budget.
Life's a Risky Business: Insurance Policy Prep Sheet
Read the comprehensive workshop on disability insurance to learn more about what it is, why you might need it and how to get it even with a limited budget.
Success Requires Action not Talk!
You need urgency to be an entrepreneur. If you hire someone who doesn't have it, it could sap your resources and ruin your business, as Paul Adams recounts in his article.
Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce: Where culture and business meet
Read on to find out how this business association merges mentoring programs, educational seminars and high-profile networking events to help entrepreneurs become successful.
Jody Hornor's Story
Paul Lima's Story
From Student-Painter to Franchise Magnate
Franchising has been a lucrative business for 45-year old Steve Rogers. Find out how he hurdled over barriers to establish what's become a $600 million enterprise.
Association Profile: CIBPA (Canadian-Italian Business and Professional Association)
Building Partnerships: Check out what the Canadian-Italian Business and Professional Association can do for your SME.
How to Register a Business in Alberta, Canada
The skinny on registering a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation in Alberta, Canada.
When you're the Top Dog
In this article Jeff Mowatt explores three keys to leading like a professional.
The Truth About Networking - Part 2
So, you've met a great business contact. What's next? Reg Pirie will tell you how to cultivate that relationship in the second part of his series on effective networking.
Traveling with your Salespeople is a Must!
If you think that you don't have the time, think again. This simple approach will help you discover the problems that could put you out of business.
Unmasking the Mysteries of Small Business Advertising - Part II
In this second column on effective advertising for small business, Robert Lee and Margaret Taylor look at the strengths and weaknesses of advertising in four of the most popular formats: newspaper, magazine, radio and television.
Understanding the Angels: An In-Depth Look at Angel Financing
Angel investors: they may seem like a god-send, but what does it take to reach a deal? And what are some of the things that one can expect after a deal is signed? Read on to find out what it takes to reach a winning deal.
Conduct your own Customer Surveys: Seven Pragmatic Suggestions
Doing your own market research? These seven suggestions will help you conduct your own customer surveys
How To Create a Follow-up System
Want to increase the effectiveness of your follow-up system? The tips and worksheet in this article will help!
The Shocking Truth About Your Image: Four Bizarre Reasons Customers May Not Like You
First impressions count, and your image may not have the impact you think it does. Here are some insights into four bizzare reasons that customers may not like you!
Selling Success: A Key to More Sales
Do you need to improve your success at selling? It's probably time to look at how persistence factors into any winning formula.
The Truth About Networking
Credit Cards, Online payment, E-commerce - Canadian small businesses need to know how to collect money online
E-commerce. It's more than a buzzword. Increasingly, it's how business is conducted--with the click of a button. Paul Lima looks at many of the ways that payment can be collected on a website ...
Phrases that Pay: Simple Statements that Increase your Perceived Value
Quick - name two words which, when frequently used by waiters and waitresses, increase tips by 12%. (Hint: it's not please or thank you).
Sales and Expense Reports are Vital to Your Success
Dr Paul Adams suggests ways to manage a sales force to succeed for your business.
Registering a Business in Ontario, Canada
Want to know how to register a business in Ontario? Here's how.
Unmasking the Mysteries of Small Business Advertising - Part I
You want to advertise to grow your business. But where do you begin? And how can you be sure that your budget will deliver the needed results? In the first of a three-part series on small business advertising, columnists Robert Lee and Margaret Taylor look at the basics of small business advertising.
Getting your Foot in the Door
These seven steps will help you boost your cold calling success.
Do Your Employees Steal from You?
Employee theft can have a significant impact on a small business. In this article Paul Adams offers advice that will help you prevent unwanted 'silent' partnerships.
Want Sales to Jump 19.5 TIMES -- Without Spending More?
How can you get more sales, for fewer dollars? In this article Jody Horner explains the power of testing, and how it can bring in more business for your company.
Why is it so Hard to Buy?
With a $400,000 budget and ready to buy, Jody Horner was surprised by how willing companies were to drive her business away. Read on to find out how something as simple as a little help can make the difference between a sale and a 'see-you-later'.
Are You Waiting for the Perfect Goal?
Successful entrepreneurs are driven by goals, which are integral to their success. Here's how you can define goals that will get you moving.
For Openers - Five Greetings That Boost Sales to Walk-in Visitors
Discover how great greetings can drive up sales in your retail store.
Successful Selling Strategies for the Entrepreneur - Part 3
Can your sales staff list at least five significant reasons to buy your product or do business with you? Real reasons that go beyond the usual lines of quality, service and the like? The latest installment in Paul Adam's sales series explains how effectiv
Can You Discover the Secrets of Success?
Looking for a get rich quick solution to make yourself a millionaire? It's time to put the hype aside and consider what it really takes to be successful.
Effective Follow-up Will Make Your Sales Soar
Want to increase sales and stay ahead of your competitors? Here's how an effective follow-up system can help you do just that!
If You Want to be a Success in Business- Just Say No!
In the complex cycles of supply and demand, knowing when to say 'no' may be the difference between success and bankrupcy.
Successful Selling Strategies for the Entrepreneur - Part 2
If you picture rejection and slimy salespeople in tartan suits when you think of sales, you are not alone. Here is a simple strategy that can help you handle the fear of rejection that often accompanies sales.
30 Seconds to Significant Sales - How to up-sell without turning off your customerdduwwquufvba
How can you increase the potential profitability of each sale? The answer lies in how your staff manages 30 seconds of their time.
Bookkeeping...Why Bother?
Despite the hassels there are many excellent reasons to make bookkeeping a priority. Read on to find out why you should not procrastinate when it comes to keeping your company's accounts.
Writing an Effective Business Plan: Introduction
Need to write a winning business plan? This article will teach you how to do just that, with information on the four major sections of a business plan and tips for writing a business plan that gets investors excited.
Writing an Effective Business Plan: Page 2 - An Overview
As you start to visualize how different aspects of your business will look, research your market, verify your assumptions, and put together some basic financial projections you have already entered the planning process. Add some structure – using an outline to direct your research and planning – and you are well on your way to creating a business plan.
Writing an Effective Business Plan: Page 3 - Why Plan?
Many entrepreneurs will skip over the planning stage, but to do so is to put your business at risk. The process of researching and planning helps you thoroughly understand the business, your competitors, market conditions, and the risks.
Writing an Effective Business Plan: Page 4 - The Executive Summary
In two pages or less, your executive summary needs to describe the business opportunity, provide an overview of your plan (including your business model, strategies, and management team) and provide a brief summary of key financial information.
Writing an Effective Business Plan: Page 5 - Business Data
The first section of your plan contains business data. This information describes the business, its target market (ideal customers of your business), the strategies you will use to set yourself apart from your competition, key company personnel, your marketing strategy, and some of the main risks facing your business. In essence, you are using words to build a picture of your business.
Writing an Effective Business Plan: Page 6 - Financial Data
While words will describe your business strategies, numbers will define your business opportunity. For an existing business, you will want to include financial statements for the last three years, along with projections for the next 1-5 years. Projections will include a balance sheet, an income statement, and a cashflow summary.
Writing an Effective Business Plan: Page 7 - Supporting Data
The addition of supporting data often sees a plan grow from its initial 20 pages to the final 50-100 pages. It is here that you include relevant information on the tactics of your business. Do you have a list of major suppliers? Clients? Rate cards from your competitors? Include this information in your plan's appendices.
Writing an Effective Business Plan: Page 8 - The Outline
There is no one outline that will work for all business plans. The outline you will use for your business will depend on the type of business, the stage of business, and the reason for preparing a business plan. Nonetheless, there are some standard items included in every plan. Here is a look at one sample outline.
What Every Business Leader Should Know about Knowledge Management
Effective knowledge management can transform the way your business captures, manages, distributes, and interacts with its critical information. Here are some keys to using knowledge management effectively in your organization.
Yes, I Mind Waiting
Don't let lineups frustrate your customers; here are some suggestions that will help you create a win-win environment when your lines get long.
Successful Selling Strategies for the Entrepreneur - Part 1
If you dislike selling, you are not alone. Find out how you can overcome your fears and learn to sell succesfully. (Installment 1 in a multiple part series on selling.)
Creating a Customer Feeding Frenzy
We all want to see our sales jump, but what is the secret to success? This month Jeff Mowatt shares four simple sales techniques that can generate a customers feeding frenzy in your business.
Prompted to Business Success
Do you sometimes feel like your business is rushing forward, and barely leaving you time to reflect and refocus? If so, you'll want to read on as Marion Oberg Riise, an Alberta-based entrepreneur, explains how you can prompt your way to business success.
Should Small Business be Cautious of Incubators? Part I
Is an incubator the answer to all your business' needs, or is it not much more than media hype? Read on to find out more about incubators, and how you can find the right fit for your company.
Should Small Business be Cautious of Incubators? Part II
The second section of this two-part article looks at questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line with an incubator, investor or venture capitalist.
Marketing Biz: Keeping Abreast
In the final part of our interview with Jay Levinson, Jay answers our questions about marketing trends and keeping abreast evolving marketing techniques.
Better Thinking Boosts Productivity & Profits
Are your employees empowered and supported to be more productive, to generate more profits for your business? This article looks at productivity and HOT skills in the workplace.
Are you too Busy to be Productive?
In this article Jeff Mowat looks at why customers shouldn't be your first priority. That's right - shouldn't. Read on to find out how this simple paradigm shift can help you work smarter, not harder.
The Big Bang Publicity Campaign
If you are serious about growing your business, publicity is a marketing opportunity that you can't afford to ignore. Discover the steps that lead to media stardom .. and more business success!
Marketing Biz: Once You're Up And Running
Marketing mistakes, strategies and tips - part 2 of our interview with Jay Levinson, Guerrilla Marketing guru, looks at marketing an established business.
7 Words to Guide Your Thinking ..
Constructive, Comprehensive, Creative, Connective, Candid, Critical, and Correct .. discover how these 7 C's can help you hone your thinking skills.
Who Needs a Mentor!
A sounding board, a trusted resource. Someone who can listen - and challenge you to new levels. Mentors offer untold value to new entrepreneurs; in this article Reg Pirie explains why you need them, and how to find them.
Marketing Biz: Getting Started on a Shoestring
If you had the ear of a leading marketing guru, what questions who you ask? We were recently fortunate enough to have this opportunity, as we interviewed Jay Levinson, the noted author of Guerrilla Marketing.
Test your Telephone Effectiveness
Read this article to find out if your phone practices are winning or losing customers.
Equity Financing: Understanding Venture Capital
Discover the ins and outs of venture capital investments, and learn how this form of financing could potentially powerdrive your business.
Keeping Customers When Things Go Wrong: Five Keys to Turning Upset Customers into Fans
Don't let medicore customer service get in the way of your success; these five strategies will help your company deliver great customer service.
Ten Things You Must Know Before You Sign a Business Lease
Things you need to know before negotiating a business lease.
Training Dichotomy Hampers Competitive Edge - All Canadians Need More HOT Skills
When it comes to typical perspectives on employee training, a change of approach may be the needed next step.
Making Connections: How to Create Rapport With Anyone in Under 30 Seconds
Creating better connections could be as simple as using a little smoke and mirrors.
Association Profile: Canadian Bankers Association (CBA)
Read this month's association profile to find out about the free information and seminars offered by the Canadian Bankers Association.
Ten Ways to Think Money-Smart
Ten tips designed to help you handle your money.
Doomed to Fail Before You Start
Want to start your own business? Reg Pirie offers excellent advice that can help you avoid business failure!
Getting Terrific Tradeshow Results
Discover how to create a get the most out of your next tradeshow .. even if you're on a tight budget.
Registering a Business in British Columbia, Canada
Here's how to register a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation in British Columbia, Canada.
The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)
The association we're profiling on CanadaOne this month is a national organization with a lot to say.
Inventor, Innovator And Entrepreneur Success Secret #2: It's All About 'Them'
Understanding how to succeed in your business may be as simple as adopting a customer-focus.
Making More Time
There are only two ways to spend our time: we can spend it wisely, or, not so wisely. These time tips will help you get more out of your week!
Cross Training as a Motivational and Problem-Solving Technique
Cross-training could improve your staff's morale . . . here's how!
On Becoming a Successful Inventor, Innovator or Entrepreneur: Insider Secret #1
Jim Laughren looks at how to develop an good idea into a money-making invention.
What Business Are You REALLY In? The Art of Niche Marketing and Why It's Important to Your Bottom Line Success
Know you clients, market to your niche. In this article Susan, a small business consultant, outlines the benefits of niche marketing.
Association Profile: Toastmasters
When you need help with business communications, Toastmasters may be the answer you are looking for.
All About Canadian Trademarks
Trademarks are a valuable asset that can differentiate your business in the marketplace and add real value to your bottom line. But what exactly are they? When should you use them? And how do you register one? To find out we interviewed Gord Thomson, an i
Accounting 101: The Current Equity Report
This simple calculation is a handy way to tell if your business is making money.
Seven Ways to Have a 'Stress-Less' Holiday Season
Seven tips to help you reduce stress while balancing your business and your personal life during the holiday season.
The Attraction, Marketing and Publicity Toolkit Checklist
This extensive checklist will help you expand, track and evaluate your marketing & publicity efforts.
Starting a Business: Choosing a Year-End
Read this article to learn how to select a year-end for a Canadian sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation.
Destiny, Quest, Story - Transformative Learning Processes for the New Organization
In times of change, examining the core values, direction, and story of your business may pull your business through the transition.
All in the Family
Few family-business owners think about strategic planning or training successors until they end up in a crisis. But business experts agree that planning now is the only way to avoid hassles when you retire.
Marketing & Branding: For the Customers' Sake
Getting your product to your target market involves knowing your customers' needs. Click here for advice on how to convey the distinctiveness of your product to your buyer.
Unplug Your Workplace: The Blocks to Employee Productivity
People instinctively want to be productive. But sometimes employers can block productivity through poor business practices. Click here to read about five productivity-blocking practices you should avoid.
Mission and Vision Statements: Envision your Business, Realize your Goals
Vision and goals may seem like the
Suggestion Boxes: From Scraps to Solutions
Suggestion boxes aren't just for scrap paper anymore. Click here to find out how to bring the power of suggestion to your company.
Planning to Fail Can Spell Success
Knowing the common causes of failure is vital, but it is equally important that we know how to take steps to prevent them from happening to us; a planning to fail process can be extremely instructive.
The Wounded Healer, Generation Gaps in the New Workplace Gen-Xers and Boomers Working Together
Using a case example of the generation gap between Generation-Xers and Baby Boomers in the workplace, this second article in the 'Corporate learning journey' explores the role of the Wounded Healer, an unsung hero of the new workplace.
The 7 Pillars of Visionary Leadership, Pillar VII: Valuing
A recent study by Andersen Consulting has shown that 'well led' companies had a 900% increase in their stock price compared with a 78% increase for the others. Dr. Michael Rock talks about how Leading helps shape our businesses and our future.
Employees: A Resource or Expense?
With good management your employees can be your company's best 'generators of revenue' and 'reducers of expenses'.
Don't Get Caught in the Web: Legal Protection in Cyberspace
Make sure that you don't get caught in a legal bind in cyberspace! This article looks at some of the legal issues and risks associated with 'getting wired'.
Swinging From The Heels
Marketing (part II): entrepreneurs need to know when to 'swing the bat' in order to be successful in business.
Work Smarter Not Harder: Using Strategy to Improve your Business
How many of us work harder, when we should really work smarter? This article looks at how you can use strategy to accomplish more .. with less!
Terminating an Employee: the Dignified, Legal Way
Firing an employee can be a risky, difficult job. Here are some tips and guidelines to protect yourself, and keep the situation under control.
Growth and Value through Great Ideas
Great opportunitues are at your fingertips, but you have to make time to implement them. Part 2 in an innovation series.
The 7 Pillars of Visionary Leadership, Pillar VI: Leading
A recent study by Accenture has shown that 'well led' companies had a 900% increase in their stock price compared with a 78% increase for the others. Dr. Michael Rock talks about how Leading helps shape our businesses and our future.
The Lost Art of Business Letter Writing
Despite the advent of fax, voice mail, and email, the art of business letter writing is not a lost cause. In this article Reg Pirie, a Canadian author and speaker, explains how - and when - to write an effective business letter.
Who Needs Marketing, Anyway?
This introduction to an ongoing column on marketing, starts by addressing the question: 'who needs marketing, anyway?'.
Accessing Government Funding in Canada - Page 6: Know Your Environment
The final consideration when seeking government funding requires an understanding of the environment you are working within.
Don't Give Innovation a Bad Name
Innovation is a word commonly found in mission statements, but how many of those companies are truly innovative?
The 7 Pillars of Visionary Leadership, Pillar V - Mentoring
Dr. Michael Rock talks about how mentoring helps shape our businesses and our future.
Accessing Government Funding in Canada - Page 5: More Assessment Criteria
A continued look at government funding, and the importance of assessment criteria if you are looking to obtain government funding for your business.
Perspectives on Innovation
In Perspectives on Innovation Ed Bernacki shares insights into the things that define a truly innovative company.
The 7 Pillars of Visionary Leadership: Aligning Your Organization for Enduring Success
In the opening of a seven-part series, Dr. Michael Rock zeroes in on questions about leadership, and how an understanding of leadership can help understand the 'people factor' which accounts for so much in any successful enterprise.
The 7 Pillars of Visionary Leadership: PILLAR I (Visioning)
In the first of a seven-part , Dr. Michael Rock talks about Visioning: 'Doing More With More, Unleashing a Future' how en-visioning goals and outcomes can be essential to the success of any venture
The 7 Pillars of Visionary Leadership: Pillar II (Mapping)
This is the second of a seven-part series by Dr. Michael Rock where he writes about Mapping: 'Globalizing the Mind: Charting a Future'. Illustrated with real life case studies he shows how important having an organization-wide plan can be.
The 7 Pillars of Visionary Leadership: Pillar III (Journeying)
Leadership today involves a journey towards a new way of thinking. In this article, Michael Rock offers insights and a quiz to help you identify where you are on your journey, and where you still need to go.
The 7 Pillars of Visionary Leadership: Pillar IV (Learning)
Learning also equals change: learning = change. In effect, what we are claiming, therefore, is that we have no choice about change today. Change is not an option, which is the same thing as saying that learning is not an option.
Office Gurus and Your Best Friend Why you should beware of self-professed computer experts
Trust your computer only to people who know what they are doing and not just people who say they do.
Legally Speaking: When is an Independent Contractor an Employee?
Is your contractor really an  independent contractor ? Or could you find yourself facing a significant payroll liability if the person is, in fact, deemed to be an  employee ? Lawyer Ron Walton explains that a good contract is needed to ensure that the distinction is clear to both the courts and Revenue Canada.
Legally Speaking: What is a Trademark
Trademarks, trade names, patents, copyrights, and industrial designs are often confused. In this article Ron Walton (lawyer) explains the difference between trademarks and other intellectual property.
Legally Speaking: Dismissal for Cause
Employers in Canada know how difficult it can be to fire an employee. In this article Ron Walton, a Toronto based-lawyer, explains how employers may be able to use 'just cause' to fire an employee without notice or pay in lieu of notice.
Do Your Decisions Help or Hinder Innovation?
Why are many decisions in business so obviously weak and ineffective? Ed Bernacki knows why and has some helpful hints on how to decide what is the right thing.
Motivate Your Team - Focus On The Individual
How do you put people together into a team that can become greater than the sum of its parts? Ellen Samiec says you focus on the individual and she shows us how in this article!
Top Five Best Time Management Practices
Ever felt like there just wasn't enough time in the day, if only you knew how to manage our time better? Dr. Donald E. Wetmore's five best time management practices will help you do that and become a world-class expert in a topic of your choice!
Know your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
This article looks at how you can power drive your sales and marketing by understanding what makes your business unique.
Service Stinks ... Usually!
This story of excellent customer service touches on the best elements - and typical shortfalls - of customer service.